I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I cover the background, feel and drive the current selling price and the specs and engineering that go into making each car. If you have an electric car that youd like me to cover, let me know in the comments below in todays video im reviewing the new volkswagen id 0.5 ill, be covering the most important features to see whether it crushes the competition or not, with its new id Software version 3.0 – oh and one more thing before i start i saw my last electric volkswagen, but then i missed it, so i bought it back. I know its pretty revolting. Okay, now back to the video, the long awaited, id.5, all electric suv and the sporty vw id5 gtx are finally revealed by volkswagen. It came as a response to flashy electric competitors from south korea, such as the hyundai ioniq, 5 and kia ev6 on the way to zero. The new id5 does more than simply add to the id family success. It also advances volkswagens electrication of its new car fleet ahead and into a new market sector. The new id software version 3.0, which offers fast charging performance and voice control among other features, is installed in the beautiful expressive. Esuv coupe, volkswagen is also taking the next step towards autonomous driving with the use of swarm data and next generation driver assistance, technologies, ralph branstata, the brand ceo said the id 0.5 is electric sporty and elegant our premium.

Suv coupe, with all electric drive, marks another milestone in our accelerate strategy. He added it offers locally carbon neutral driving enjoyment for a discerning customer group. We are breaking into a completely new market segment. With this model, volkswagen is targeting a completely new market sector, with the id 0.5 and id 0.5 gtx pushing its electric offensive across all vehicle classes. As part of its accelerate strategy, volkswagen expects electric only vehicles to account for at least 70 percent of its unit sales. In europe, by 2030, or to more than one million vehicles, electric cars are expected to account for at least 50 percent of unit sales in north america and china. Volkswagen plans to introduce at least one electric car to the market per year to meet these targets by 2030. Co2 emissions per car are expected to have decreased by up to 40 percent. The corporation plans to become climate neutral by 2050 at the latest as part of its weight to zero, the new id.5 and the sporty premium id 0.5 gtx with dual motor. All wheel drive are built by volkswagens zwickau facility and are carbon neutral when delivered to customers, design and engineering. The sleek looking vw, id.5 and id.5 gtx are simply a coupe, a variant of the well known id.4, electric suv, measuring 4599 mm long and 4582 mm for the gtx. Many elements distinguish the esuv coupe from the id.4, which was selected world car of the year, notably the distinctive bumper painted door and paneling and redesigning roofline.

The design of the expressive coupe has a high recognition value. It has a wide air intake and high iq. The id.5 gtx comes standard with light led matrix headlights with intelligent, high beams and 3d led rear lights, giving it an even more dynamic appearance with the revolutionary iq. The new id.5 shines with a true highlight from the first sight light as expected between the led matrix headlights and the volkswagen badge and exquisite light strip runs with the 3d led tail light clusters, which include animated brake lights and an integrated, dynamic turn signal. That indicates the intended direction with a dynamic flowing light movement that makes an impact in the front also makes an impression in the back. The id.5 comes standard with a panoramic sunroof, which is a striking feature thanks to its large glass surface, that spans almost the full width of the roof, even better a clear view of the sky above that can be controlled with voice commands. For example, say hello, id show me the stars and the blind will open. The tinted. Glass also maintains a comfortable interior temperature, while the sun blind shields the car from direct sunlight. The id.5 represents the future body style, aerodynamic, expressive, athletic and, with short overhangs owing to meb say, is joseph caba, head of volkswagen design thats how, despite the dynamic roofline, we were able to maintain a large inside something that was not conceivable previously at the touch of A button the optional trail bracket, swivels out electrically to make room for the items that help you get through the day.

You can transport many different objects with your id 0.5, such as a horse box or a kayak, because its designed to carry loads up to 750 kgs, unbreak or 1200 kgs with break when not in use the towing bracket may be folded beneath the bumper and out Of sight, in a few simple steps, the interior, the inside of the volkswagen id5, appears conventional and it does in most german automobiles the same way, despite the fact that the central console has a huge touchscreen and the heads up display includes an augmented reality capability that Might be particularly appealing to tech fans, the volkswagen id familys, inventive power is highlighted by the new body, shape and lounge like space concept, despite its coupe like design, the volkswagen id5 offers just 12 mm less rear headroom than the volkswagen id.4. The large 2766mm wheelbase allows for interior space that rivals that of suvs in higher vehicle classifications, the baggage compartment holds 549 liters and the vehicles, materials and construction are of the highest quality. The materials used to cover the seats differ depending on the interior version. The perforated id badges at the top of the backrest designate, the optional top sports seats, the cutting edge digital cockpit, introduces a whole new operational philosophy. The high resolution, entertainment system and driver display produce stunning pictures within the drivers range of view, a unique, augmented reality. Heads up display, which is optional, provides extra information. The new id software 3.

0 includes a number of enhancements, such as natural voice control called hello id. It now has learning capabilities and provides online access to cloud based information. The ambient lighting function allows you to choose from up to 30 colors for ambient interior lighting. We connect services, give real time online traffic information online map updates charging station information, web radio and much more to drivers also and without the need for additional steps on your smartphone or tablet. You can listen to your favorite music in the new id.5 immediately via your adaptable, discover pro navigation system to immediately access your apple music account via the navigation system, display simply download the relevant app and log. In with your login information, you may then enjoy millions of music exclusive content or the most recent podcasts performance. Volkswagens e suv coupe will be available in three engine configurations, starting in 2022, a rear mounted electric engine will power. The id.5, the id.5 gtxs, dual motor, all wheel drive will be powered by an e motor on both the front and back axles. The volkswagen id.5 will be built on the meb platform, which was introduced in 2017 with the id cross concept. It should theoretically inherit the same settings as the vw, id4 suv from a technical standpoint. As i previously said, the volkswagen id.5 will be available in three distinct engine options: the volkswagen id.5 pro performance has a single electric motor with a power output of 150 kw, whereas a regular model.

Id.5 pro has a single electric motor with a power output of 128 kw, the volkswagen id.5 gtx, the sportier top of the line version has two electric motors. With a combined power of 219 kw, all wheel drive at a peak speed of 112 mph. Volkswagen is pushing safety to a whole new level with car 2x connectivity data from compatible volkswagen cars and signals from infrastructure within an 800 meter radius may be analyzed locally in a quarter of a second allowing drivers to be alerted to risky areas, accidents and stalled traffic. Visual alerts are provided via the id light in the cockpit travel assist with swarm. Data comes standard on the id.5, giving you an incredibly valuable driving assistance technology on board with swarm data travel. Assist can keep you in your lane, maintain a safe distance from your car. In front of you and guarantee that the vehicle maintains the maximum speed you set, it does it, among other things, through the adaptive lane guiding system. This mechanism actively maintains the vehicles position in the lane travel assist with swarm data, adjusts you to driving style that you find comfortable and can even maintain the car in the lane further left or right than the center. If desired, travel aid using swarm data can actively assist when changing lanes on the highway travel. Assist using swarm data must be able to recognize a road lane markings on both sides in order to perform the aforementioned activities.

When mass location data is available, such as driving data from multiple neighboring cars, travel, assist with swarm, data only needs to recognize one road lane marker to maintain the vehicle in its lane, such as on country, roads, lacking center lane lines, predictive cruise control and a cornering Aid feature are included in travel, assist with swarm data. The vehicle speed may be adjusted to meet current speed regulations and the roads route like bends and roundabouts. The new id.5 ensures that almost every trip is thrilling because its electric motor produces power dynamically and with full torque straight from the onset, and it assures that you take a significant step towards reducing your carbon impact battery life. The 77 kwh battery is standard across all volkswagen id.5 models, allowing for a range of up to 323 miles, the volkswagen id5 significantly longer range might be due to its more aerodynamic design compared to the id4s bulkier appearance. Volkswagen provides the fastest growing ecologically friendly technology. For simple networked and sustainable charging with its recharge charging system across europe, the network has roughly 250 000 charging stations, even while the esue coupe is out and about it, may be charged with up to 11kw of alternating current or ac using the standard mode. 3 connection. At a fast charging station charging performance can reach up to 135 kw as standard in under 7 minutes. You can get to 62 miles. The cabin of the car may be heated with an optional heat pump, which saves electricity.

The amount of energy saved has a beneficial impact on the range the id familys route. Planner can assist you in everyday driving by automatically preparing preferable charging locations in your navigation route and optimizing both the route and needed charging periods. As you can see, emerging technologies make a lot of things simpler, price and model range. The new volkswagen, id.5, electric suvs, price and availability varies by country. Pre orders for the id.5 in germany will begin in mid november, with the pricing beginning at 54, 800. The first volkswagen id.5 will be delivered in spring 2022.. This wraps up my review of the volkswagen 90.5. Let me know what you think of it. Thank you for sticking it out through the very end of this video. Nothing helps out my channel more than yall watching the entire video these videos take a long time to make and are a labor of love.