, its a bi annual uh event. That happens once in two years, all right guys, so the hottest car presented today was this ionic six, its the newest presented car at the show. The 11 weve seen some videos, the uh ev9 weve, seen some videos, so they were presented as well, but 11 is still not presented by the way. There are no uh door handles and uh well its its far from far away from from being finished, but the ionic 6 is here now and probably around next month in korea. Its going to hit sales and lets take a look at the dimension, its 4 855. So its a bit shorter than ionic 5. Is it so this ones long range, so it gives its a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery gives you a range of 524 kilometers, so its pretty much like ionic 5, except its got better aerodynamics, because its its a sedan, and so because of that it gives you a Longer range, but 150 kilometers longer range in matte colors. This actually looks beautiful, but when i look at it there are, there are a lot of elements from ionic five like if you take a look at those monitors, rear view monitors right here. These ones i mean these are from ionic five. I can tell right away all right, i feel kind of like um, i mean ionic. 5 is a great car and i love ionic 5., but iot 6 looks even cooler, and you expect you know a sporty sporty specs or i dont know if, if ionic 5 was about like was like more of a family crossover suv, this ones supposed to be More of a, i guess, bachelors sedan, but im not sure i get very mixed feelings when i, when i look at it from the front.

What i do love about this car is, though, is the rear part of this car and in the rear, guys just take a look at these sophisticated lamps actually theyre, not as sophisticated as as you would think, at first but um. Now now this part the brake lamps. I wish you could just press the brake lines, but it looks a little better than the lower part and im gon na im. Gon na prove you now that this is not a cooper. This is not a uh suv. Look at this: this is how you open the trunk by the way, and so the uh. The cargo space here is quite big, actually, four car of this size and again because of the uh ira dynamics they they had to lower. I guess the uh, the the rear part of the car, you can lock the trunk, the trunk door and the car, or you can just close the trunk door like this im, not going to lock the car because theres people in there and again look at this Um, i kind of like pixelated uh lamps on ionic five, better to be honest but oh well. It is what it is all right, guys so its uh, even though the uh rear view monitors, are the same as ionic 5s ill im. Sure, im going to show you in a second the uh, the monitors inside they actually were displaced from the door to the uh to the panel the front panel because of the egmp platform that thats honda introduced two years ago.

Now you have a lots of leg room inside and uh look theres, theres, so much room in inside its its unbelievable theres. There is a theres, a person sitting at the front row and im kind of im kind. Of i mean it feels kind of funny to that they use this material on the door, handles to be honest because they feel like youre sitting in the kitchen and its kind of funny, but so um. This is a door handle all right. Well, this is kind of tight, so im going to have to go back a little all right, so we have a the central console here. Instead of um ionic fives moving whatever what it was called island, whatever universal island, was it called now you can put your phone here and i like it that they finally moved their uh wireless charger from down there on ionic 5 up to here on central console, Because, even though thank you very much, uh uh honda for thinking about our safety, but i bet no ones gon na keep their phone down there when theyre driving, no one so better, just its actually too better to put to uh to move it up here, because Its uh its actually safer – i am, i feel, kind of funny about these buttons because theyre made of plastic and but whats uh whats. So you have nothing here, just the memory seats and you have all your windows closing in and opening buttons on the central console.

Now so hello says that these are all recycled materials im guessing thats, why its its been used here at uh, along with hondas concept, im not used to it. To be honest with you ill be honest with you: im used to more more of a old school kind of guys, so im used to more of a leather kind of materials, but these are. This is something new for me. It feels like kitchen table or something i dont know so take a look at how they now moved the monitors from the doors to the central uh, the front console um. I mean yeah console here, and this is what it looks like now. Im not sure i dont, let me see Music its its kind of a funny angle, and i honestly i dont like how they move it from here to here and because, when youre driving, youre youre used to looking right here right, you know the angle, but now With ionic 5, you had to look here and now with ionic 6. You have to look here so like its a its uh, its changing my you know and my habits. So if i drive this car and then i start driving my my other cars, you know, for example, then its its gon na take some getting used to so um. Overall, i think ionic six is uh. I dont think its gon na sell as well as ionic.