. Today, im bringing you the all new electric g80 sedan lets get into it Music. I freaking love how the g80 looks and thats the electric version aside. The g80 is a stunning classic luxury sedan and theres, no doubt about it. Even in this electric form, the only thing thats really different is going to be well. These wheels are probably exclusive. These 19 inch wheels. You pop this guy open with a little g on front. You can do your quick charging here. You also do your trickle charge at home. You can also, of course, plug in a level two at home. If you have it love the genesis badge the solid grill here, no theres, not a gasoline engine underneath. So we just need this piece to be aerodynamic while looking badass, and it does that, of course, the split daytime running lights and headlights. Look great. We get along to the side. You also have the blinkers integrated into the side of the vehicle, its just an amazing looking sedan back to the charging system. 800 volt. So you can charge this thing from 10 to 80 percent. In a little over 20 minutes, you can also do a vehicle to load theres, an extra cord in the trunk for that and this vehicle, even from the back, looks just like the normal g80 except it doesnt have exhaust tips, it doesnt, say 2.5, turbo or 3.5 Turbo, you press this little button here automated trunk.

Now this is the prestige model. This is the only way were getting this g80 at launch. We have a little bit less space in here for the battery pack system, as well as electric motors, so see this hump in the back. Luckily, you have a ski port. If you want to use that underneath thats, where your normal charging cord is going to be, as well as your vehicle to load theres your 12 volt battery, so pretty easy to jump start this thing. Well, i dont know i dont even think about jump starting an electric vehicle with a dead traction battery underneath the hood of the g80 electrified. We have a pretty cool engine presentation here, of course, as im going to gasoline engine or diesel. In here we have two electric motors, one on the front, one in the back 365 horsepower one for each day of the year and over 515 pound feet of torque ranges around 280 miles, but im going to do some estimations when im done driving this. On this longer drive today to see how far i could stretch that with the type of driving i do 0 to 60 well find out here in a little bit should be able to crack five seconds and no problem im gon na close this up. So we can get on the inside lets start with the back seat, because when were talking about luxury sedans, it better be a very accommodating, comfortable back seat.

Of course, the materials the comfort is gon na, be there so lets get inside and the car is on. So the seat is pulled up a little bit where i had it set up for my height at six foot, one we have a hard, but still a soft back to the rear seat. Here nice map pocket on each side. We have a triple climate control. So dual up there, an additional climate control for back here, so thats pretty cool. We also have sun, shade control, pretty neat, i guess nicely tucks in back there. Of course we have a real soft headliner down here, but, of course across the top. No, we dont have a glass panel roof on here, so that does take away some natural light coming in, but it should also make the vehicle a little bit lighter too, which makes it get better range. If you have some vip customers in here, you can move your seat with these buttons. This is pretty standard. Genesis fare at this point not a completely flat floor in here, but we have a very small little tunnel going to the back, still a good amount of leg, space overall side, sun shades as well no theyre, not automated theyre manual, but they still do the job Door panel here is gorgeous and were going to hop on the front because man is it a nice experience not only in the back, but this and these door slams, my god sound great.

Are they autumn closing? Yes, theyre automatic closings lets show that one more time as you enjoy the tasman blue paint color. It looks more green to me, but were gon na get on the inside of the g80 electric big lexicon speaker here. Sound system actually is really good on this model. Its not the loudest its, not the heaviest hitting, but overall sound quality overall is excellent door panel. Here is just exquisite, just close that excellent sounding door. Slam and oh man. What we got in here is an absolute treat, so lets start with materials. Not only do we have this excellent quality white leather, like i showed you in the back seat, its like silky smooth. I just love running my hands through it. With this really neat looks like a stone or a marble pattern on the interior of this vehicle. The trim is exquisite. Ive never seen anything like this before its almost like wood or wood chips, kind of smashed and melted, together with a nice light finish to it its so hard for me to describe other than it looks really excellent and ive never seen anything like it in any Other vehicle, the steering wheel, im a big sucker for genesis, steering wheels and theres no change here. I love the two tone. The stitching is great its so soft. I love just squeezing it. The girth is right, and we also have these paddle shifters to adjust your one pedal driving or your regenerative braking.

I love all the controls as well. Everything feels like its in the right place, volume here, presets here, climate, sorry, cruise control on this side. Everything here just feels super natural, and i can fly through here. If i want it shows me my efficiency as well as other things. Digital speedometer this mid behind here by the way is also it has a 3d effect. I turn it off because it makes it harder for me to read. I dont want any gimmicks going on while im driving. I want my information to be easily read and we also can change this by changing the drive modes. I can use this rotary dial to select different things. This will take me to charging station so thats always up. You can also see how your range is affected by your climate, as well as what it would be if it were off as well as you could do vehicle to load, and things like that. I already clicked this, so you can see your different ev charging metrics. Pretty amazing implementation overall to this 14 inch screen so when im driving. I just leave this up because i just like knowing the the basic metrics here, whats my battery charge, even though i can see it down here. These numbers correlate with the ac usage mileage. Climate control works excellent. I only the only thing that i wish would be different here is: if this had a three stage auto setting like other hyundai and kia products, instead id have to press low, medium or high, so its just more work for me.

Instead of just hitting the auto button over and over to adjust the fan speed other than that it works. Great looks great its pretty press this button for 360 camera shows you right there. This also has the smart park feature, so i can move the vehicle forward and back while im outside, if i wanted to driving the genesis g80 electrified using one pedal driving its very smooth, and i prefer to be in eco mode. It just gives me the smoothest experience its not always always the most powerful mode. I feel like it really youre, probably working with like 100 less horsepower feels like an eco mode, but to me its just the smoothest, even though comfort mode is another like strange mode where it doesnt feel that much different than sport mode to me, its just like Super super fast, if you wanted to be now, we have a bigger battery pack in this vehicle than what you see, uh like in the gv60, for example, or the ioniq 5, or the ev6 from kia. This has about 10 more kilowatt hours to it, which gives this vehicle up to like 280 miles of range, and i think in best case scenario, i could probably get like 290 miles of range with, like you know, perfect conditions not too hot out, not cranking. The ac too much and me not accelerating, like a bat out of hell, i think 290 300 could be doable, taking it around the turn here, its not a performance car, even though its fast as hell to like 50 60 miles an hour.

This feels like a luxury, car and thats exactly what i want this card to feel like i dont want it to try too hard to be something super sporty when its. Not this to me feels like a perfect luxury sedan from the future. I dont really have any charging issues with this, because you can do 10 to 80 percent in 20 minutes and with 350 kilowatt charger you have 0 to 60 and about any pretty much any circumstance between five four and a half to five seconds. Well, do one up here, ive done a few earlier, one was like one just under four and a half, and most of them are around 4.6 4.7, which is just crazy fast. Whenever you want it and were going to do, one here were going to put it into sport mode. Come to a stop here. One pedal driving stops the car for you, nice and smooth kind of levels out that stop and go. I feel, like you, get that full surge of power around like 20 miles an hour. Then it gives you the full beans, otherwise youd just be roasting, tires more than likely so that 0 to 60 right. There was 485 and thats like my slowest one, and that might have been slightly uphill as well so get back on the brakes. The brakes are excellent here. It doesnt have any of that funny. Knit funny like downshifting, that you have in other generations, products that cuts into the brake feel of course, because this is an electric vehicle with just one speed and go again there we go.

I think that was a better, better launch there. Whenever i hear the tires like just give under uh the crazy torque on it, we get faster acceleration, its typically when the front tires feels like its giving up a little bit of traction. Yes, we got 4.62 to 60., so i think four 4.5 to 4.6 regularly is what this vehicle can put down, which is plenty enough. It feels like the perfect v8 sits underneath underneath this car, just without the amazing v8 sound thats, the kind of power and acceleration you get from this vehicle, and it definitely feels like a futuristic. Electric car comfort is amazing in here, except with this battery pack. It does raise the seats up quite a bit so like my ice eye line feels like its like at the top of this rear view mirror. So i have to lean my seat back quite a bit, so i dont get a double vision effect on the head up display, so its not the i most ideal because i like to sit very upright in my vehicles. I just cant push the seat down low enough. We also have thigh extension on here, like these seats are amazing theyre not over bolstered just lets, you know like hey. This vehicle is typically just meant for comfort, with a ton of acceleration when you want it or need it. Road noise is pretty minimal. Overall, you get quite a bit of white noise in here, but it is a pretty pleasant experience.

You did hear, of course, that huge, you know, dump truck come by whistling by, but it wasnt like it didnt feel like it was going to blow me off the road with the sound or anything so the last electric sedan ish vehicle that i drove was a Pole, star 2, that was like a lift back this vehicle outclasses it other than maybe just raw acceleration that had i dont know: 20 40 more horsepower had like 400 horsepower, if i remember correctly, like 408, maybe to be exact this, i dont feel like really its That much slower, maybe from 50 to 60, as youre, accelerating from a stop that pole stars is a little bit quicker, but hey! This is a luxury car. It has all the acceleration. I want 0 to 60 around 4 and a half seconds, and it has so much more luxury and its just way more comfortable and better built and better like just all. The attention to detail in those vehicles is in a completely different class than that pole. Star too, the technology, though in the polestar 2, was incredible with the big tablet screen, but i do actually prefer this setup with all my you know: functional controls for climate control right here as well. We got a little bit of rain, so luckily we did those 0 60s before it got too wet and were going to get roll into the the gas here, and i just love how the fueling is in eco mode setting the cruise control on this vehicle.

Super easy: you just press this button here on the steering wheel. It locks it in at the radar or the the 58 miles per hour, but it also has the radar, which i can control right here. Theres four different distances: it all pops up on the head up, display fully colored by the way when you also change your radio stations, those stations also pop up on the head up display as well. The steering assist feature in here is excellent, like typical hyundai genesis products and i could easily take this vehicle across the country. The seat comfort is excellent, so its hard to find things that i dont like about this vehicle ive talked about the seat. Height ive talked about the lack of a glass roof, maybe the price tag being we dont know yet, but well probably gon na be 75k around there and we only get one trim level, so thats not ideal, but this trim level is amazing. This feels like the flagship of the g80 for sure, smoothest, most luxurious version of the g80. I feel like the electric g80 is what all electric cars should be in the future. They should look like a normal car. They should, when you get on the inside function. Like a normal car, when you drive it, it should drive like a normal car just with instant power and response like this vehicle is pretty much a perfect luxury car. In terms of the basics, the looks the materials, the driving mechanics, the smoothness, the comfort and the power – and this is a great start for genesis into electrification.

Yes, theres the gv60, which is going to cost a little bit less in this vehicle. But you know, i know there are variations that are just as quick and if not quicker than this one, but it has a smaller battery pack range isnt going to be as good as the nearly 300 miles that we have here, but with genesis being electric fully Electric by 2025, like if their vehicles are this good now in three years from now, theyre going to be even better so im just really excited for the future of genesis, because this vehicle is phenomenal, im just just really really happy driving it. I want to go on a long trip, its very pleasant, very comfortable and just smooth as hell and thats. What i want out of a luxury car, comfort and smoothness, and just nice quality this vehicle. Does it all im going to end it there? What are your questions about the electric g80 from genesis if you enjoyed todays video casual little drive along driving, miss daisy and the g80 hit make sure to the like button subscribe for more genesis, news and reviews ill also pop up that number for you guys on What my calculated range here is today from start to finish after i get home, but im gon na end it there have a good one.