29 cross for the celebration edition and 1.57 cross for the technology edition. This is the facelift on the existing a8 and, as you can see, the big difference is to the nose, which has become bolder more in your face and has got much more chrome, heres, a quick walk around video of this facelifted a8 Music chrome signifies luxury. According to audi guys and its got tons of chrome, so as you can see, the single frame grille has got an even thicker chrome outline. There are these chrome elements in the grille, its all very blingy, very in your face and audis theyve always been quite in your face. This just takes on with that design language, the headlamps now these are digital, matrix, led lights, so, like weve seen on the etron, it projects shapes and graphics in front when you lock and unlock the car, which is a cool thing to have, the celebration edition gets Matrix lights but its not the digital light, so it doesnt throw graphics on the front. You also have more chrome on the sides, so it is a very blingy sort of car but thats what everybody also wants now over on the sides. As you can see, it gets 19 inch rims in this five spoke design, which has got this graphite kind of finish. Audi have always been sensible in terms of the tyre sizes. Now you could go up to 21 22 inches because there is plenty of space, but that would compromise on comfort and this car is focused a lot on comfort.

What it also gets over the earlier eight is predictive suspension, so its got air suspension, but it also has cameras and the suspension using the cameras. It reads the road ahead: if there is a pothole, the suspension actually extends before it hits the pothole. So the body remains flat and the occupants inside are cushioned. Now this works up to 30 kilometers per hour, and it also has a curve function so similar to a motorcycle where you lean into a curve. When you go into a curve when it is in comfort plus mode, the body leans into the curve. So the passengers and occupants have less centrifugal forces acting on their body, so that gives it better occupant, comfort and another thing. It also has easy, ingress, aggress, so the body it rises by 50 millimeters when you enter and exit the car. So that enables easy, ingress and aggressive Music, obviously, for us at evo, india. This is the business end of things now, the engine. It is the three liter tfsi engine, which is the turbocharged v6 petrol engine, no diesel engines. It makes 335 bhp and 500 newton meters of torque 0 100 in 5.7 seconds. Also, it gets quattro all wheel, drive and all wheel steer the all wheel, steer it virtually reduces the turning radius by almost a meter so makes this massive car easy to drive with quattro all wheel drive you get performance, you also get that sense of safety and Security when youre driving it on wet roads and both versions, the celebration, as well as the luxury, all get the quattro all wheel, drive system in terms of the driving environment.

It is typically audi, so you have the two screens out here: the digital cluster. Very similarly audi, but also very high in terms of quality in terms of the touch interface, the air convents they open automatically when you turn the car on so little cool touches, but it is familiarly audi in here for most a8 customers. This is going to be the business end of things now, as with all luxury cars, with one touch, you can recline the front seats and you can extend it get more space now. The 8 is based on the same platform, so the wheelbase hasnt really increased. So its got the same amount of space inside but its plenty of space to actually stretch out in the seats they have massage function. They have ventilation, you have 10.1 inch screens and you can connect your devices via hdmi cable. So you can actually hook up your playstation to it and play games, while your driver is taking you to work. What is unique on the eight is that this footrest comes down, and then there are massagers out here and the massages are also heated. Its got three modes and two levels of intensity, so you kick off your shoes, not wear your shoes, but you kick off your shoes. You put your foot out there and you get your feet also massaged. So this back seat. It is extremely luxurious. You have a panoramic sunroof, you have a banging 23 speaker, bang olufsen system that puts out some 1920 watts of sound, so itll sound insane out here in terms of the quality of the materials, its all very, very high quality, even the seeds theyre soft theyre comfy.

This is the place to spend time in in the a8 Music everybodys doing led tail lamps, so audi with the 8. They are doing all led tail lamps and the graphics they actually change, depending on the driving mode that youre. In so say, you are in dynamic mode, the graphics on the tail lamps. They actually change to warn the people behind that youll be driving a little sportily. Also, it has a proximity sensor. So when the car is on and you walk close to the car, the tail lamps come on. So a lot of cool things. Now, with the eight you get eight exterior colors four interior colors, but you can also personalize it so audi. They want no two a8s to look similar. You have 55 exterior colors a bunch of interior colors, different wood inlays, so all of it can be personalized, obviously at a cost, and it will take a few more weeks for your personalized aid to arrive Music. This segment is not lacking for rivals, you have the s class, you have the seven series, so the eight it goes into a hotly contested space.