First, real attempt at an electric vehicle has received positive feedback from critics. Hello, everyone welcome back to tech electric in this video. We are going to talk about how ford is beating its competitors with mustang evs, but before we begin make sure you subscribe to our channel and click the bell icon, so you dont miss any of our amazing videos and lets begin. The ford mustang maki is a battery powered compact crossover suv manufactured by ford. The vehicle was unveiled on november 17 2019 and will go on sale as a 2021 model. In december 2020. The vehicle bears the mustang nameplate, with the maquis moniker inspired by the first generation. Mustangs mach 1 variant, the vehicle was named the 2021 north american suv of the year. In february 2022, the mustang maki replaced the tesla model 3, as consumer reports top pick in may it was named the best car in the automobile association of america car guide in june 2021 car and driver named it. The magazines first eevee of the year highlighted accents. The 2022 ford mustang maki combines popular past and present elements in a highly desirable package that bodes well for the future of electric vehicles. While it may appear sacrilegious for ford to call a crossover, eevee, a mustang combining the iconic nameplate with a popular body style is smart marketing, along with its eye catching exterior. The maki has a luxuriously appointed interior brimming with cutting edge technology. It also has clever storage solutions, a roomy back seat and plenty of cargo space.

When you get behind the wheel of an electrified mustang, it feels agile and quick. The sportiest version accelerates to 60 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds faster than a mustang mach 1, and the ranger versions are expected to travel more than 300 miles on a single charge. All of this and more makes the mustang maki 2022 a transcendent ev. It was named utility of the year at the 2021 north american car and truck of the year awards, one of the automotive industries most prestigious honors. All of the praise is assisting ford in taking on tesla the largest brand in eb sales in the us purists criticized fords decision to call its first eva mustang, claiming the vehicle isnt a true mustang. However, ford wanted to position its first ev as a bold and fun vehicle that drew on its heritage. The gt is the highest end, marquee capable of going from zero to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Teslas model y performance costs about seven thousand dollars more than the gt, but has the same acceleration time and a longer range aside from its lower price. Reviewers say the maquis has some advantages, such as an easier to use in vehicle entertainment system, superior driver assistance, features and better reliability. The ford mustang maki and the tesla model y have collided and heres how they compare. If there is one segment that is gaining traction faster than mid sized crossovers, it is probably the ev crossover and american automakers are leading the charge in this space with two of the hottest contenders, namely the tesla model 3 and the ford mustang machi.

Does the mustang maki have what it takes to dethrone teslas reign here are 8 reasons why the maki is superior and 4 reasons why the model y is superior, where the ford mustang maki predominates. There are some features in mustang that are better than the tesla model. Improved interiors on paper, ford is not as large as tesla, but it has been in the game for much longer and its experience shows where it counts. The interior of the maki is much more conventional, with a variety of textures and finishes the dual display approach, which uses a separate readout in front of the driver to display speed range and other information to mimic a traditional instrument. Cluster is also less distracting than model ys single screen approach. Teslas minimalistic aura appears futuristic, but unless you have severe ocd or live an ultra minimalist life, the plain gray interiors with one huge slab in the middle will grow old quickly. The ford crossover not only outperforms in terms of finishes, but the use of physical controls to adjust things like steering, side mirrors volume and air conditioning simply makes it easier to live with and makes the transition to an ev. A relatively painless process in comparison to a tesla, which has a steeper learning curve, make better use of space, because both the maki and model y are intended to be practical. Family crossovers the amount of space available and how it is utilized is critical in this discussion.

For what its worth, the maqui has a slight advantage in this category as well. Both offer spacious cabins, but the mock, rear, ease, seats, feel more spacious and provide more leg and shoulder room, making it better suited to longer journeys, and while the boot is smaller than the model y, the frunk is a different story. Not only does ford provide partitions to keep your groceries from flying around, but it also has a drain plug to store your cold beer and it doesnt get more american than that better construction quality. Build quality has been an issue for tesla since its inception, and while it has improved, it is still no match for ford. The maki has better paint quality with no obvious orange peel effect and the hinges and body panels simply feel more reassuring than the model y. The same story is told in the interior, where the plastic, quality and interior touch points feel noticeably better and the use of various textures and fabrics lends it a sense of quality that tesla lacks better applicability. Both of these vehicles are classified as crossovers, and while the higher seating position and higher ground clearance are desirable, features for some most owners will never take these vehicles off road and ford recognizes that not everyone who buys these crossovers will live in icy conditions. As a result, the maki is also available with rwd, which not only reduces costs but also reduces weight and increases range, making it more practical than the awd.

Only tesla model y its an odd argument to make every now and then, but the maki does a better job of being a regular car, which is an underrated feature in terms of practicality. Ford has paid attention to the small details that make the maki an easier car to live with, beginning with the inclusion of blind spot monitoring, which is far easier to use than the ford than the model y. Better appearances, the subject of appearance is always subjective, but the mock, controversial ease, styling cues, which ford stole from the mustang do lend it a pleasing aesthetic its coupe, like silhouette, combined with the mustang inspired taillight and headlight design, make it stand out. The model y, on the other hand, appears too plain and familiar which may appeal to some people, but the fact that it resembles a jack model, 3 detracts from its identity and, as a result, many people believe that maki has a styling advantage. Improved functionality, teslas technology was years ahead of the competition when it first appeared on the automotive scene and every tesla centerpiece has been its massive central touchscreen, which allows you to play games and make fart noises. However, it still has some glaring omissions in 2022, such as the lack of apple carplay and android, auto, which the mustang mach 15.5 inch ease. Central screen has managed to integrate greatly improving functionality on daily commutes. The maki also includes a 360 degree camera as standard which the model y does not have improved regenerative brakes.

Tesla might have an edge over the machi in the numbers game with higher performance figures, but the mock e manages to be a very easy car to drive. Regen braking is an integral part of an eevee driving experience, and the maquis calibration makes it feel a lot more natural, something that cant be said for the model y, better price, one important area where the mustang maki completely outperforms. The model y is in pricing. The 2022 maki has a starting price of 43 895 dollars, while the 2022 tesla model y starts at 58 090., even though their top spec models are priced. Similarly, the maki provides a much more approachable entry point into the same segment, giving it an advantage over the tesla leaving any trace of ford badging on the maki is likely to be a short term gain, but as mentioned earlier, it could be a long term loss. But thats not what were here to talk about, make your own judgment about the cars appearance and what it says about you, but theres. No doubt that, underneath it all is a very well executed machine. It walks the fine line between lifestyle and family versatility, as deftly as the pole, star, 2 or jaguar. I pace and it has a bit of a dynamic edge to it, like them simply put its fun to drive an electric car, just dont. Let the batch fool. You this is not a mustang and thinking of it as such is deceptive, its a hybrid electric vehicle, its also a good one and thats it.

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