My name is derek reilly. We are back just outside frankfurt again with the kia nero ev, but this time were going to be driving it Music, Music, Music. If youre interested in all things, ev want to support the channel hit. The subscribe button and the bell icon, so you dont miss any future updates. We start the nero ev and the e nero have featured a lot of my channel weve had the review a couple years ago of the original nero e nero, and it was so popular at the time in ireland. I had to get my friend dave to lend me his car, so thank you very much for that dave. Then we had to meet the owner. The very first one was with roger and his e nero as well. Ive had a look at this statically in frankfurt. A couple of months ago and that video is already in the channel but were going to run around it again chat about it and then were going to also take it out for a drive which a lot of people are interested in. We also have the price so styling wise im, a big fan of the update youre, going to see a difference between the plug in the full electric and the front of it. Youre going to have the charging flap right in front for the all electric one, which is the one were interested in this channel. Youve got ac at 11.

Kilowatts and youve got dc at 72, kilowatts, which is slightly smaller than the original one or lower than the original one, but it charges nine minutes faster. So lets not get our knickers and a twist youve got the new kia. Brandon youve got this brushed. Chrome youve got this designed black glass black element to it as well, and some nice design language in underneath. I really like the front of this trunk inside, which is 21 liters same as the all wheel, drive kia, ev6, lovely headlight, with this daytime running light, which key are calling the heartbeat design really really nice, and this pearlescent white on this sunny day is stunning and Moving down along the side, youve got 17 inch wheels. Only youve got that silver cladding met plastic, cladding, moving down all the way along, and then it breaks here. Some people are interested as to why theyve just tried that design language of it then youve got that c pillar and again very divisive. You can get it in silver. You can get it in glass, black, but also body color kia. Ireland are going to be doing a 85 full body. Color percent of order 15 of their orders will be this c pillar. Its a 700 euro option really nice spoiler shark for an aerial, a wiper on the back, which we love as well, and this is a power tail lift and either side of that youve got that boom. Those boomerang tail lights, 475, liters like way bigger than a lot of its competitors, and this isnt even a ground up ev.

There is a combustion engine version of this. This light parcel shelf lets have a look on the inside Music whats. It like inside the kia. Nero ev once you close the door and you turn it on the seat. Moves forward to bring it closer to the steering. Wheel has two memory presets, and you can see some of that design. Language moving all the way across and they call this opposites. What do they call it again? Opposites united exactly so the line comes up and and then comes over the dash and sweeps down the other side. So on the door. Weve got the memory presets all your electric windows and side mirrors control and your center locking, as well as a child, lock window lock on the steering wheel itself. Its very much like the one from the key ev6 youve got driver assist on the left and, on the right hand, side, youve, got your voice and phone, etc, etc. Your drive mode button, two spot two spoke steering wheel and behind it you have the regenerative braking. Four stage, including eye pedal, which is their one pedal, drive 10.25 inch screen in front of the driver. A 10.25 inch screen in front of the infotainment screen as well. Youve got that multi function screen where you can switch between nav and media and aircon. Then we also have let me just turn down this, so that were not blown out, but underneath that youve got your 12 volt, you have usb type a usb type c and wireless charging move them back along the center console.

Youve got your power button. Youve got your air conditioned heated seats, driver and passenger, and you also have your heated steering wheel: auto hold parking, sensors parking cameras, your rotary knob again from the kia ev6 electronic handbrake youve got your cup holders. Youve got your armrest with some storage in here, and this is removable so overall, a really nicely fitted out interior uh. Last thing i want to talk about is the size of the glove box fairly decent size. Youve got a lot of stuff going on there. Infotainment system and the package itself its very much like the key ev6 youve got all of your apps in there and, depending on the color that you choose, will dictate what color is on the dash as well no sunroof on the model coming to ireland. But i think for this spec of car, which is going to be the k4 spec and prices are coming in at around forty five thousand seven hundred euros and then forty six thousand four hundred euros for the c pillar. Thats. The only option you get key. Ireland are taking away all the options theyre gon na give you the highest spec at the highest trim, which i always like so lets have a seat in the back Music whats. It like in the back of the kia e nero im six foot, two 188 centimeters. This seat has been moved back so that the driver can get in, but still i have about a centimeters worth of space in the back.

Youve got these kia ev6 seats with the et like head, as some people call them. Youve got the usb in the back of the side of the seats. Youve got your air and you also have the power packing underneath the bench youve got some luggage holders. These are heated seats because its the k4 model in the back headroom good size about three or four centimeters. You have arm rest actually, which is a nice height and some drinks holders. So, overall, its a really nice place in the back here, and this is where the extra wheelbase and that extra length has really made a difference for those rear passengers. Because the original inero was a small bit tight in the back. So between this and the boosh theyve made a great job lets, take it out for a drive Music whats. It like driving the kia, nero ev on a beautiful sunny day like today. It is difficult to get that balance right lighting wise, but what theyve done is theyve done a very good job of getting the balance right driving wise. So what we have here is my first instruct suspension at the front and multi link suspension at the rear. Really nice and smooth nice driving position. Visibility wing mirrors are a great size. I, like a good big wing, mirror as much as cameras are coming down the line and as much as aerodynamics, etc, but good size here. Its got blind splash, its got a really nice head up display, not the biggest in the world, but when we start looking at the price, this is 45 000 euros youre starting to take a lot of boxes, but its the range that made the nero eevee or The e nero one of the best selling cards in ireland and the united kingdom for a long time, noise wise its, not the quietest of cabins, its, not bad, but there definitely is a small bit of road noise coming through um, and so are you getting that? Are you paying for the price of not having it as a ground up ev, potentially, when i got into it today, at 100 battery this has been driven by press the last couple of weeks.

It was showing nearly 400 kilometers wltp is showing 460 and we all hear of the stories that when people are going out and about during their summer time and its temperature is currently uh outside diddly lou around the 20 degrees, i think and youre talking once we Get those warmer weathers youre going to be up on that 450s and weve even seen some people hitting the 500 marks, theyre driving around town, etc. So driving wise. This, the steering, i think, is well weighted. The steering wheel is a good size. I find the brakes a bit grabby, but then youve got that four stage: regenerative braking, including eye pedal, which i really like, i think the slant and using that design language of opposites unite united, are unite um up here. I think its really nice, usually its flat and you dont see it because everything is visible here. The trim level that they go for in key ireland with that k4 level, with all of the extras added in and the only options you currently will have in ireland is. Do you want that c pillar in a different color or not for an extra 700 quid and the fact that theyve broken it up 85 of their orders will be full body? Colored and 15 will be that um different colored c pillar. You know what its actually theyve been smart about: it theyre not going 50 50.. We dont know yet how the public will, whether they like it or whether they load it, as i keep talking about it.

But another thing that the nero ev has on its competitor is you have the ability of preheating the batteries before you go to a charger? So if you tell the built in sat nav that the uh the destination is a charger, it starts to warm up the battery. So thats really good to see another thing i like about it. The head up display is, it has the blind spot warning and a lot of cars have this, but i really like how theyve done it in the near av. It really does flash up as much as in the wing mirrors. It will have the little triangle that comes up, but the fact that i may not be looking at the wing mirrors potentially and just even though theres something there. They have these little um kind of highlights on the head up display. I think its really good the driver cluster is really nice and clear and the infotainment screen is as well. Overall, i dont need heated seats today. Im looking for air conditioned seats, it has recycled materials inside it. Has man made leather vegan leather, whatever you want to call it pleather seats and steering wheel, recycled paper wallpaper? I think its whats used on the on the ceiling theres that lane assist warning, and you can turn that off. Some people arent happy about it for a ground up ev the range that it gets. The space that it has now in the back and also in the boosh youve, got that front theres a lot of evs out there that arent as good as this and its going to not have its own way.

Youre going to be going up against your volkswagen id3s youre, going to be going up against when we get them back into the entry level. Volkswagen id4s youre, going to be going up against the renault mcgann is going to be a huge one for us, uh hyundai kona, the refresh version. I think its still going to be too small for people to consider if theyre in this market, this id4, etc, etc. Yeah, i really like it. I know that theres, a number of people like hearing from crazy house prices, hes uh, considering buying an ev at the moment – and this was on his list and is a potentially still on his list, its potentially on my list as well. If i was forced to buy an ev, its definitely coming down to the likes of this or its just big enough its either this or an id3 or a renault mcgann its that kind of i dont need an in yet because i dont need that space. Let me know in the comments what you think, if you havent already subscribed to the channel, please do so because we are on that drive to get to 10 000 subscribers by the end of 2022. Make sure you leave a comment to, let me know, are you considering the kia niro ev here we are in a little german town, refined its beeping at me, because it is im gone off. The uh preset navigation that its the kia press eu as defined for us overall, i like it, i really like it and i think a lot of people will like it as well were going to start to see them in ireland after the summer and with that K4 trim, so the top level trim pretty much everything on it.

The only thing thats going to be missing is the sunroof bush. It was only a little letterboxing roof anyway, so i wouldnt be too concerned about that. The fact that youve got your air conditioned seats. The fact that youve got vehicle to load capabilities with the rear bench internally and then externally youve got that holster that you put in overall, i think its a serious package, a serious package, hopefully youve enjoyed my look around the kia nero ev. Remember if you think an eevee is for you leave it to me and ill review.