My name is Derek Riley. Today we are taking the Volvo xc40 single motor all the way from balmolo to dunleer in County Dublin, its about 306 sorry, just over 300 kilometers lets go with maps, so it is 316. Kilometers is going to take us four hours. Um the wltp on the single mower Xin xc40 from Volvo is saying 400, but with the addition of the updated software, weve got a new Range estimator, so it says 400 appear, but you see we can only get 280. So we are going to have to stop the digital readout isnt great. It has a bit of a breakdown as to where the energy is going and the consumption of 32 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, I think, is live data doesnt. I dont think it records it. So Lets uh were definitely gon na have to stop so to spoil the whole video um were gon na time lapse it as always lets see how long we have to stop for were going to be stopping anyway, as always, but stay tuned on the xc40 recharge Single motor Ive already reviewed the dual motor originally called the ph, and this one was called the P6, but now its just called recharge on the back of the actual badging. Well, do a quick walk around when we do stuff, so you can see it its in this lovely, pearlescent, white, otherwise, stay tuned foreign Music, if youre interested in all things EV and want to support the channel, hit the Subscribe button and hit the Bell icon.

So you dont miss any future updates. We are a third of the way in and we are at the Roscommon mail border. The sign should be there here. It is um so just about to leave mail about a hundred kilometers in, and I want to talk about the Android auto mode of built in and the fact that you can see it with the battery. So when I put in that Im heading to uh the Leary, pier and East beer, its telling me that Im going to have zero percent on arrival and then I can add a charge and stop and we are going to go with banglaq and then itll tell You that I only need to stop first 21 minutes and then Ill arrive with dunleary, Pier so thats handy that the Google knows what size your battery is its its a 69 gross 67 kilowatt hour, usable um data for this trip on this side. Weve done 111 kilowatt, kilometers were getting 20 kilowatt hours per 100, kilometers weve done an hour and a half driving an average speed of 76. temperature is 10 degrees um, and we havent had the aircon on because we havent needed it with those usage rates which we Should be doing probably 330 odds, so it should do the journey um across the country, but its probably playing it a bit safe um. In the estimation of where we need to charge, Etc. So um we started off a bit colder about seven degrees.

So what well do is well head for Banner lock. Well, stop there get a bit of food charge up for 15 20 minutes and give you an update. Then thanks Music here in Ballina weve got the ESP Hub of 50 kilowatt 150 kilowatts. This is the xc40 in Weiss theyre, actually going to change in the grilliness as a new generation coming out, so its slightly smoother doesnt have that lip and the chains and the lights and that so there is a slight refresh coming out, because the xc40 is five Years old, which I wouldnt think but is released in 2017, so we foreign busy spot here actually were up to 89, got some food there. So plenty of miles left and we are map, continue and so well be home with 46 battery with Android auto its give me a dish and were home in an hour and 35 minutes stay tuned Music. Thank you, Music! Music! Here we are at dunleer Harbor, as we always finish up on most of the time, and it is the Volvo xc40 single motor. So I havent really talked much about the car. It has been pleasure to drive. I have already reviewed the dual motor super turkey super powerful, but this is perfect and Volvo will have four electric full electric versions: The xc40 in two versions, single motor and dual motor and then the C40, which is only available in electric. But I will have it in a single motor and a dual motor as well, so Ill have a more in depth.

Review of the C40 Ive already done a review and it was launched in Belgium towards the end of last year. But this one. We are going to look at uh range assistant and you can have the range optimizer on us. But really what were going to look at is the data on the screen here, and it was a 315 kilometer trip. Uh kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers is just over 19 19.1. It was just over 4 hours and 17 minutes driving and the average speed was 76 kilometers an hour didnt. Take it easy on the um speed per hour, because I knew I was stopping about a lock anyway, at 150 kilowatts and that got us back up to 80 again. So let us know in the comments what you would like us to review on the channel moving forward Coast to Coast uh, there seems to be a lot of interest in just these range tests, disappointed that this wouldnt make it without charging. It probably could do with the last person who or the person who currently uh has driven it before me and if it was at the 19 kilowatt hour per 100 kilometers. If it got used to that um a driving, because you can see on the other side. Normally it is 24.5 and that just brings it in underneath the 300 kilometers and I needed 315 for this trip. Hope youve enjoyed the review, leave a comment, as I say, like the video and remember, if you think, an EVS for you leave it to me and Ill review.