Is it really worth just under 83 000 australian dollars before drive away pricing and then two? Is it really the worlds best ev, especially considering you cant, actually buy one until 2020 jacob? That is insane lets get into it? First of all, i dont know whose dog this is. I mean that quite genuinely uh, we just got a dog thats. Okay, got these really cool lights. Here, theyve got like this icicle effect to them very kia. Youve also got some led lights. Theyre very bright youve got your tiger nose, ish grill, thats, all blocked up youve got some functional, aero grills there that open and close depending on if it needs to cool the battery pack. Look at this really aggressive, but plastic splitter, as ive just found out care badge there. This is in moonscape grey, how cool? How just how gorgeous i love it. Its always like a 10 second delay with you friend i didnt realize there was a question. Think about think about your actions before i forget, because im sure im going to forget the rest of the video. Yes, you do get storage space check this out, guess how much storage is under here jacob a lot 21 liters! Well, thats enough for your water bottle and thats about it. What about the side? Okay? So what about the side? Well, you get these really nice. Look doing the car review hand thing 20 inch wheels. They are actually quite aerodynamic.

As you can see, theyve got patterns that help smooth air. Apparently i like this thats, so nice, its body, colored cladding thats. What we need in more suv, coupe lift back sedans like this yeah, this ones, a bit confusing, got look blacked out, mirror caps. There youve got these door handles that when you unlock the car they pop out. How special is that youve got privacy glass there, and i love this, look, how sloping that is, and the fat haunters of this car, i think its genuinely stunning, so nice, so nice. So nice lets talk about the back theres a lot going on with the back of the ev6. Some might even call it a cluster. I really like it because youve got this spoiler here that helps to push rain down. If its ever raining see. Theres no wiper. There, but aerodynamics apparently youve also got this huge light bar that kind of goes down here into where the brake lights are super cool. This is where your indicators live in. This really awesome. 3D effect there with all these pyramids. This is someone i used to work with called them kia logo. There you get a seven year, warranty thats, pretty good, better than tesla and then look ev6 badge there too. This thing is so gorgeous. I need five minutes. I need 30 seconds with this card. All right, its not often that i am excited and frankly aroused by an interior, but this one is a stunning.

It is so nice jacob initial thoughts, incredible incredible and its incredible, because it looks incredible. So you have this really cool design here. Youve got these twin panoramic displays in front of you. Youve got an awesome air conditioning setup, which is both your air conditioning as a screen. If you press that button there, it then becomes your media controls its just really really cool design. Oh not to mention that, because this is an av, there is no transmission tunnel. You get this really cool like design piece here that has plenty of storage which well come back to, but its not all roses jacob. Never whenever is it never is it as good as it seems because you touch around and yeah its, not the nicest materials you can still kind of tell that this is at the end of the day, a kia and not a luxury car, not that its trying To be a luxury car, but yeah you can definitely get that sense, but back to the design you are just wowed by it. So lets talk about the infotainment display its so good. Definitely one of the best in the industry, its just so intuitive easy to use. Youve got ev specific menus here, for example, you can see exactly how far you have left to travel before your range anxiety. Kicks in youve also got apple, carplay and android, auto, so its all very intuitive easy to use and just very functional up in front of you.

You have a digital display, your instrument, cluster and its pretty customizable. You can go through a bunch of different menus in the center and when you change between the driving modes, you can see a few different types of gauges, its just pretty damn sick. You know what else is sick. What these seats? Oh yeah! You know what they remind me of jacob. What adidas did you see it got like the the stripes? I actually do see it. Yeah ive actually got pants like tracksuit pads that look exactly like these seats, but they are vegan leather and you got suede. They feel super duper. Nice wheres, my wheres, my water, jacob get me my water im thirsty. Thank you friend. Actually i wanted it so i could have the cliche thing of showing you look a couple of cupholders. There got a storage area. There got this interesting design here on the center armrest, lift it up. Oh look at that. Youve got plenty of space in there for a water bottle. Ive got like 400 other things in there. Speaking of look at this glove box, it is enormous huge amount of space within there got a usb port, two usb c ports and a 12 volt socket. Also what i like this steering wheel now its got a bit of a interesting design to it. Two spoke taking it back to the 1920s, jacob isnt that, where you were from you know it as a bit of a side note, i dont bully jacob all right.

He dishes it out a lot worse off camera off camera. You have no idea yeah physically, exactly right buttons to control everything. It looks great, i think its also vegan leather, if not oopsie here, youve got your ev start button. I like that and a rotary dial, which is fine, like it looks good, i suppose, but jacob mostly has been trying to put it into reverse when were trying to put it into drive. So we dont love that, oh also, these seats are heated and cooled and the steering wheel is heated too also really cool. You get an augmented reality heads up display. It is enormous, but not the best resolution, but its really cool, because it gives you your navigation, augmented reality. Youve also got a meridian sound system which, frankly it doesnt sound great at all. Ive turned down treble literally to zero, its so tinny. I dont love that i used to sell audio equipment, so your boy knows more about audio than cars. Clearly, oh also, oh yeah. We get zero gravity mode for these seats. Look at this ill have to speed it up and, as you can see, uh it doesnt really feel like zero gravity. Just feels like the chair has been reclined to its maximum back position. But what do i know im? Just a fool. Lets talk about the back seats? Okay. So what about the back seats? Well its a pretty amazing affair back here, because it has such a long, wheelbase theres, no internals that need to connect the rear to the front.

Youve got just bucket loads of leg room. This car isnt that long but look how much space ive got its like more than an s class. Unfortunately, you dont have much toe room when youre up front, though you have plenty here. It just means you cant, really stretch out on longer journeys which isnt the best in the head room, pretty damn good as well. Quality doesnt feel that great, like the back of these seats, are really nasty, plastic or plastic everywhere, its really not the best. However, these seats – oh theyre, nice. I really like this armrest too, because oh look open space, but then you pull that forward got a couple of cup holders there. So thats all fine and dandy and your kids are going to be thrilled because you got a couple of usbc points in each one of these seats. So yeah i mean it all works pretty well. It just doesnt feel that nice back here and also the tow room, is absolutely abysmal, so jacob thoughts. I really like the ac adapter as well. Oh thank you for reminding me jacob. There is an ac adapter because, yes, this car has vehicle to load. You can set it up in the front. Essentially it means that you can charge devices or use devices like a toaster. If you wanted to, i think i think thats enough voltage, i dont know i dont think you could use it back. Seats iv boot space its boot time.

Ladies and gentlemen, yes, its time to check out just how much storage there is in here. Oh look its plenty, its not actually the best because of the sloping beautiful design. The coupe nature of this suv means that actually dont get a huge amount of like a vertical space. We get heaps of horizontal space jacob. You do math. What does that? What is that whats that measurement there i dont know you tell me youre the spec guy length girth under here you get a little bit of storage and look you get your little charger under there. Well speak about that in a moment. And yes, of course, you can put down the back seats and its pretty easy to do so, and then you get so much room in here. You could fit your nan dont know why, but you just could lets talk about something less boring, so you want to know about the battery specs. Well, let me tell you about them. This baby has a 77.4 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery pack, but that just means that its got a big fat battery, in fact so big and fat guess how much this weighs jacob take a guess. Three tons well now: youve overdone it so its not going to sound as amazing, 2.1 tons right, thats, a big fat behemoth, three tons with you in it maybe three times a million look at this knock knock it open up anyone home hey! So yes heres your charger, one of the previous stop it.

One of the previous journalists has broken off the ac adapter there, but look you can even do dc fast charging. This thing can go up to like 233 kilowatt or, if im wrong, ill put that up on the screen. Look. This is the emergency charger ive been using because i cant afford an at home electric car charger. Yet, unless you subscribe subscribe, then youve got your little readout for exactly how much battery percentage you have out of four anyway now, even though this isnt the crazy gt that will be coming – and let me know if you want me to review that this is the Gt line still has two motors putting out 2′ kilowatt power, pretty healthy, right, 605 newton meters of instant torque and jacob. Is it scary, its terrifying in fact, lets launch it to show just how scary it is all right friend now were gon na launch. It were gon na launch this bad boy, just like that. Pimple is gon na launch something off your forehead. Ive got pimples everywhere friend, and now you might be thinking matt. Why have you put jacob in the back seat? One hes been a very naughty boy. Two im sick with something dont worry its not covered, but i dont really want jacob to get it, and i mean will this help, probably not, but hey its its a step in the right direction. At least i can see his face now in the mirror.

Its very disconcerting: what do you think its going to do? 0. 100. 5.2. The claim is about 5.2, something like that. I think its bang on well ive got specialist timing, gear friend and i think its going to do 0. 100. In 4.8. You think its gon na crack the five barrier – oh yeah, probably even the speed of sound, all right, im ready. Are you really? Oh, you were right, 105.4 seconds. All right lets try one more time, one more time i think im just compensating for the fact that i think i might be losing my voice. Also lets not forget that youre, not the the smallest of gentlemen. Okay, you know what friend lets lets address the elephant in the room and its not me its you right elbow me, oh, that felt good. This was a better launch. I felt good, oh its better, oh friend, i dont want to say that im the most accurate person in the world, but i am the most accurate person in the world good on your friend. Oh, we didnt even say. Is there 100 5.17. All right lets see how this drives when were not being little tom fooleries whats your initial thoughts back there by the way very comfortable, very spacious, very comfortable, very its funny, because i can have a full conversation with you in the rearview mirror. We can actually make eye contact while youre driving. This is a new yeah im kind of uncomfortable, though im not gon na lie thats.

Why thats? Why lets not do this? No, but we are wait, wait stop what, by the way we have the windows open just because jacob doesnt want to get sick with whatever infectious disease ive got unbelievable, unbelievable bro, but i thought i wouldnt wear a mask, so i can uh still show my face To all your friends, are you ready for this sure? First of all we put on our indicators because were good people, and then we look left, but only left only left we have our whatever. This is called whats. This called blind spot cameras, thats it blind spot cameras, weve got those up. Sport mode increases the throttle response and steering feel oh kids. We need to get some mcdonalds kids. I really want to put those thats really loud. What if we open them all? Oh god unlock the power of the earth. Why are you doing this countdown from three three? Two one mum? Oh bro, this thing is insane. This thing is insane: oh, my god, this isnt, even the gt – oh, my god, okay, its fast! It handles incredibly well to be fair thats because it is an ev. The battery is in the floor. Oh god, you know what this place does to me. Ah, im scared holy shisen housing yeah its fast man. This thing is is really quick. This is a family sedan, its an suv, youre, numb nuts, you absolute num nuts uh. I dont know how you can look at this and think suv at all yeah.

This is a beast, its a coupe. The handling is incredible. Oh, my god, especially for an all wheel, drive, but it handles incredibly well, and it is super duper. Comfy lets slow down a bit were really on a rush to go to mcdonalds arent. We friend, oh im, really feeling the fact that im in the middle seat right now, how is it back? There lets just say: im not in a bucket seat, lets put it back into eco mode, which is what ive been driving it around in mostly because, frankly, i dont want to run out of range by doing that, im already down to 280 kilometers of range. It was just like 300., oh, we might have gone about five kilometers, obviously, im driving like an idiot but thats thats the issue, especially on a freezing cold winters day like today. The heater has to be on, or else were, gon na freeze to death, and that just means that everything is a lot less efficient, its windy, its wet on the roads yeah this car im getting about 400 kilometers of range, which is really not great, especially when The wltp is like over 500, not in love with that friend, not at all friend. Every time you stop. I just get filled with dread, theres a lot of fake noise coming in here. Oh, you can turn it off dude. This is insanity. How is it handling this well? Brakes are pretty good, although god i would hate to be them right now.

They do have regenerative braking. Of course. In fact, lets put it on max eye pedal and come to a stop, because guess where we are already: oh, my god, its been like a minute. Well come to a stop. The car will bring us to a stop. We do have to put our foot on the brake if we want the lights to come on, but thats. Okay, are you ready for this friend sure holding holding on? Oh, my god? How are we here so quick dude, this isnt, even the gt? Ah theres a lot of understeer there, four wheel drift nah the review can end here it drives really well. Oh, i dont think i finished my train of thought by the way, one of the reasons it drives so well. Batteries in the floor, its got like a skateboard kind of setup where battery four wheels and uh yeah means the center of gravity is super duper low. This thing is really quick and the crazy thing is that this is super duper comfy. At the same time, one of the big reasons is because they do an australian tune for the suspension, and that makes such a difference. Ive met the tuner before at a care event actually and yeah. The guy is like x rally champion and he does such a good job, or at least him and his team, and making these cars amazing. It actually handles better than the ionic. For that reason, not sure if i can feel much of a difference in any other way, but ride quality 100 different, it is insanity all right lets get into my final thoughts.

Okay, so is this the worlds best ev? Well look, probably not! It is a very, very good ev, its a very good looking ev. It drives really really well its not as quick as a tesla and its about the same price as an equivalent long range model tesla, but it does ride better, so theres trade offs right. I think its an amazing car, the fact you cant get one for two years is pretty bad, in fact, its very bad. So to win car of the year when you cant actually get one. I dont know it doesnt sit right with me, but let me know what you guys think of the kia ev6. Would you buy one? Have you ordered one? Are you going to go on the wait list? Let me know in the comment section just below that, like button subscribe to the channel if youre new, so jacob can feed his mice – and i can be with my friend – ive – never met this dog in my life by the way. But you are very lovely youre. Very lovely arent you, oh, oh okay! Thank you guys very much for watching ciao.