This car has been long awaited in australia and its a bit of a waiting list for it so its great to be able to get our hands on it and show you just whats. Inside now this is the mid spec gt line, starting at 74 90. So it looks its got all the sporty looks about it. Its got this kind of uh black down here in the middle with the larger air vent and its got the big wheels and the gloss black up. The sides uh – and it also has the 168 kilowatt 350 newton meter uh single motor as opposed to the dual motor. Now the ev6 is based on hyond ikeas egmp platform, so it shares that with the ioniq 5., this platform is modular, so the ev6 actually has a slightly shorter wheelbase than the ioniq 5, giving it a slightly sportier drive and a more kind of compact body. We really enjoyed the ride of the ionic 5, but kias honed, the the ride and handling specifically for australia, and it has made this car a little bit firmer than the ioniq five, but still offering really good body control, something else that kia has done. This car has the 77.4 kilowatt hour battery as opposed to hyundais 72.6. I believe kilowatt hour battery, so that makes the the ev 6 a really good range vehicle. This model 504 kilometers wltp range about 460 kilometers. I think for the entry level model in terms of exterior design kia calls this.

The digital tiger face basically an evolution of its current design language. It looks quite menacing at the front. I dont really see the tiger, but perhaps someone can point that to me. Nevertheless, i really like it in the metal youve got these haunches, which really just drop down plunge to the front here, reminiscent of a jaguar eye pace, its quite aggressive despite being a high riding car and as we come around to the back, a real sort of Helmet, look to the glass house area wedge, shape very dramatic, a little bit of black cut out at the back and a spoiler that sits over the top and again. This reminds me of the i pace or very aston, martin dbx kind of vibes at the back too, so i think its very successful for kia. It is you know its a larger vehicle. As i mentioned, it has a 2.9 meter wheelbase, so the images often dont convey the actual size of this thing. So, if youre looking for a compact sports hatch, this is not the car for you, but for a sporty kind of family crossover with a low ride. Height, this is going to fit the bill. I think, and have a look at the back very aston, martin, that red light goes all the way around the top and lights up at night. In terms of charging, this has the 800 volt architecture of the ioniq five. So kia claims um 10 to 80 in 18 minutes thats about 100 kilometers of range in four to five minutes.

If you can find a 350 kilowatt charger charging is accessed justify this port here you can see ac and dc charging there, and obviously this car also has the v2l, so you can plug in appliances into this port or into the interior port. So lets jump over to the interior. Absolutely massive continental 20 inch wheels here. Ookia has similar door handles to hyondo they pop out when you are in proximity to the car, just grab it and enter and then were greeted with an interior that is quite similar to the hyundai. So youve got this twin 12.3 inch screen set up and a quite a large space around the uh, the the floor where theres storage and things like that. Unlike yonder, though key has gone for fixed console so that floating console there does not move like the ioniq. Five overall, its very successful interior, i think youve got a nice two tone effect here. Youve got the uh, the white and black, and from this side you may be able to see the floating console a bit better. So the central drive controller to select gear sits up there, along with controls for heated seats. Things like that theres, a wireless phone charging pad plenty of usb ports and theres. Also, this kind of textured stripy dash finish now. Tell me what you think about this im, not a big fan. To be honest, it looks a bit chintzy, but as a family car.

I think this is a very successful cabin design. Plenty of knee room plenty of shoulder room and the twin screen setup is quite dramatic. Now it runs kia own operating system, but there is android, auto and apple carplay up here, theres also a augmented reality heads up display, which is kind of cool something. The ionic 5 misses out on now rear seat passengers dont miss out either theres a really good knee room and foot room thanks to the fact theres. No central drive tunnel, unlike in cars like the polestar 2 and volvo xc40, so plenty of space here for three across theres, also usb outlets on the back of the front seats, air vents and coat hooks coat holders on the back of the seats, which is an Interesting design, no sunroof in this spec but thats available on the dual motor version. The headroom seems a little bit compromised compared to the ionic 5, but thats the price you pay for design coming round to the boot and 520 litres, so pretty useful, pretty useful. Now you do have this sloping tailgate, which could eat into the space if youre carrying something large and boxy, but overall its uh, its pretty good for for a family or for carrying large items going away on a weekend. That sort of thing there is a frunk as well ill show you that in a second generally, not very nice finishes in the interior metallic touches here and there plenty of ambient lighting metallic finishes on the meridian sound system there, and this white faux leather um.

There are harder plastics, as you can see, down, on the doors there, where its all scratched up down on the seats and the console, but look all cars are made to a price, and this thing aside from the scratchy plastics, it feels incredibly solidly built so lets Pop that frunk now have a look in this front storage area now in this single motor variant, theres a good 50 to 55 liters of space in here so really practical for a soft bag, small overnight bag or travel bag in the dual motor variant. You lose that, unfortunately thats the price you pay for the extra performance. A lot of people comment on the practicality of these cars being brand new versus something like the model 3, which i would say, is the standard bearer for ev practicality. I think, with the egmp platform theyve, basically theyve pushed the wheels to the corners of this really maximizing space to improve drivability and handling, and that sacrifices the ability to put to put extra storage under the floors in the front of the rear, as theyve done with The tesla! Well thanks for tuning into this episode of ev brief. We have a quick look at kiers new ev6, its a beautiful day here in sydney, australia, any comments or questions about the car make sure you drop a comment below and make sure you also subscribe to stay up to date with new content as we publish it.