Well, this is the car for you. The aura good cat lets check it out. Music lets start off. First, with the overall look of this car, simply beautiful gives that kind of mini porsche kind of vibes. Well, just so you know, the lead designer for this brand over here is actually an ex porsche designer, not too bad right. So lets start off with the logo. Over here, which is a new brand in malaysia, so the aura logo over here, then we also have this one that will definitely attract you. This round headlamps, intelligent light that has daytime rain light and also the auto high beam lower over. Here. You can see this nice kind of hexagon kind of honeycomb design, not only in terms of how beautiful it looks somehow just fits into this entire design, but it also has a function, part of that adaptive cruise control sensor and at the bottom. The front grille also has the active air intake to cool the components of the car and now for the side profile. The overall look again looks very mini like, but if you notice it comes in two tones now for the ultra specs thats being brought into malaysia, there are two colors available brown and beige, as well as the green and white again, the white for the rooftop again, Depending on the color, the interior will also reflect whats outside, but more about the exterior starting off. First, with the side mirror that is auto folding and also has a camera part of the 360 degree over here is the charging port ccs type 2, and here check out these rims.

This massive 18 inch alloy rims, something about the eevee cars, is that they dont seem to put the lights where its supposed to be anyhow lets just check out the brake lights on top here, just below the spoiler as well as here. But what i like is when we unlock the car. You can see this nice kind of sequential kind of feel that we have here also at the bottom. You can see on the right and left hand side for the turning indicators and also sensors all around the car, as part of the 360 degree sensor now for getting that reverse camera as well. Now lets check out the boot space. Oh 228, meters of boot space and also expandable to about 850 liters when you fold the back seats and now for the interior of the car. I am simply in love with this. Retro futuristic feel it is simply beautiful, but, as i mentioned earlier, it actually reflects what is outside of the car inside of the car as well, because this car is colored, beige and also brown inside also. There is this beige and brown kind of dual tones colors. Even these knobs over here to control the air conditioning and also the airflow, is all has this kind of knobs that we have here and now lets focus more on this screen, which will definitely attract you. Now this is the infotainment system over here, which is 10.25 inches in size compatible with android auto, as well as apple carplay, the instrument cluster, seven inches, showing you all the important information for your car, and when i talk about this here, the seats over here is Also pretty comfortable wrapped in synthetic leather and for the drivers seat, especially for the ultra spec.

It has a massage feature really really nice, especially when youre in the traffic jam or density driving or even long distance. Now, if you notice here, there is actually no gear. Knob, but you can switch between drive, neutral or even reverse, by turning this knob over here and also simply nice over here, the moon roof of which you can adjust uh, whether you want to open it or you want to close it check this one out over Here simply beautiful stuff, you want to enjoy the hot malaysian weather, and this car also has some really cool safety features. Yeah theres also the lane keep assist lane departure warning, theres, also adaptive cruise control and all these other features that will make your drive even more comfortable lets talk about the performance of this car. This car can produce 140 horsepower and also maximum top of 210 newton meter and has a maximum speed of about 150 kilometers per hour. What about the battery capacity? It has a 63.1′ kilowatt hour where the driving range can go up to 500 kilometers. Then this also depends on the driving habits of the driver. I would say this car is very suitable for city driving and also because of the battery capacity. That is large. You have a longer charging interval, but what about the warranty and after sales service and even servicing this car? Well, you dont need to worry because, as compared to ev gray import cars, this one is actually backed by the manufacturer where it has five years warranty or 150 000 kilometers.

Whichever comes first and also the battery warranty of 8 years or 180 000 kilometers, and even after eight years, it still can function at a 95 only with a 5 deficiency, which i think is not too bad even after 8 years, pretty awesome car right. I think its very good also for the pricing of only 160 000 ringgit give or take around that price, pretty good. What do you think about this car? Let us know in the comments section and, of course, special thanks to go auto as well as great wall for allowing us to review this car today.