What the brand have told us today here in south korea. We know that next year, hyundai is going to launch a fully electric ioniq 5n, and i cant wait to drive that. But this is the car that hyundai says is their mid to long term future in electric high performance motoring. This is the n vision, 74. isnt it stunning. Let me know down below in the comments what you think about the design of this two door. Almost five meter two meter wide high performance supercar, but whats most interesting about this vehicle – is how it makes more than 500 kilowatts of power. Not only is it a battery electric vehicle, its a hybrid with a hydrogen fuel cell electric stack in the car that gives it more than 600 kilometers of range, a top speed of more than 250 kilometers per hour and a refueling time of five minutes. And this is the kind of vehicle that hyundai n tells us they want to be making in five or six years from now. Is it likely to happen? What is this vehicle all about? How does it work thats? What im going to tell you in todays video before we get started, hit subscribe down below and the notification bell? The first thing you notice about the envision 74 is just how cool it looks and how it kind of looks a bit like a delorean. Well, yes, thats, because the design of this hybrid supercar is inspired by the hyundai pony coupe concept from 1974.

. Now that card didnt enter production, but it was designed by georgetown who then used the pony coupe design as the basis for the delorean, and he also did cars like the bmw m1. So you might see a bit of that in here as well. So if you like your wedge, shaped 70s visions of the future or perhaps back to the future, youll probably be into the look of this car. I know i am in particular check out the parametric pixel detailing of the m5cs style amber daytime running lights. The fabulous fan, wheels, louvers and giant scoops on the side to feed cool air to the rear motors and the fuel cell stack speaking of lets. Talk about how the envision 74 is such a convenient electric supercar. You dont have to charge this vehicle at an ev charger. You know for about half an hour or whatever you fuel it at a hydrogen bowser in five minutes, much like a petrol car and much like hyundais nexo suv in the toyota mirai theres, a fuel cell stack behind the drivers seat that can drive the car by Itself, it produces about 85 kilowatts of power, but its mainly there to charge the 62.4 kilowatt hour battery, which then powers dual rear motors to make over 500 kilowatts of power and over 900 newton meters of torque dual rear motors. You bet this is a dual motor ev, but not with a front motor like we usually hear.

Instead, each wheel gets its own motor at the back meaning. The 74 should be good for big slides. This rolling lab concept is drivable and i hope to get a steer, theres a huge focus on cooling here with a new battery layout, a giant heat management, brain and a three channel cooling system. The fuel cell stack can cool the battery, but theres also plenty of active aero and those giant side scoops, because hot batteries and motors would mean power would have to be down rated and hyundai says it. Wants this vehicle to be a track weapon? Well, hyundai n says this is the kind of car they want to be building in the mid to long term, not necessarily just straight battery electric vehicles, theres deep thinking going on here, not just on the awesome, looks but in how driver friendly sports cars will look In a decade from now, the brand will build full battery electric end cars, starting with next years, ioniq 5n, but clearly they see a future in hydrogen, hybrid, electric sports cars too. Now what do you think? Does the hydrogen fueled electrically driven rear wheel, drive supercar concept, move you, let me know down below in the comments.