The 2022 hyundai ioniq 5. this morning were going to hit the road and see what this electric crossover is all about. Its a clever formula and the ionic 5 is in fact significantly larger than it looks. Thanks to the electric skateboard platform, hyundai has been able to push the wheels far out to the extreme corners. This gives it the short overhang look of a compact car, but actually lets it grow significantly. A full three meters between the wheels theres no interruption, either from wheel wells or from the center tunnel that usually disrupts leg room opening this ionic 5 ultimate even further. Is this fantastic panoramic, roof and ill admit to some disappointment, its very functional and very well put together, hyundai and kia have stepped their game up a lot in recent years and its very hard to find much of anything to complain about in those storage. Cubbies abound. You can slide the center console and the rear bench forward and back the drivers seat offers nappers an excellent, full recline ability with a leg support. If you want to read at the charger, you can go full lazy boy in here, but even with the panoramic roof, the acoustic double pane glass keeps the experience very quiet. Indeed, speaking of comfort, hyundai has tightened up a major problem with eevs when it comes to climate control. The ionic 5 enables solo drivers to direct climate control only to the driver, reducing load on the system and, ideally battery consumption, thats, no small consideration either hyundai claims some pretty good figures for the ionic 5 and the egmp platform in general.

But of course, especially in the cold were not seeing those through an even mix of city and highway driving here in the ionic ive been averaging low 20s in kilowatt hours per hundred kilometers in this all wheel, drive 77 kilowatt hour model. That means that it should be good on a nice day for about 400 kilometers, though, in these winter temperatures ive been seeing an estimate of around 350 and as it is, that ends up dropping a little faster than the odometer reflects on the driver tech front. This is hyundai and thats a good thing. Hyundais established itself as one of the strongest in the market, particularly in its highway driving, assist adaptive cruise control, keeps your speed in check and safe, follow distances accelerating and decelerating smoothly, even in stop and go traffic better. Still, this ultimate model benefits from hyundais celebrated lane departure view system. When you hit the signal, the gauge on that side is replaced by a camera feed that shows whats in your blind spot. Its very gracefully executed right down there in your peripheral vision and its a really big benefit for safety. Although those rear pillars do prompt, some double takes when shoulder checking infotainment is likewise strong, responsive and nicely executed. The ionic 5 uses two screens of the same size. Both 12.3 inches theyre clean and sharp and can be set to a night mode, which i personally enjoy 24 hours. Another benefit in this 60 000 ultimate vehicle is the upgraded head up display.

Hyundai has brought the hud a step forward in this now introducing augmented reality. This system flashes useful guidance and feedback over your surroundings, the ionic lets you know that it sees the other cars around you by placing a little glowing pad beneath its a perspective trick that works really well and does inspire even more confidence further sharpening. The experience. Hyundai has put paddles behind this steering wheel its not something that you expect, but they serve a very clever purpose, enabling drivers to step the regeneration up and down through three progressive levels, as well as one pedal driving when putting around in traffic. It can be nice just to use those and let it decelerate harder for you. Regeneration, of course, is important for charging, but also important is the time that youre going to spend at the charging station. This is another point where this egmp platform really pays off. The ionic 5 looks really spiffy, but a lot of this is sort of eevee as usual today for 47 000, because obviously youre gon na want that heat pump in the canadian winters. You get a fair bit of car for what is the average canadian new vehicle sales price that suite of excellent tech and assists its all here. Even if you dont go big on the ultimate youre, not losing a ton, the big roof premium, audio 360 camera and that lane departure view are really nice things to have. But this would be plenty of vehicle in that second trim as an appliance.

It does everything youre gon na need it to do despite a hesitant first impression, when i first climbed in ive really grown to appreciate the ionic v. A word of caution. However, this thing is still hot and fresh and backed by a mountain of hype. Again, a lot of which is circulating around its styling, bear in mind that this vehicle shares its underpinnings with the kia ev6 another vehicle which promises to be a very good appliance right now, while its new and looks the future man, does it look futuristic. This thing is a hit rolling down city streets or in parking lots. Ive been approached more in this than i have in any porsche or really anything short of a delorean. That said, you buy your appliance to work, not just for the initial hyphen excitement this isnt to count against the ionic 5, just to bring a moments pause. All considered hyundai has put a very strong foot forward on this initial, offering of the ioniq 5. as it stands. I have a hard time finding significant fault with the ionic 5.. There are little things like the absence of rear wiper, which makes it impossible to see out the back of in even rain and as neat as this open concept center console is. It would be nice to have something enclosed that i could keep my advil and my little hot wheels cars and whatever other nonsense in without it all just being there all considered hyundais put a very strong foot forward with this new ionic 5.

sharp cleanly assembled spacious, Comfortable quiet it does it all and slotting in at that magic rebate, price point its gon na be an attractive buy. I know, for my part, im gon na be a little disappointed to give this one back for Im elliott alder be sure to check out the full review of the 2022 hyundai ioniq 5 on driving.