Okay, so first things. First, this cabin looks very, very much um premium right, so we just have a look around. I cant actually zoom out when recording. So let me see I can zoom in yeah, but I cant zoom out all right. So we have the uh ref meter on the left: okay, actually its in kilowatt yeah, since this is a electric vehicle. Okay, so you have a mini display over here which shows the driving mode. How do I change the driving mode? I actually need to actually look around there now. These cars are getting much sophisticated, so right now its in eco mode yeah, but most probably, I have to set it somewhere else, okay, so this is the battery charge as of now 58 percent. Okay, the consumption from the previous user 16 kilowatt hour per 100 km, thats, the normal speedometer so back to the center console right. This is the gear selector press once to put it into park and automatically your parking brake will be on right press. The big pedal shift it to the right to put in D automatically parking blade will be released. This is for neutral, and this is for reverse, so when you set it to reverse, youll, have a reverse camera up there. Okay, apart from that um, let me see what is this high low? What does he do? Okay, when you press this, the word standard and larger will be reflected on the screen.

I am not sure what this does have to actually go through. Maybe a user manual right eco mode by default. This is spell hazard, Auto web, not too sure, maybe oh, Auto, aircon, yeah, okay, okay, because the fence started spinning louder. These two of the fan is the Heat and whats. This Im not sure whats, this yeah, maybe one of the driving mode. Okay, so where to adjust, the fan, as you can see, I have two meet in the middle uh to a conveyance here is to adjust it up and down, but theres no way for it to change the fan settings. So you adjust the fan by on the 10.1 inch rotating display. You can rotate manually, but I dont think theres a button for you to actually rotate it on its own. So its not motorized press on the aircon setting here – and this is where I can actually set the fan speed – I can set the temperature right whether I want the fan to off or on and the cycle can I change this? No icon, okay, all right and uh yeah, okay. So this is the fan, speed itself, so I can just drag it here, like that: okay volume for navigation and media theres actually so much to go through wow; okay, all right. So this is actually the main page. Um, where do I start? I dont know where do no dont know where to start so many Bluetooth, music, radio, oh its very smooth, actually yeah Media Center utility, your file manager, you have downloads, you have a web browser.

Is it online? No, its not online. So from the looks, it actually looks like a Android browser, but probably customized, to fit by these car systems, Excellent Car status servicing and what we have energy. Okay. This is energy status, mileage info, okay, Yep. This is probably uh where but Im not sure whether it has a built in memory storage for this. Otherwise there should be somewhere. We can plug in a USB. You know, might we have somewhere yeah okay, so this is actually just a very short uh preview. We have to use a manual either right. Okay, thats all lets go for a short test drive. I wont, be recording this test drive um in the new future, hopefully because um, like I said I chance upon this booking, so I wasnt really prepared to do a full video review. So Im just recording my phone uh, perhaps in the near future, Ill bring my GoPro along. So I can record a first person view of How Its like to drive all right so catch you guys in a bit. Okay, so Im just after a very short drive from jurong west to bukit, batok Central Ive parked for a while and have a look at the car interior, its actually a very nice looking Pleasant. This is a very pleasant looking station wagon uh, quite a reasonable amount of boot space and also a leg room at the back. If I were to on my flashlight here, Im not sure why theres a lens flare, uh yeah – probably maybe due to my casing or something yeah Im, not so sure, damn means I need to have a new phone anyway.

Uh lets turn this display back on again by touching, and there is a settings button over here when pressed actually um. There are several settings that we can see here. This is the AC okay um. What do we have here win and Lead press and hold switch to lift windows to lower windows, lift Windows? What does it mean press and hold? Oh Im, not so sure what this is anyway, the default selection is off and this is on. Can I okay? So what oh, I see: okay, so its just two press once to actually so it automatically goes down. Um, lock, okay, auto lock during driving. This is for safety, its good remote, lock, okay, right, um Drive, brick foot sensetting on road assistance, steering mode sport. Comfort lets leave it at comfort, energy, recycled mode, oh okay. This was what these buttons for. Let me turn on: Okay, thats. What this button is for so its for the energy recycle mode standard or larger, okay. Okay, what do we have next Voice Assistant? Okay, light hit light back light screen, saver, okay, sound or your equalizer, okay, whats, on the system. We have linked wireless LAN, Bluetooth, okay, you can set a time the unit measurement language, so we have storage, oh okay, so he has internal storage of 16 gigabytes. Okay. Okay, uh huh all right, so I was actually looking where to change the ECO mode to maybe a sport mode here, but apparently till now, Ive not able to identify which button or perhaps in actual fact you can actually change the ECO mode to something else.

Yeah its definitely not on this tablet because it should be under Drive safety assist default, oops, nope, okay, standard Comfort, okay on Road yeah, you can only change the steering mode, but you can actually change the drive more so well. It is what it is right. So I would recommend you guys, looking for an Eevee, do check out this car byd by the way. This is not sponsored by byd or get go for that matter, because um there are lots of Elton alternatives to electric vehicles apart from Tesla, you know um, because this is like a normal, normal car. You know whereby theres a handle for your glove box. Okay, there are still menu buttons uh to control, apart from always touching the screen, you know so its just like a regular car right. So apparently, I thought this bed was actually can can support wireless charging, but it does not Wireless charge. My phone uh so yeah.