But when are they going to come to europe, the u.s wherever well, luckily for us in europe? Theyre all arriving this year and next, however, for our friends down under in australia and new zealand, its a little bit of a barren desert. But that is until now, when byd are going to release the car behind me this year, so say nihal to the byd yuan, plus gday, to the byd ato 3, and welcome to fully charged looking for some sunshine and clean air well, where better than southern california. This september were bringing all of the electric vehicles under the sun and an array of clean technologies to americas finest city. This fall yes, thats right fully charged live. Usa powered by electrify america is coming to san diego. So for fresh perspectives, exhilarating test rides. Electrifying live talks and all of your favorite youtubers get your tickets. Today, Music, you may have seen chinese eevees first foray into europe as being quite big and quite heavy and youd be right, theyre, all bringing over their biggest and heaviest suvs, byd included to norway thats. What theyre, starting with, however, byds strategy in australia is going in a slightly different direction: theyre going with a much more no frills normal car, this uam plus or ato 3, is what i would definitely call just a normal car, and the great thing is that this Doesnt even cost a lot of money either brand new. So will this be enough to tempt australian buyers of hybrids and petrol cars into their first electric car well lets find out robert rightfully rants in almost breaking news about the unfriendly policies of the australian government.

Theyre really not trying to get evs into their market, i mean in 2020 they sold just 6900 evs in the entire country by 2021, theres 23, 000 evs in the entire country, so its not a huge market but thats, because theres very little actually available. Now what byd are trying to do is crack this market with something which appeals to everyone, and i really do think theyre starting off on the right foot, no frills normal car Music. How would i describe this interior? Well, if the outside is plain, i think the designers went on a big bender before designing the inside of the car, because its completely nuts, they have obviously gone back to their drawing boards after a long night of drinking or consuming rice wine and then went absolutely Mad but its not the worst off for it with the outside of the car being plain thats, fine inside theyve really pulled out all the stops and its not minimalist its very i dont know what youd say: funky i dont like that word funky. This is quite a funky interior. Now you come with your standard kind of byd touches. Ive got a small five inch screen in front of me. Ive got a 12.9 inch screen here, which rotates, which is a nice byd touch, and its got some really. Nice switch going here its got like a really cool, like airline kind of fighter, plane kind of lever here, which you push the button in and pull it back to put it into reverse uh, thats quite exciting and a lovely little button to start the electric motor.

I suppose lots and lots of tactile buttons down here, which is brilliant well done. Byd ive got parking, assist, ive got traction control, ive got my heating controls. Ive got volume its all here, so i can just drive and if i know where they are its very easy and i see the its on screen thats a really good balance of things on screen and things down here. One downside i would say about the interior is its quite plasticky. I mean it has to be at this price uh. You know you cant, have it all metal and wood and fancy materials, so that would be something i would look to improve uh for the byd. But this is a step up from the dolphin that we reviewed the seats are much more comfortable, a better material quality in general. One last thing i want to just talk about is the doors theyre on the dolphin. We had this really cool like whale tail, which looked fantastic fitting with the kind of fishy theme. This is like this kind of fighter pilot thing, but you kind of twist it back and theres a speaker in the middle of it very, very unusual, and i quite like it. Its different well done, byd for being different. So i just hope this hits the mark with those australia buyers who knows if it will. The thing which i instantly notice in the back of this car is that its a huge step up for byd in both terms of quality and space, so from the dolphin, its obviously a smaller car.

But this is taking it kind of to the next level and i think theyve done a good job im treated to a massive sunlight perfect for that australian sun to burn the top of my head. But you can also shut the shade as well. Now it actually has a lot of leg room i can its. You know i can even sit at a jaunty angle uh. I shouldnt be doing that. If im it is a passenger, but anyway i can sit in here quite comfortably, very basic. You know ive got my air conditioning and ive got a couple of charges down there arm rest classic two cup holders, thats about it, thats about all you get in the back of here, as i said, its a normal practical kind of economy. Car whats important, though, is that this car comes with a seven year, warranty or 160 000 kilometer uh warranty. Now that is going to give china australian buyers a lot more confidence in buying into what, for them is a relatively new brand. Even in china, they havent been producing cars for that long, but theyre, confident with their blade battery that they can introduce kind of that long warranty. So i think australian buyers. I mean what are you waiting for buy one tomorrow, Music, im really lucky. I get to test some of the most advanced features: ai driving. You know lidar radar, you know in the world, but with this car.

What impresses me the most is just how no frills it is and how much this should appeal to almost anyone who drives a car because its just back to basics – and i think with that byd are onto something. What strikes me about this car is how uncomplicated it is, and i think if this was going to be your first ev in australia or even in china, it just its just like stepping into a ice car because youd be used to all of these features. Theres. Nothing especially different about it, whereas i think theres a bit of a myth that a lot of evs have to be overly complicated or got all these crazy self driving features that actually, you dont, really need. If you just want a simple car to get you from a to b, then this small but mighty byd can definitely do the job and excel at doing that job Music. So what the atto 3 is not is a controversial design, its no vegemite of a car, because its got to appeal to everyone, its mass market, hopefully in australia as well as china. But there are some really nice kind of design touches from byd, so theyve included some of the chinese elements, the logo on the front, for example, these kind of fish grills, maybe linking back to the dolphin car that we saw a few months ago now. What this does pack in is technology in terms of the batteries now byd developed their own batteries.

They have the blade battery in this car and the one thats going to australia and it comes in two variants: its got the standard version 50 kilowatt hour battery with 320 kilometers of any uh, so any dc wltp range and then an extended range version, which is 60 kilowatt hour battery with 420 kilometers of wltp range, it also comes with two types of charges: it comes with your type 2 ac charger and a ccs2 dc charger. We have a slightly different system here in china, so im not that familiar with those chargers but theyre both tucked into the front fender. So i do think with this quite simplistic. Car byd do have quite a good chance in australia as well as new zealand too. So unfortunately, theres no track day or slaloms or 0 to 60 times at all, because what this car is about is practicality, not zero to 60 times, but it does have a decent one um now, what you want to know is probably the the front and the Boot size, unfortunately, it doesnt have a frunk, its full of electric motors and wires and things. So we dont really want to look in there, but in the boot we have 440 liters of boot space with the back seats up and then we have 1 340 liters of boot space. With the back seats down usefully. It does come with a false floor and something i discovered earlier was a byd microphone.

So when i get a little bit tired later, i might go for a little karaoke thing in the front seat, but we might not film that anyway ill put that back. However, what i do want to talk about again: no electronics! Here you just use your hands. You know because well anyway, you dont need we dont need it to be electronic, but what i want to talk about is that charging, because byd cars at the moment are coming with v2l vehicle to life. I think they call it and with this ato 3 and its two charging ports here, you can connect not only to your solar panels, which is important in australia, because one in four houses or households has solar and in rural australia, thats really quite important. So you can charge your car from the sun a lot of sun in australia um, but what you can also do is, if theres a power cut – and i heard you know sometimes in australia – if youre in a rural location, there might be a power cut from Bushfires from you know, extreme weather conditions, then you can use this to then plug into your fridge or your freezer for at least a few days. Music. Music. You know what i think byd have knocked it out of the park yet again by focusing on things that people really want, like practicality, good value for money, a reasonable car, just its just a normal car, but an ev.

I think they set themselves up for a great success by not focusing on technology and lidar and all of this stuff, which a lot of people arent actually interested in at the moment, they could have a real sales success on their hand here and byd are a Massive role at the moment, theyre selling, thousands of evs and new energy vehicles here in china, and i hope they can replicate some of that success in a new market like australia and new zealand. I wish them the best of luck, and i think this should make a big splash in those countries so thats all we have time for today. I hope youve enjoyed this video from china, its been a while ive, been in lockdown for three months but im. Finally, out again, we have all of our lovely patreon links, youtube memberships around this video and we also have fully charged in australia coming up very very very soon.