This is the new nissan qashqai e power and its got a petrol engine, but its not a hybrid either. So what is it well join us for a little drive to find out more so before we get into the details. Dont forget to like comment and subscribe to our youtube channel. So the nissan qashqai has gone through many generations, with many different sorts of powertrains, mainly diesel and petrol. But this one is completely different because its driven by an electric motor. So how come this qashqai isnt a hybrid, its kind of complex and its kind of not, but one thing is for sure nissans making a big thing about the e e power. This is clearly not your average nissan qashqai dont. Let all the technical gubbins put you off this. This is still a nissan qashqai. What made this qashqai popular is, of course, that its absolutely fine for a family, its really really good for a family. So this is, for instance, a car here that will fit three kids very nicely across the back seat. Itll even fit an adult six feet tall lots of headroom lots of knee room lots of elbow room. The same goes for the front. This is a spacious suv. Some would say its not an suv, its a crossover isnt it of course well. Qashqai invented that term. Didnt, it crossover its a car and its an suv at the end of the day, its a practical car thats, absolutely great for you and what 2.

2 kids. Clearly, this is a left hand, drive version dont. Let that freak you out its got 18 inch alloy wheels. Very, very nice, indeed, its got a boot. Clearly itll fit your little buggy in there or away from kid time. Maybe a set of golf clubs or whatever, and these seats go down too, but its under the bonnet that we at which ev are particularly interested in. So, under the nissan qashqai e power bonnet lies a petrol engine, but this doesnt drive the wheels. It actually charges a battery that, in turn, powers an electric motor. So the electric motor produces 190 ps and 330 newton meters of torque and that power happens. The instant you put your foot on the accelerator, so technically, this isnt a hybrid because this engine doesnt power the wheels its also not really a range extender either because the batteries are so small that they need to be constantly replenished. So what is this car then? How do we define it? We dont really know what it is so come on. Lets go for a drive and find out so this nissan qashqai e power only has a pure electric range of two to three kilometers. You can put this qashqai into pure ev mode. If you want to, though you just use the button on the console like so because this nissan qashqai power is an electrified car, it does not 62 in just 7.9 seconds, thats, really quite quick for a family car.

So this is pretty much just like any other ev youve got the d mode. Youve got the b mode as well. Youve also got this, which is the e pedal, which means it drives pretty much like a nissan leaf, so the e pedal means you can drive this car pretty much just using the accelerator. You only really need to tap the brake pedal in an emergency or, if youre, coming to a complete full stop pretty damn quickly. If you listen really carefully, you might notice that this qashqai e power has very little to no engine noise, nissans tuned the power plant for that very purpose. Its also added noise cancellations, so the word hushed can indeed be used for this particular qashqai. So if youre driving just under 50 kilometers per hour and youve, got the accelerator pedal pressed at just under 50 percent, then the engine revs are kept so low that theyre completely inaudible and from about 50 to 80 kilometers per hour. They go up to between two to three thousand revs, and this is the most efficient operation of the engine, its only when you really put your foot down on the naughty pedal that you begin to hear the engine, even then its really not that bad at all. So this qashqai e power is not going to win any awards for the most dynamic handling cars, but the steerings perfectly adequate. After all, most people who are going to buy or lease this are going to take this to the school or maybe take it for a short commute or maybe take a little poodle around town to the shops.

Its absolutely great, really good and lets face it. The qashqai has been pretty damn popular in britain for 16 years now, so it has to be doing something right. This cars very agile moves very happily. We can reverse it really easily, and this is the kind of car you want for taking into multi story. Car parks or in any kind of car park in the town, this car will fit five people uh three kids in the back, very happily lots of space in the front for two adults, its a great car. So there you go, you can see the energy flow on this nissan qashqai e power youve got uh the brake regeneration button there. So look at that. Can you see it the kinetic energy going in and right now you can see the engine is orange and thats when its powering the battery, so this qashqai is absolutely fantastic for anyone, including families. Why well its got a five star euro in cap rating? That means it is the safest car you can buy its even got pro pilot and thats, basically a sort of gadget that stops you drifting out of lanes. It really helps you stay in your lane and safe its even got intelligent emergency braking and blind spot intervention. So how much is this? Well, this car costs thirty two thousand nine hundred and fifty pounds which puts it in the ballpark of kiers near oev and even the hyundais kona.

So this nissan qashqai e power well its not a cheap car to buy. In fact, you can get an entry level, vw id3 for less. Of course, the difference is you dont have to worry about finding any charging points with this car. You can go and fill it up with petrol. So why which ev did we feature this? The nissan qashqai e power: well, we figured its a great gateway drug to full ev ownership. So this qashqai e power, the driving experience, is very very similar to driving a battery powered ev. You can detect a slight engine note, but its so so so slight. Its hardly worth mentioning the difference is, of course you have to fill this up with the petrol, so theres, no such thing as worrying about range anxiety.