We managed to sink in into support international circuit to have a quick one with these cars over here, not only that this is also our very first ev shootout between the ix and also the big brother x5 plug in hybrid now it sounds ridiculous. To put these two cars side by side on a drag race, but fool doesnt like a good old autobuy strike race, yeah, because im pretty sure most of you guys out. There are as curious as we are, because these two cars have totally different power. Trains were gon na see how they compare in a straight line: Music, Music. You know how this works. Its a 400 meter drag race here on super circuit, main street, the first to cross the line wins no ref building is allowed, so it all depends on the drivers and the cars reaction time. Both cars are fitted with bridgestone alensa suv tyres. The ones on the bmw ix are with bridgestones enlightened technology, a new innovative lightweight tyre technology to improve field efficiency by reducing tyre weight and delivering low rolling resistance by using less raw materials. They are kinder to the environment as well. Bridgestones enlightened tires are also designed to improve vehicle handling and driving dynamics. So im driving the bmw ixx drive 40, the baseline model against the x5 plug in hybrid. This car has two electric motors one at the front and one at the back powered by a 77 kilowatt hour battery right, underneath my seat: zero to 100 in 6.

1, second 0.5 seconds slower than the x5 on paper. While dom is our in house ev supporter im still very much a strong believer in dinosaur juice, but as you can tell im, slowly progressing with technology embracing electrification, thats right, this 3 liter inline, six with electric assistance, makes almost 400 horsepower and 600 newton meters of Torque as compared to the ix, the x5 has about 70 horsepower more, but 30 newton meters less on paper. It gets from 0 to 100 half a second quicker than the ix now im mildly, confident that this car might take the win, because it only has one gear its simpler and its just straight on paddle to the metal all the way to the finishing line. This is a two and a half ton car. The ix is not very light as well yeah. This is only 70 kilograms heavier than the ix, so im not quite sure what to expect. I think the ix with the instant torque from the electric motor should be able to cover the first few meters from the start and then the x5 will then pop out the rest. Well see: okay, everyone stand by three four stars. What is this? I was too excited my gear was a neutral. This dorm tried to waste my patrol Music. No, no, no, no, no, no, wait! No way, alright, im now highly confident, not mildly, confident come on. It is still pulling one car length, baby Music.

What happened to all the extra horsepower? This is the testament of an eevee car guys. This is crazy. The power just goes on and on and on. I did not expect that at all so good for the first time to see you my very very experience you know, i could see you like going further further away from me. Looking back at the replay, the full electric bmw with its instant and extra 30 newton meters of torque, just leaped ahead and just kept going, the heavier x5 plug in hybrid did not stand a chance to close in at all. It was completely helpless even before the midpoint, the bmw ix, with a smooth and relentless power delivery, kept extending its lead, leaving a car length gap at the finish line. I guess thats ev1 phav0. It must be the tires with the enlightened technology wow that was exhilarating. Man, i wasnt expecting a win like that. What do you think gc yeah ive got mixed feelings actually uh? I expected the x5 to win very confident, but im also very happy that it turned out this way because it just goes to show that our drag races are still very relevant. You cant just trust. Whatever is printed on paper. I absolutely agree with you man. I was so impressed by the ix from the get go, the power is instantaneous and the power delivery is so smooth with no power loss at all. I was really hoping to see you side by side me.

You know so we could diss each other a little bit, but unfortunately that didnt happen yeah no chance at all. I expected the ix to pounce for the first few meters and end up x5 just tap out the rest of it, but that didnt happen. I didnt even have the chance to catch up speaking of power loss also at every gear, change, theres a deep in power delivery. So i guess thats. Why? Now, if you guys are still skeptical about the ev cast performance there, you have it yeah, but im still a strong believer of dinosaur juice. Oh by the way, two wheelers fans out there good news, because moto gp is back after two years of absence in malaysia. The 2022 petronas grand prix of malaysia will be happening here in supang international circuit in october tickets are now on sale. Go on to the link in the description below its going to be a very exhilarating weekend. Im sure did you guys expected these results? Actually, im sure you guys wasnt expecting a result like this. Do comment below and let us know yeah, i guess thats all for now. Let us know what you guys want to see in the next drag race ciao.