For the first time, Great Leap Forward or opportunity lost lets find out Music. The old Nero was only on sale for about 12 months in Australia as a petrol electric hybrid plug in hybrid and an EV. The new Nero has dispensed with the plug in reflecting a lack of interest in that drivetrain locally key has reduced the narrow range but increased the pricing dramatically. The hybrid is the more affordable version and is priced very close to the market leading hybrid. The Toyota RAV4 pricing of the Nero EV goes up as much as six thousand dollars, making it more expensive than a Tesla Model. Three, so much for pricing of EVS going down over time here were testing the Nero EVS which just scrapes in for the state government DV rebates. If your Kia dealer doesnt Hammer you on delivery charges, that is the top spec Nero EV GT line blows that limit by Miles the Kia. Nero EVS drives its front wheels via a single e motor that actually drops a heap of torque compared to the old model. But the acceleration claim 7.8 seconds north to 100 is about the same. The Neros, 460 kilometer climb range between recharges from the 64.8 kilowatt hour. Lithium ion polymer battery is more impressive. The Neros corporate tiger Grill is not a styling surprise, but this distinct c pillar is in the top spec GT line. This can even be accessorized in a different color to the body.

The new Nero EVS is certainly more modern in its presentation compared to its predecessor. Theres, this big sweeping dashboard and right in front of you, a digital instrument, cluster replacing the old analog setup. The seats are comfortable and the steering wheel offers plenty of adjustability theres a mix of hard and soft Plastics. The overall trim impressions are pleasing without being overwhelming Apple carplay and Android, auto overlay Keys, infotainment setup. At this level, you do miss out on the new Kia connect telematic system, which includes a smartphone app. The Neros long wheelbase really helps adult passengers fit in the rear seat. Its truly spacious back here, the new Kia Nero EVS – comes with this really decently sized 475 liter boot, but note theres, no spare tire under the floor. Unlike the Nero hybrid okay thats enough of that lets, do some driving and see how the Nero Stacks up EVS are quite and the Nero certainly fits the bill in that regard. It also has brisk acceleration, another electronic signature, so the loss of torque doesnt seem to have hampered the nearer EVS too much. It is a quick responder, perfect for round Town dashes, while the drive trains remain similar. The new Nero is underpinned by the latest Hyundai Kia group K3. Small car platform combine that with local chassis tuning, and this is a neat Drive weighing in at more than 700 kilos. This is a firmly set up car, but it handles the bumps and Corruptions of Aussie roads, with good manners as a vehicle assist on the way it functions.