You definitely dont need to close them that hard sorry, my bad no worries man Music. When you see apteras solar powered electric vehicle, the first thing, youll notice, is the Sleek design which prioritizes efficiency. We just let the science dictate where the shape of the vehicle was, how many wheels it was going to have how much it had to weigh. And then we ended up with this a vehicle that gets 355 miles per gallon, equivalent and burns less than 100 watt hours per mile. If you know the Eevee vernacular, when you drive 20 miles to work, leave it out in the sun for eight hours and then its it charged up those 20 miles again, maybe more up to 40. And then you know you go back home without using any juice. So we started with aerodynamics, and the shape you see in front of you is a cambered body, very aerodynamic, outboard wheel, shape that has the lowest drag of any production vehicle ever built. If you put the same solar array on a car thats, not as efficient youre, just not going to get that benefit, and so its not worth it to engineer it into the vehicle. The reason it works for us is because weve gotten the Watt hours per mile down so much that the solar actually can become viable. Three wheels is really a result of make taking the most efficient vehicle on the road just by moving those Wheels out.

We get nearly 20 percent better aerodynamics with the vehicle. Abterra has three of what they call Alpha: prototypes, one white one black and the silver one that I wrote around in the parking lot. It wasnt until I took a spin in their beta prototype that I felt the full power of apteras solar powered electric car accelerating to highway speeds. This ones set up as a suspension demonstrator so everythings out in the open, everythings easily accessible. We had it all intermitted up, so we could take it to the track and see the g forces on the wheels to make sure that everything can stand even the harshest of driving conditions, all right yeah. So we just reached about 70 miles an hour there. Its here to 60 speed and this car is three and a half seconds, its a free motor version, its about 210 horsepower in the uptura. The motors are actually in our Wheels uh. You see this green band right here: uh thats, actually a series of magnets that run radially around the wheel motor and if you see when you move the tire, this green band moves, but the middle stays still and thats. Unlike traditional electric motors, where you usually have an Armature, and then you have a rotor inside so the outside of the motor stays still and the inside spins. This is exactly the opposite. You can have much more crushable space if you move the propulsion for the vehicle out to the wheels, so we actually enhance safety by having the wheels incorporate the motor in them.

These two screens will be very similar to what youll see in the production car theyll feed you the side view mirror camera feed as well as this rear view mirror, which is also a camera, despite its tapered aerodynamic rear. The aptera has a surprising amount of trunk space and with a tent like attachment, could be used for camping. The tent attachment seen here is just a prototype, theyre still working on the final design. When you tilt the seat forward, you actually have seven feet from the back of the seats to the tail of the vehicle, and you sleep with your feet down there and your head back here. You can throw a couple mountain bikes back here. You can throw a seven foot surfboard. We also are able to charge this vehicle with almost any charging standard, and even with just a 110 outlet, the same outlet that youd use to charge your cell phone, you can charge this vehicle up to 150 miles overnight were taking pre orders on our website. We have over 26 000 orders. Now we hope to have the first production vehicle delivered by the end of this year were hoping to build many thousands of vehicles in 2023. So obviously, its going to take us a little while to get through all 26 000 orders, but were also planning to scale this facility that we have here up to over 20 000 Vehicles a year of production and then open up several facilities around the us.

To do the same same, the base, aptera vehicle costs, twenty five thousand nine hundred dollars and were working on a seventy five hundred dollar tax credit. Now bringing that down to eighteen thousand four hundred dollars that gets you 250 miles range. The upterra comes standard with the roof solar and the dash solar. The hood is actually a 300 upgrade on the rear hatch of the 600 upgrade so for less than a thousand dollars. You get the full extra solar package to get you up to 40 miles a day of free solar charging. What do you think would you want to take a ride in a self charging solar car like this? Let us know down in the comments, as always thanks.