But today the electric car market is teeming with a huge number of massive electric suvs built to tackle cross country journeys. For you and the whole family, the very best have luxurious interiors, long ranges and competitive prices. But if you do want an electric suv, which ones are the best and which are best avoided in this, video were naming the top 10 on sale right now. But first, if youre looking for a new car and want a great deal, then click on the link at the top of the screen to go to whatcar.com and to keep up with our fully independent and thorough reviews of every new electric car being released this year. And beyond, subscribe to our channel Music kia knows how to make a good electric car. In 2018, it released the kia e nero, which was the first electric car that was great and offered a long range for a reasonable price, and that was quickly followed up by the closely related soul ev. It was very similar in many ways to the first ianero and if you buy one today, youre getting a very impressive suv with a decent range and lots of equipment and its the cheapest car in this list. Just bear in mind that the quirky boxy styling leaves it with a fairly small boot, and the ride is a little fidgety compared to the best evs. And if youre wondering where the e nero is in this list its off sale and has been replaced by the nero ev weve driven that car abroad and been impressed, you can watch our review by clicking on the link at the top of the screen there.

But were yet to group test it here in the uk to find out exactly how good it is compared to its rivals on the face of it. The audi e tron doesnt have a great range and the performance figures look a little weedy compared to other electric cars you can buy for similar money, but there is so much more to this car than the numbers. For a start, it has a very spacious and luxurious interior, which is as good as pretty much any other electric car out there. It also offers a properly costing ride at its incredibly smooth and quiet on the move, theres a few different versions of the e tron. You can buy, but we think the clear pick of the range is the 55 theres a 50, but the claimed range is a pretty measly 197 miles. While the range topping e tron s is only a bit better than that. The 55 is better, but in the electric car class theres, no getting away from the fact that the range is ultimately still disappointing. We tested it in cold winter conditions and it only managed 182 miles. But if you dont need a big range, the e tron is a fantastic ev. The jaguar i pace was jaguars first fully electric car and it remains the sole ev choice in the british manufacturers lineup, whatever the next electric venture is for jaguar. It will be tough for that product to live up to the eye pace.

It has a lot of the same qualities as the e tron, its an electric suv with a nice interior comfortable ride, but compared to the audi its better to drive and has a much better range between charges. Something that does slightly hold the i pace back is its maximum charging speed. While the e tron can charge at 150 kilowatts, the fastest speed, the i pace can receive is 100 kilowatts. To be honest right now that isnt such a problem, because most fast chargers in the uk can only deliver 50 kilowatts anyway, but in the future, as faster charges become more common, you may be left a little frustrated that charging the i pace out and about will Take longer than some rivals, the fuel powered volvo xc40 is a really great suv and when the first fully electric version of that car went on sale, it was also very impressive, but there was one problem: the price that first version of the electric xc40 had two Electric motors and it was ludicrously rapid for what is a fairly sensible family suv, costing almost sixty thousand pounds. It was hard to justify, over other impressive, electric suvs up at that price range now. Finally, there is a single motor version of the xc40, which isnt as powerful but is much cheaper and indeed very competitive against other electric suvs. The xc40 recharge, pure electric single motor, is comfortable nice inside and has a good range too. The styling of the bmw ix may not be to everyones taste but pick the right version of this car and you are getting an electric suv with a huge array of talents.

Any ix you go for is beautifully made inside with plush materials, impeccable build quality and a first rate infotainment system, but the entry level x drive 40 only has an official range of around 257 miles. So for the money there are better electric suvs. This changes when you look at the xdrive 50, which gets a bigger battery that offers a huge jump in range up to 380 miles. Not only that this range topping model also gets air suspension, which transforms the ix into one of the very best riding evs around. In fact, this car is particularly good on long journeys, because not only is it very comfortable, but its also one of the quietest cars you can buy going for the x drive 50 does also send the price soaring, though so, its very good, but its also. The most expensive option in this list by quite some way the toyota bz4x, is believe it or not: toyotas first modern, fully electric car, while the japanese manufacturer has been very much a pioneer of hybrid technology and even has a hydrogen car its only now that its Turned its hand to a full battery powered electric vehicle and the bz 4x shows it was worth the wait, its a great all, rounder, proving good to drive roomy in the back and its reasonably priced as well. Plus you can get a 10 year warranty with the battery in the uk as long as you take it to a toyota dealer for an annual ev health check.

Most other rivals cover their batteries for 8 years. The bad news is that toyota has already had to issue a recall on some of its early models because of an issue that could result in a wheel falling off. This has caused a delay to the first uk orders arriving, but when they do get here, that problem will be fixed and owners will be able to enjoy what is a very good ev. While we wouldnt go so far as to call it cheap for a premium. Badged, electric suv, the audi q4 e tron is competitively priced for your money. You dont just get a posh badge, but you also get a comfortable practical car with a high quality interior thats difficult to beat in this price range. Like some of the other suvs in this list. You should pick your version of the q4 e tron wisely. You might be drawn to the low price of the entry level 35 model, but its the 40, which is the pick of the lineup offering the highest official range of any q4 e tron, but still being priced well compared to alternatives. Looking at the bmw ix3 next to the bmw ix, you may not immediately assume they were both designed by the same manufacturer, but while the ix goes big on brash in your face styling, the ix 3 takes a simpler and more understated approach all round, and it Is overall, all the better for it, its based on the fuel powered x3 and just like that car? The ix 3 is great inside great to drive and will get you further on a full charge than most rivals.

Few cars in this list tick as many boxes as the skoda enyak iv for a start, youll struggle to find a more practical electric car. It might not be available with seven seats, but the space in the back is huge, with loads of leg, room and headroom. For some six footers to comfortably stretch out in and the enormous boot adds to this cars strengths when it comes to practicality but theres more to the enyak than just the space on offer. It has a nicely finished interior, a full five star safety rating from safety experts, euro end cap and a very competitive starting price. Indeed, you might think the best version of the enyak is the 80 because it gets a bigger battery and a longer range, but wed actually stick with the entry level 60. As long as you can live with the shorter range, if you can, you get a fantastic electrical rounder which, for the money is very tough to beat, but the very best electric suv you can buy is the kia ev6 at a glance. You may not immediately assume this is a big, traditional suv, because the sleek exterior blurs the lines between hatchback and suv. But the fact is, the ev6 is longer than an i pace and absolutely huge inside with rear legroom, not far off what youd expect from a limo. Its also got a fantastic 328 mile official range and the ability to charge at super fast speeds.

As long as you find a fast enough charger, stick with the rear, wheel, drive versions to keep the price down, and these models also have the longest ranges and, as with any kia, the car is covered by a very long seven year. Warranty too so, overall, its a fantastic electric suv that right now cant be beaten. Not every electric suv is recommendable, though. A look at the ford, mustang mackie spec sheet might not ring many alarm bells. The pricing isnt cheap, but its comparable with many of its rivals and the official electric range of the different versions you can buy, starts from a respectable 273 miles and goes up to an incredibly impressive 379 miles. But the mustang mackey is a disappointing electric car. It has a very unsettled ride, which is enough to irritate anyone sat in it even on the shortest of journeys, as weve already shown. There are plenty of other alternatives that are better, so those are the best and worst, electric suvs. What are your favorites tell us in the comments below and if you want to see all of our reviews of every new car subscribe to our channel and dont forget for a great deal on your next car. Go to whatcar.