Inner space grows the cadillac halo concept, portfolio of vehicles envisioned to not only move passengers in a luxurious environment, but enhance their well being. Cadillac introduced the first two halo concepts last year at ces, the personal space, a single seat, personal vertical, take off and landing concept designed to literally move its passenger above the din and congestion of ground traffic and the social space. A roomy autonomous vehicle for up to six designed to help passengers relax and recharge conceptually the portfolio repurposes, how passengers use their time while traveling providing a space for solace and respite full autonomy, relinquishes the responsibility of vehicle control, while dramatic design and advanced technologies maintain the Sensation of arriving in a cadillac in fact, technologies such as biometric input and ai machine learning, are harnessed and complement cadillac signature luxury environment to support unique wellness experiences through software defined features and advanced vehicle connectivity. The cadillac concept halo portfolio could offer each passenger a truly personalized experience made possible by gm sultify software platform. Altify enables seamless delivery of software updates to customers over the air. The experiences showcased within the halo portfolio demonstrate the potential, as both altify and autonomous technology continue to evolve. The new inner space concept reimagines that vision with a fully autonomous experience that allows two passengers to focus on their journey and not driving the inner space is, of course, powered by electricity and utilizing the altium platform that also underpins the upcoming hummery v and chevy silverado.

Ev cadillac says that the platforms wireless battery management system allows the battery modules to be spread around the vehicle. This let the designers maximize interior space and create a low floor, giving the inner space a sports car like seating position with seats that can be separate or moved together into a lug seat configuration the vehicles fully autonomous capability means they could explore more of the world Around them, as well as inside the vehicle with more personal and tailored experiences that add new dimensions to cadillacs signature, luxury experience, ai driven biometric input and interfaces accessible via a large immersive and panoramic smd led display, allow passengers to select from augmented reality, engagement, entertainment and Wellness recovery themes for their drive thanks to altify, cadillac engineers and authorized third parties, will be able to innovate additional themes and features that can be added over the air. With the altium platforms, wireless battery management system, the battery modules are spread about the concept vehicle which allowed designers to optimize the cabin for spaciousness and serenity. This design freedom also allowed for a low profile floor, providing an extremely low sports car like seating position, the inner spaces dramatically, raked roofline features panoramic glass and the roof and doors open in conjunction with each other, to ease entry and exit Music on the exterior. The dramatically designed inner space features expansive panoramic glass on the roof and part of the body sides for almost unimpeded views. The roof opens with the doors for more comfortable entry and egress, and the seats also pivot outward when the doors are opened, enhancing the effect.

Even the inner spaces tires are designed to contribute to its solace, developed by goodyear for electrified vehicles. They feature sound comfort technology designed to help mitigate sound wave resonance within the tire for a quiet ride, while soybean oil and rice husk based silica replaces petroleum based oil. As a key ingredient in their construction and because autonomous driving takes away some of the drivers connection with the road goodyear, sightline, goodyears, tire intelligence, technology conveys important information about pressure, temperature load and other performance factors, Music at ces 2022, this past january, the luxury brand of General motors debuted, its inner space, autonomous concept, a driverless halo, vehicle of generous proportions, extra long, low and wide this boat tail. Two seater is the third in a series of vehicles that repose under the cadillac halo concept portfolio umbrella thats.