The 2023 7 series introduces a new design language for the brand with a distinctive front end and is chock full of new features, including a movie theater style screen and a hands free highway driver assistance feature. It is also part of bmws expanding lineup of electric models. As the lineup now includes an ev version called the i7 that shares its body and interior with the gas powered sedan but swaps in a large battery pack and electric motors Music. Bmw says it is simplifying the sedans powertrain combinations to reduce ordering complexity, but u.s customers will still have several choices. There are inline 6 and v8 gas engines, plus the electric i7 covered separately and a plug in hybrid called the 750e. The base model is the 740i, which has a 375 horsepower turbocharged 3.0 liter inline 6 and rear wheel drive. While the v87 series is now called the 760i and comes only with xdrive, all wheel drive its twin turbocharged v8 engine has the same 4.4 liter displacement as the previous 750i. The model designation numbers havent meant anything real for a while now, but the engine comes with other upgrades to produce 536 horsepower 13 horsepower more than before. Both gas engines have 48 volt hybrid systems. Bmw hasnt released details about the 750e plug in hybrid other than the fact that it will make 483 horsepower Music. The interior takes a major step forward in design adopting a similar look as the ix electric suv and using plenty of exotic materials, including open, pour wood and available cashmere.

The 7 series cabin also integrates an absurd amount of technology features within its numerous display screens and tablet control interfaces for both front and rear seat passengers, its also available with power opening doors, a rolls royce level of creature, comfort, a hedonistic rear seat package, as is De rigueur in this segment includes a recliner style chair on the passengers side with an extendable footrest. The optional bmw theater screen measures a massive 31.0 inches and extends down from the roof to offer rear passengers a more immersive viewing experience Music. The 7 series will go on sale in the us in november, with prices starting at 94 295 dollars for the 740i and 114 595 dollars for the 760i x drive. The i7 is more expensive than both starting at 120 295 dollars, but it is worth noting that bmw significantly undercuts mercedes pricing. As the six cylinder s class has a base price of one hundred twelve thousand one hundred fifty dollars and the v8 starts at one hundred and eighteen thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars. We look forward to finding out if you get what you pay for or if the new seven series can stick it to its chief rival this time around stream videos listen to music, get information all while on the road.