. The duster has shaken up the suv segment, while the sandero is the best selling car on the european retail market and has just been revamped to redefine the essential contemporary car suv. Look its assertive design features, attributes from the world of suvs, such as wider wheel, arches, roof bars, reinforced front rocker panel, rear ski and raised ground clearance, 150 mm unladen with its broad shoulders and curved bonnet. The spring boasts a sturdy look while its reassuring stature suggests generous interior space. Yet, despite all expectations, the spring electric is a true city car with modest dimensions. It is just 3.73 metres long, 1.62 meters wide excluding wing mirrors and 1.51 meters high, a new lighting signature. The rear lights are fitted with the new dasia y shaped lighting. Signature flex wheels the spring electrics wheel, trims aesthetically imitate alloy wheels. This is possible thanks to flex wheel technology sheet. Metal rims are perforated for stylish wheel, trims to be fitted an aesthetic and cost effective solution should they need to be changed, dynamic, rear. The upper part of the rear end underlines the springs intended purpose as a family city car with a curved rear window, rounded headlights and smooth lines. The lower part features the reassuring attributes of an suv with the bumper section fitted with a solid unpainted bumper and a grey tinted ski. The reflex reflectors are fitted in fake air scoops. The rear wings are rigged. These stylistic tricks boost the rear silhouette of the spring.

Unprecedented roominess inside the dacia spring offers spacious, interior and boot, welcoming and well equipped. The cabin can comfortably accommodate four adults. A welcoming interior, the dacia spring electrics passenger compartment boasts air vents. Central screen with blue inserts the chrome plated rotating dial. Gearbox is very easy to use with just three positions: d, drive, n, neutral and r; reverse a simple and reliable electric engine. True to the philosophy of the dacia models. The spring electric is economical to buy and use marketed at an unbeatable price, with a driving range of 225 kilometers 140 miles wltp. It promotes simplicity, reliability and robustness. These qualities perfectly match its all. Electric engine technical features, dimensions, length, 3734, millimeters width, 1622, millimeters 1700 mm with mirrors height 1516 millimeters wheelbase 2423 millimeters empty ground clearance, 150 millimeters motor electric engine 33, kilowatts 44 hp battery 26.8 kilowatts hour, ac charging up to 6.6 kilowatts dc charging up to 30 kilowatts Optional driving range 225 k and 140 miles, wltp 295 km 183 miles, wltp city top speed, 125 kilometers per hour 78 miles per hour. Efficiency on the road, the dacia spring, electric is cost and energy efficient, with a total cost of ownership tco lower than that of a comparable internal combustion vehicle. It even offers the lowest tco on the market. Electric and internal combustion vehicles combined.