Lets start. Okay, start ipm, so quick background card, you see, 8 368, Music, adults and two kids, a small family, nuclear, family and yeah lets see how fast we can go. Um im just thinking 330 is easily 190 pointer, puma, kanji, 165, still uh, 350 or sorry lets do lets see so uh. After that we pray about 35.9 kilometers travel is 17 Music. Music, go back, go and come back, hello stronger, you know um, so lets take it its a its a call that we want to go without topping a bed company Music, okay, 100 kilometers of channel range 220 sunday about 36 kilometers destination uh. That is explained again. I think um um Music, quickly, 175 kilometers of five kilometers, six or five kilometers so, which is 180 180 kilometers. Music Music is Music Music, 7.3 kilo. But on a quick note, mind low income once again lets um 147 kilometers of jump virgo two hours 13 minutes, but in the last 2 seconds, 7.4 on the kilometers per kilowatt and 12 percent on um, Music and yeah city, lower uh, 7.4 gallagher. Seven point six cisco say i fetched a lot of long drive in a distance low one point: uh quick, summary uh three hours drive, but in the uh 170 7.5 kilometers uh 7.9 mana 28 kilometers in through some memory, uh thats, a quick story: uh total travel. 100 in the morning, top of just koni and in the morning little 182 kilometers, so you put 170 178, 178, almost 180, 180 plus 170.

182. Sorry is 362. yeah, 360 kilometers coaches and inca 21 percentage on depending which is about uh one. Second, seven seven percentage left over even if 21 kilometers per gallon realistic, but 21 21 km, its actually 380 kilometers, 380 kilometers plus 380, 130 to 33 or sunday, yeah, 382, 384 kilometers traveled to 100 percentage and just to keep in mind 80 to 90 is average Speed 80 to 90, lm average spin motion journey low and ac was on lagging just a nuclear family, two adults and two small kids.