This video is going to be all about grading the different automakers on how well or how poorly theyre doing selling electric cars in the american market, its the eevee report card, some of the sales numbers are going to shock. You both by how good they look and by how bad they are. It all depends on which automakers youre talking about so lets go through the sales numbers for the first half of 2022 for the 20 different car companies that operate in the u.s market, including traditional automakers and the ev startups. And we start out at the top of the class, with tesla im, giving it an a plus the highest grade that im giving out with this report card thats, because tesla is the leader of the pack and by a wide margin it sold 215 360 cars in The first six months of the year, which was up nearly 68, even though the total u.s market was down 18. No one else even comes close and thats, because tesla owns 68 of the total eevee segment, but as other automakers start to ramp up their ev sales and ill show you who they are in a moment. Theyre taking market share away from tesla in june alone, teslas market share fell by two full percentage points to 66 percent and its going to lose a lot more market share in the next couple of years, as others really ramp up their sales. Why am i so sure in saying this, because its a mathematical inevitability, all market share has to add up to 100 percent and as more players come into the segment? Tesla will end up with a smaller slice of the pie.

Of course, as long as the eevee pie keeps getting, bigger and tesla continues to grow its sales, its not going to worry about that number. Two on the list is the hyundai group, including hyundai and kia and genesis, and i give them an a look at that jump in sales up 321 percent, nearly 1 out of 10 cars that the group sells is an ev and the credit goes to the hyundai Ioniq 5 and kia ev6. Those are two terrific evs that i think are going to gain even more momentum as more people get exposed to them and when hyundais ionix 6 hits the market next year, its going to turbo charge that effort ford is in third place. In the ev sales race, thanks to the maki, the f, 150 lightning and the e transit van, in fact, as much praise as i heaped on the hyundai ioniq 5 in the kia ev6, the maki actually outsold them. The maki is the best selling ev thats, not a tesla and its probably going to outsell the model s before the year is out even so, im only giving ford a b, plus and thats, because evs only account for 2.6 affords total sales thats less than a Third of what the hyundai group has achieved in fourth place comes the volkswagen group, which includes audi porsche, and the vw brand audi is doing a pretty good job with the e tron. Sales were up 14 in the first half, but the porsche tycoon was down 17.

Now that might be due to inventory problems, wards intelligence says: inventory of the ticon is down 56 from last year, but the real shocker is with the volkswagen id4 sales are plummeting theyre down nearly 30 percent so far this year and its not an inventory problem. Get this volkswagen has 153 days of inventory of the id4 and thats got to be setting off alarm bells at vw, the id4 isnt selling very well in china, and the fiat 500 e is outselling it in europe and for all those reasons, im giving the vw Group, a c minus next automaker on the list came as a complete shock to me, volvo. That includes polestar, of course, but i was really impressed to see little old volvo punching so far above its weight. Ev sales were up 197 and evs account for over 15 percent of its total sales, which is the highest for any traditional automaker. This bodes really well for volvo, as it transitions to become an ev only brand from 2025 onward thats. Why i gave it an a general motors is in sixth place in the ev sales racing. The numbers dont look very good, theyre down more than 60 percent from a year ago, but thats, because gm only just resumed selling the bolt and the hummer ev and the cadillac lyric are in a very slow ramp up phase. The good news is that the bolt is recovering quickly, its the ninth best selling ev right now, and it should easily surpass the nissan leaf and audi e tron in the next few months.

Even so, at this snapshot in time, general motors only deserves a d for the numbers that its posted in the first half of the year and the same goes for nissan sales of the leaf are down, and nissan is getting rid of. It. Inventory is down 97 theres. Only two days worth of inventory of leafs at dealerships sure looks like nissan is clearing the decks for the aria, which is going to come out later this year. You know poor nissan. It was an ev leader when the leaf came out over a decade ago, but it sure squandered that lead and i give it a d. Next up is rivien, which is struggling with all kinds of production issues and cant make a lot of vehicles. The good news is, it is producing all three of its models: the r1t, the r1s and its delivery van for amazon. Even so, i only give it a c for now, with the expectations its going to improve in the second half of the year, then comes mercedes, which is kind of surprising, because the only ev it sells is the eqs and that one starts at over. A hundred thousand dollars and yet that one model outsold bmw, which has been in the ev game since 2013, when it launched the i3, but like nissan bmw, squandered its early eevee efforts. The i3 is out of production and the ix and mini cooper. Ev have not exactly set the sales charts on fire.

I give mercedes a c minus and bmw. A d. Lucid is an 11th place, its another startup thats struggling with production problems, and while i love driving the lucid air and think this company has a lot of potential, i have to grade it on the numbers, its posted and thats. Why? I only give it a c. Next up mazda, which is only selling a compliance car, the mx 30, its only sold in california and has a minuscule driving range, only 100 miles. What a half hearted effort im tempted to give mazda an f, but at least its got some skin in the game. So im giving it a d jaguar is even further behind mazda, even though its ev, the i pace, has been in the market for nearly four years. This is another one of those situations that should be setting off alarm bells sales are down 58 percent. Remember, jaguar supposedly, is only going to sell electric cars by 2025, so this does not bode well. The i pace looks like its nailed to the showroom floor and thats. Why i give jag a d minus the last automaker that has any skin in the ev game. Is toyota its just getting started with the bz4x which to me looks like another compliance car? I give toyota a d minus, and that leaves four other oems on the list and they all get enough. Honda subaru, stelantis and mitsubishi did not sell one battery electric vehicle in the first half of the year and yeah yeah.

I know subaru has a re badged version of toyotas bz4 x coming and that mitsu sells p hats but too bad. This is an eevee report card and, if youre not in the ev game, you get an f. So there you got it. The eevee report card for the first half of the year, no doubt were going to see a lot of changes by the end of the year and ill.