So im going to take you through the planning process, were going to look at what happened during the installation and then im going to take you through a review of the charger, and none of this would have been possible without the support of my sponsors bumblebee. So just a reminder, its the easy one charger im going for im gon na show you a few pictures of that. For me, the easy one was a easy choice: pardon the pun, its one of the most simple ones to install and to use its got really good. App evidently well check all that out at the end of this video, but for now keep watching dont forget if you want to check out bumblebee ev for yourselves use this link down here, and it will take you directly to my page on their website thanks. Okay, so the install point for my charge is going to be on this wall somewhere around about here. This is what used to be our garage. We had it converted into a playroom for the kids, so you wanted to sort of get a bit of the lounge back. What that actually means in reality is that you just lose two rooms: the house so theres, the consumer unit and all the mains gear there and were hoping well be able to run it along the ceiling and then come down either internally or possibly externally, and then Well, pop out here, okay, so the install is now all done.

So weve got this new board in here, which has got the breaker for the charger, its got a separate breaker for the control units and then its got surge protection over there as well and in terms of the install its very, very clean. The installer was really good and offered me loads of different options, but what we decided on might be best is gone up underneath the ceiling and then just come down this wall in a bit of trunking, and then we come out here now. This is always masked by a massive cupboard, so this is my easy one fully installed and in place, and it looks great, i think its a great thing with this unit is, although its untethered, you can actually lock a cable in place, therefore, giving you kind of A tethered charger, so the car is now charging and, as you can see, there maybe tells you the speed thats charging now, which is 7.1 kilowatts. You can see that youve got a full led light there, which suggests the car is charging, so weve got also got confirmation on the infotainment system. There tells us that its going to complete at 1107. its currently got 220 miles of range at the current charge, which is 90 and at any point we want to stop the charging. We can just do so on the app pause and there you go its immediately stopped, so its so simple. The main function youre ever going to use really is locking or unlocking the cable.

If, if you want to, you can have it to just automatically lock whenever theres one plugged into it and the access to it, so you just literally press that button and turn access off. So it goes to key only so that means it can only be activated if youve got this app installed and ive granted you access now. Obviously, ive got access, but i can grant access to others, so i can give them basically a key. So my wife, for example, can have a key on her phone, so several utilities providers have an ev tariff and what that usually does is give you really cheap rates for certain times during the night it might be from midnight to 6am or from 2 a.m. To 6 a.m, or something like that and usually your rate can be a third of what it is during peak hours. So if you know that youre going to have cheaper rate between say, for example, midnight and 5 a.m, we can set it so that it only charges during midnight and 5 a.m. And that means you can get home from work at say. Four five six oclock plug the car in its not going to do anything until that cheap rate kicks in and then its going to charge. And then you can actually put your tariff into the app and it will tell you how much power youve used and how much its cost you for each individual charge.

So i put 44.3 kilowatt hours last night into the car and that cost me 12 pounds. 61. Now, thats just on standard variable rate tariff uh. If i were on an ev tariff charged the car during those sort of special ev off peak hours, i could have probably got that for well under a fiver. I would have thought in terms of your settings again. Very, very simple stuff, so the charger connects to the network, the cloud everything else via wi fi and its very simple. You just basically get it to find your wi fi, router and thats. The end of that now for some of you, myself, included at times my wi fi is not the best and some of you, your charger, might be miles away from any kind of wi fi access point and its just not possible. The great news is, it comes with a 4g sim card installed and it can just use cellular data for all its communications and the even better part is thats completely free for the life of the unit. You dont have to pay for that 4g access at all. Now, when it comes to locking that cable, as i said that unit, you have the ability to use it as tethered or untethered, now, im always going to be using it as untethered, because i have different cars every five minutes in for a review, and so for Me, its always going to be untethered, but one of the issues with buying a tethered wall box is that, if anything happens to that cable that cable gets damaged or something quite often you have to just start again.

You have to replace the box. Obviously, all your cabling infrastructure is already in place, but you still have to buy yourself a new wall box. So with the easy one you can use a normal standard, cable plug it in, but you can lock it and it will stay locked unless you decide to unlock it on the app and that means youve basically got the best of both worlds. Youve got a fully tethered home unit. Should you want it, but you can also. If something happens to the cable, you can replace it and youre looking at probably 100 quid 150 quid, as opposed to possibly five six hundred quid, possibly more. It also means, if you charge from home every day and you never use public charges but say youre going on holiday. You can just unplug it and take it away with you on holiday. So youve got a cable with you at all times, so it really gives you a lot more flexibility than a lot of the units out there. Most of them are either tethered or untethered and thats sort of where it sits. The fact that you can do both with this one is very good. The other thing has got like earthen protection built in, so you dont need to worry about getting earth rods, as you saw from the install ive, got surge protection in there. Its a great piece of kit, its very, very simple to use and im really glad that ive got that one i mean yesterday.

The installer was here for, like three hours did a great job, everythings nice and tidy no major disruption anywhere. I dont know: what more can i say now in terms of my experience with bumblebee now remember: im sponsored by bumblebee and theyve installed this for me, but im under absolutely no obligations to give them any kind of favorable review or anything like that, and indeed the Head of marketing at bumblebee has asked me to give my absolute brutal, honest opinion of their service, and it was brilliant. The day before the install, i got a call from one of the guys at bumblebee just to make sure that everything was still okay. Ask if i had any any more questions before the installer arrived anything else i needed to know uh. I then got text from the installer telling me the time he would be arriving the next morning. He was coming quite a long way. He said hed be at 10 oclock. He was the installer came. Did the job took him about three hours, three hours, fifteen? I got a call from bumblebee asking me if everything was okay asked me how the installer was how everything went. I said you know absolutely. No problems flawless throughout asked me if i was getting on okay with the app did. I need any help with that and then finally sort of invited me to call back and speak to them. Personally, if i had any issues with anything i dont know, maybe i got special treatment.

I dont know, but it was an absolutely superb service that i can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone. So, unlike some of the affiliates that i promote on my channel, ive used them all and ive used most of them for years. So the difference for me with bumblebee was it was something i hadnt used. So, im really glad that we had the opportunity to do this and ive really got to sort of sample the service and the products and everything else for myself, because i can now sort of really wholeheartedly recommend their service because ive had it so thats. My sort of first impressions of the easy one car charger, absolutely fantastic – the service from bumblebees been fantastic. So if you are interested in that and interested in looking in for this, for yourself, click on the link in the video description and pinned as the top comment – and that takes you through to my page on the bumblebee website and ill give you a quick link To that easy one charger at the moment, theyre available for under a thousand quid and about 80 quid a month for 12 months on an interest free deal so its a really good time to get one thats. The unit supplied installed done no on going costs. After that other than your utility bill, so youll see bumblebees name popping up in some of my ev reviews going forward, and hopefully it will be a long term arrangement.

I do hope so and ill certainly be producing some videos in conjunction with bumblebee. I hope please give this video a thumbs up. Please subscribe and please click. The notification bell. Thats very important. A lot of people dont seem to realize ive released new videos, which is a shame, so click that bell and youll always know.