You are older than me, arent you. What a new electric nero is actually a really big deal for those of us who like to plug in our cars, because the e nero the last generation was actually the second highest selling electric vehicle. Last year after the mighty tesla model 3.. Over 10 000 of you bought one, and now there is a new model and i think its fair to say that its controversial in quite a few ways the looks are divisive and some of the technical details make. It look like a step back rather than a leap forward, so to see if all that stacks up weve decided to pitch the kia, nero ev against his biggest rival, the old inero, but before we whitter on about the differences between these two. Do please like and subscribe to the channel and let us know in the comments about what you think to ginnys golden game show host jacket. Lets forget the looks for a moment, because i think we need to talk about some figures, its fair to say. Some eyebrows were raised when the new car specifications were revealed. Lets take charging speeds as an example. Rivals like the volkswagen id3 can charge at 120 kilowatt or more and kias slightly bigger ev6 can cram in the watts at a rate of 232 kilowatts, so the new electric nero should be really quick to charge too right. Well, youd be wrong. It actually charges at 72 kilowatts, which is 5 kilowatts slower than this old one, weird its the same for performance rather than turn the wick up.

Kia has trimmed back the amount of pulling power, reducing torque from 291 pounds per foot to 188 pounds per foot. Now, if those numbers dont mean much to you well, let me just say its pretty significant: a means that the naught to 62 sprint time has increased too, albeit by a barely noticeable 0.3 of a second. So has the price actually come down to compensate, then you would think wouldnt you, but no um theres actually been a price increase. The cheapest version is one thousand two hundred and fifty pounds more so whats going on is kia actually shrink flatting the nero ah well. There are some good bits too. The new nero ev has a larger battery pack at 64.8 kilowatt hours, which is a massive um 0.8 of a kilowatt hour bigger than the old model as for range. While this is improved, kia claims an official figure of 287 miles, which represents a five mile increase on the previous model. Doesnt sound like much does it, but i guess it would be pretty welcome if youre four miles away from home and youre running out of charge and while some of the vital statistics have shrunk, you actually get more car for your money now, because the nearer ov Has grown you get more length, more width and more height, not a lot, but it does make all the difference. Kia has been really clever about where they used. Those extra millimeters, though, because theyve landed here in the back seats, theres, really quite a lot of room.

Even for lanky teenagers, of which i am not one theyve, also nicked a good idea from the airline industry, because these front seats are actually thinner, so you have more knee room. Although these plastics are a little bit plastic theres more room for your bags too. The boot in this one is an impressive at 475 liters thats about the same size as a small estate car and up to 24 liters on the old car thats enough for another, carry on case on the way to the airport and for the first time ever, Tada venero has got a frunk, its a very compact front, but then quite a lot of them are, but its really handy for sticking in i dont know dirty football boots. Keeping that wet charging cable in so it doesnt have to go in with all your other bags in the back. Welcome addition, i think that if thats not enough load space for you, the nero ev also has the option of a tow bar for the first time. The limit is a modest 750 kilograms, so youre not going to be on a world tour with your airstream, but it will appeal to owners who tow smaller trailers or who want a mounting point for a cycle rack its probably a bit big. Now, besides being larger than new era, also looks far more modern inside too, as much as we love the old one, the dashboard was always a bit of a letdown both in terms of how it was laid out, but also in terms of its feel.

It really does look its age. I think, whereas look at this, its lovely and modern and clean youve got physical buttons, where you need them. This fantastic screen, of course, that we recognize from the kia ev6. That really is a lot to like in here. What really stands out is this long sloping dashboard with the new digital instrument panel and an infotainment screen, both of which are 10.25 inch displays and, as i already mentioned, just as with the ev6 theres, that sensible combination of physical buttons and touchscreen controls too, and its All really intuitive and easy to operate. There are some really nice eco touches too now. Kia actually makes this headliner out of recycled wallpaper. Of all things, though, i cant see a pattern coming through so yeah. My little pony wallpaper from your first bedroom isnt going to come back and haunt you. It has had a tech upgrade inside as well. Besides useful bits and pieces like the usbc ports built into the back seats, there are two new acronyms to get to grips with. If youre planning to become a nero electric, buyer, rspa and v2l rspa is remote, smart parking assist, it turns your nero into a big, remote, controlled car or sort of handy. If you wedge next to a pillar in a multi storey car park, v2l is vehicle to load something weve already seen in the ev6, and it means you can power electrical appliances or tools using the cars battery power handy if you want to dry your hair, while Camping or do some drilling now were going to have to talk about the looks.

The old car was inoffensive enough, but i think we can all agree. It needed a bit of updating ill. Let you make up your own mind about whether this one is a triumph of design, but there are certainly some eye catching bits. You can have this side flash in a choice of colors, but rest assured you can also have it colored, so it blends in seamlessly with the rest of the car, which i think is what i would do its clever, though what it does is direct air onto The back window, keeping it clear and helping to reduce, drag, making it more efficient right enough of all this chat and just staring at them lets see what theyre like to actually drive lets go driving the old car. One of the first things you notice is its really quite fast. This is supposed to be a family suv, but it sort of behaves like a 1980s hot hatchback when youre pulling out of a junction or on a wet road, because it does have a tendency to really scramble its front tyres. Now, most of the time thats taken care of by the traction control system, but you see the little light flashing. All the time now, im all for a bit of performance, but in a car thats supposed to be ferrying your kids around. It does feel a little bit inappropriate like its got a bit too much power for the kind of car it should be thing is, it is a firmly suspended car, but even on a bumpy road, it does glide around quite nicely it copes with the big stuff.

Really well its a kind of gentle car in terms of ride, so its quite relaxing. You know the steerings, not super sharp, so it doesnt make you tense, like its always diving around and the brakes are good and youve got the usual kia. Regen access to the paddles behind the steering wheel, so you increase it with the left hand, side look were slowing down and you decrease it with the right, its all very nice. One thing i have noticed, though, is: if you stop the car switch the traction, control off and just floor it it will do a burnout, its doing a burnout. There is smoke everywhere Laughter. Could you hear that thats, a family car that just did a bird out and that does go to show this car probably does have a little bit too much power and talk and that it probably wouldnt be hurt by being a little bit more gentle? I think its tremendously funny, but im not sure many owners would outside the school. The new nero just feels like its grown up a bit. It might well have exactly the same motor as the old car, but the new one has been softened off and it feels smoother and just a little less urgent and more efficient. Presumably, it might make me sound old, but these days id rather have more miles from a charge than the ability to do burn ants at every junction ill leave all that stuff to tom.

Now it still has got all the old party trips, though youve got three drive modes: sport, normal and eco, which you just selected from here on the steering wheel and its also got paddle operated regenerative braking now i dont know if this has been tweaked, but it Seems smoother and stronger than before, and i love the way it helps to recapture energy that would otherwise have been wasted. All in all im definitely more impressed with how this car feels behind the wheel than the previous model, and i guess thats to be expected, though. The tweaks were subtle, but theyre. Definitely there and theyve definitely made a difference. I do think that the new nero is actually a little bit quieter in this car as well, and it handles smaller bumps with a little bit more delicacy where this one, you can feel the smaller bumps just being transmitted through the car. You dont with the new one. The new one just feels that little bit more grown up a tiny bit more mature bit more rounded and also with the nero ev the faster you go, the better it gets this old version. It just sort of falls apart when you go really really fast. The transmission and the power give you the impression that this might be a sports car and then, when you try and fling it round the corner, it suddenly becomes an suv again. So this is a weird car, its got some aspects that are really amusing and some that arent, so the new car is slower but better.

The same is true of the charging speed. Although the peak is less than before, it can sustain a higher amount for longer its a bit like the tortoise and the hare. As a result, kia says its new electronics allow the nero electric to take a 10 to 80 charge around 9 minutes faster than the old model at around 43 minutes. The nero will also pre condition the battery so its at the optimum temperature to accept charge. If you enter the charging station into the cars, sat nav thats, clever still that charging is not particularly quick by modern standards, but an 80 battery in a nero could take you further than 80 charge in a rival car. So while it might seem that the nero has taken a few steps backwards, counter intuitively less is actually more when it comes to this car and kia has actually moved the car forwards um. There is no doubt in my mind that i would choose the new one over the old one. Now do you know what i absolutely agree with you. I think this is a more mature, better, more grown up car. I do have a spanner for you, though. Oh, you love your spanners, dont you! I do if you get a very top spec, nero ev like this one in a four grade, there is another keyer that is bigger, faster nicer to drive and more spacious, and it doesnt cost that much more money.

Can. I guess yep would it be an ev6? It would be an ev6 which is a little bit scary, considering i think id have that car over this one, no matter how much i like this, and that my friends is a whole second video.