Another electric vehicle by volvo take the xc40 crop. The roof lets get in go for a ride. This thing is quick, zippy zippy, who the hell says: zippity doo dah. Can i do a retake? You could do a retake all right. Lets start again lets start again holy crap. Oh, this is a zippy good torque. It sure is zippy andrea. What is under the floor of this volvo c40, a twin p8 all wheel, drive electric powertrain with a 78 kilowatt hour battery. It has 402 horsepower and 486 pound feet of torque with 364 kilometers 225 miles of ev range were going to get into the price of this thing in just a little bit news flash its expensive and for the price theyre asking for it. That kind of range thats not a good compared to the competitors. This falls short in range, all right, torque, very good. The torque is very zippy yeah. All right lets get into what do you get with this c40? What are the key standard features? There is just one trim and you get a nine inch touchscreen a 12.3 inch driver display a 360 degree camera a 13 speaker, harman kardon, audio system, heated front seats, power, driver and passenger seat driver seat memory, a heated steering, wheel, heated, rear seats, a panoramic roof And a hands free power – tailgate theres – not very many buttons in here. What are we going to try and put it in were going to put it in s for subscribe, and if you can hit that notification bell youll be notified when all of our reviews drop and then you can watch them, and we do this.

The couple car review twice a week, the first one drops on wednesday – we put another one out on saturday, so make sure you like and subscribe, and hit that bell thats important, but also follow on instagram its motormouthunderscoreandrea to get a sneak peek behind the scenes. For me, its motormouth underscore auto and the links are below the like button. This video is brought to you by carcass canada, get the dealers cost list of rebates, plus discounted interest rates, use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches. The link is in the description below i have to say. One thing that volvo does well is the way that this vehicle handles it handles beautifully. I, like the suspension, it eats up the bumps in the road, its smooth, thats, probably what i like most about this is the way it drives. We actually have somebody with a great question coming up in questions: coughing cars, this or the model y uh, quick spoiler. This one definitely has a better suspension. Theyve done a really good job, as andrea mentioned, with a heavy battery being able to soak up those bumps without it bouncing over the bumps. They did a very good sort of european style feel to it. There are no drive modes available in this, except for off road, so you cant change the way that this vehicle feels. Now you can put on the one pedal drive dont dont.

Do that? No, we dont, like it, weve switched it off. You just go into the touch screen and do that its very easy, its not that easy. Actually, the touchscreen is a hot mess. Well, i disagree with you on that this screen and this android base or google based system is not a step forward. Volvo, it isnt. Well, to be honest with you as an android user, it is a step forward than the previous model, a hundred percent, but once you figure out where everything is its not intuitive to use right away, but its actually quite a simple system once you know where everything Is while were recording this its the stanley cup playoffs, okay, uh, actually theres a big game tonight, im not sure whos going to win yet, so this is going to be after the fact. I want to listen to sports radio and its am here in vancouver. Actually talk radio, mostly, as am across north america, there is no am and antenna in this system. No, that is not a step forward. You know, weve had am in cars since am was introduced now they just exit. We want some amplitude modulation. I want my sports talk and i got to download an app and connect it through a sim card like its just ridiculous and theres. No wireless apple car play right now i mean theres supposed to be an over the air update on this uh. Hopefully it will come.

I hear the pole star got it so maybe its coming to the c 40s andrea. They are not going to have wireless android and apple. If they cant get. Am radio were talking about the most basic form of communication? Okay, we will get back to the interior in a bit right now. Lets talk about the exterior. I like that right, yeah, its good. They did a nice job with the styling of this, its a coupe like exterior design, its not as boxy as the xc40, but its based on the same platform, its a little bit longer than the xc40, but they share the same wheelbase length and the same width. This is really a xc 40 recharge with a cropped roof, but you know what volvo does great styling all of their cars look good. They know what theyre doing in the styling department so kudos to them. I would be happy looking at this every day. I wouldnt be happy paying for it every month, but thats enough well get to that in just a little while yeah im, a big fan of this blue color theres, of course, other exterior colors to choose from youll pay extra for those. This comes standard with the heat pump, its got 20 inch wheels, its got black accents throughout and theres only one trim, so i guarantee you andrea. The interior designers of volvo have never stated a howard johnsons, probably not i mean when was the last time we were there im sure the interior of the howard johnson is no longer blue.

Well, the carpet of this looks like it came right out of a howard, johnsons, google, howard, johnsons blue carpet, youll see this. I actually like this. I think its very unique its something different for a change. Zach likes black and charcoal interiors thats about it, so it doesnt surprise me: he doesnt, like it good news zach, you can get an all charcoal interior, but even better news. This wont cost you extra. I tell you what now that you know this is howard. Johnson blue carpet, you wont be able to unsee it all right. The rest of the interior uh is nice, though i think theyve done a pretty good job. This is a vegan interior, andrea. This is a 100 leather free interior and it has a little bit of high gloss black at the center console and the trim around the touchscreen but other than that. Its matte black and i like the texture of the faux leather material that they used on the seat. You like the matte black huh, uh yeah, the texture on the uh. The front of the dash pad here looks pretty good. I love the little garbage can here. They have that in the xc40 version as well. Fantastic yeah volvo has very clever storage solutions. Even the door, pockets are quite large for all those extra items you want to carry the seats are comfortable, theres lots of lumbar support for long trips, and i really like the seating position in here versus the higher seating position in the xc40 yeah.

They drop the seats down because they crop the roof, which begs the question: if you can drop the seats in this, you should be able to do it in the xc40. That was one of our biggest complaints, as you sit way too high for taller drivers good for shorter drivers, but taller drivers. This is this is a great compromise now for 72 thousand dollars. Im surprised that this has a manual steering wheel adjustment i mean shouldnt. It be power, am i wrong here, youre, not wrong, theres, no head up display at over 70 thousand dollars and then youve got the clumsy head unit. I, like the i, actually i didnt like the old volvo system. I liked it better than this, though they had more tiles. When you hit the button, you had more selections. Now you have to go into sub menus. You have to download apps for the radio stuff, like that. I like this better than the previous model, only because its faster, i found that it was also a bit glitchy. A glass roof is tinted and it protects you from those uv rays and actually, i dont feel like on a sunny day. Im getting beaten up in here, but i dont know how it would be in a super hot climate. It is not super hot here ill. Tell you that the back seat, comfort is really quite good and how is it different than the xc40 its based on? Well? Overall, this is equivalent to the xc40 front and rear legroom exactly the same, but where it differs, is in rear height.

The xc40 offers more makes sense, because this is more of a coupe like style. The headroom in the front, on the other hand, goes to the c 40 thats because they lower the seats, hello, uh cargo area. Youve got that coupe youve got that fly line down the back, so its going to eat into cargo space, but its still very, very useful. Ironically, it offers the same cubic feet as the xc40 theres no change. Oh, they made a little longer yeah thats. Why yeah thats right? They made it a little bit longer. If you compare this in size to something like the model y, the genesis gv60 or the audi q4, they all offer more space than this. Somebody brought up the model y as a competitor lets, get into it time now for questions, coffee and cars. Your questions from instagram, have you heard any feedback or information regarding volvos, one price philosophy, no haggling! Everyone pays the same price. I actually think in this market. When you cant get a vehicle that that works really well, theres no gouging. Well, i think it depends on the market youre in in the u.s theres. Obviously, price adjustments theyre doing on vehicles in canada thats not really the case as much. They do kind of get around it by adding accessories and charging too much for them. There are no deals out there in the marketplace, so the manufactured suggested retail price is now the price of the car sitting, waiting for thousands off um.

The only way you get that on this is with a rebate. Oh, it doesnt qualify. No, it doesnt no rebate on this c40. What plans does volvo have in 2030? Well, volvo plans to go all electric by 2030 theyre, going to phase out gas models and even plug in hybrids. I actually think thats a mistake with the plug in hybrids. I think all electrified vehicles are important and i think that the plug in hybrids theyve got a smaller battery in there, yet so fuel efficient. I think the companies that go entirely all electric um well in advance of others, its a bit of a mistake because youve got to remember that not all infrastructure around the world is the same and not every economy can sustain 70 000 electric suvs. So in emerging markets in third world countries, states are gon na theyre still going to need efficient, gasoline and hybrid vehicles and car manufacturers thats. Why toyota bluntly says were not giving up on that technology because some countries just cant, afford this and mazda says the same thing: theyre going to focus as well on evs but plug in hybrids too, and i think that that is super important. We put out a lot of content each week on the motormouth youtube channel and its so easy to find. All you do is go to the youtube search bar and type in motormouth, the name of the channel, then the brand youre looking for in this case.

It would be volvo, then, all of our videos pop up its that easy with this 72 000. Canadian price point, would you prefer this car against the tesla model y? Although it can come out a bit more expensive, would it be worth paying that extra money? No, neither of them are worth the money. In my opinion, you know the tesla fanboys are already cranking out replies, okay, if youre price sensitive, this is less money than the model y i mean the model y is well over 80 000. Now, for a starting price, i think 83, the last time i checked, but it moves every week. This is all self contained. One trim: seventy two thousand dollars. If you want accessories, you pay extra for them or uh, maybe color options, but this is less. The model y is bigger than this, but this drives better. It handles better and the suspension isnt as firm yeah. I think thats. The difference is its not as crashy its better insulated from the road. The model y has a really kind of abrupt suspension over pothole roads. This is much more compliant. The one i want to drive in this category were talking luxury. You know compact suv is the new lyric thats right on the cadillac, you know and if it can come in at the same price as this im, a cadillac guy, i think it looks really cool its got real luxury. I cant wait to drive that and the other one is the genesis.

Gv60 im curious about that one as well. In the end, we wouldnt buy a model y and we certainly wouldnt buy this c40.. So i just read an article uh, the average price of an electric vehicle in canada. This is uh bnn bloomberg is 60 000. That is not mass appeal, that is, for upper middle class families. This is the big problem with electric cars and now its time for our hot topic: whats this one andrea, so much potential but cant get over the price with no rebate, rear window visibility, less range than competitors and no flat rear floor. What wanted to like it? So bad andrea get this persons name, because when we go on vacation they can do the review thats. Basically, the whole review right, sale, debt. All of the points are excellent. Youre right it doesnt qualify for the ev federal rebate in canada, yeah in canada. The vehicle has to start under 60 and cant be over 70.. This is over 70. no rebate for you, but ironically, the xc40 recharge qualifies its priced at under sixty thousand dollars, and the second trim of the xc40 recharge also qualifies. So why would you buy this when its based on the same platform, its not enough style, to spend that much money when you factor in the rebate, its like 15, 000 or maybe 17 000 difference and the thing about that vehicle? They dropped the price. It was not priced well, so they dropped it.

Five grand and now it qualifies go figure now in the u.s, its a different story. Your price point is actually pretty good for the c40, its a little bit more expensive than the xc40 recharge, but we can expect that because its a coup in the u.s, the c40 and the xc40 recharge both qualify for a tax credit up to 7 500. So youre good there all right. I want to touch on one of the points he made, which is very, very important, rear visibility. Out of this thing is not good. Usually when theres a small window, i can live with it. The problem is with my seating position. I think if youre shorter, its okay, but if youre a bit taller im six feet tall, i can only see one car behind me yeah. I can see the headlamps of the car behind me, but i cant see whats going on two or three cars behind and i like to know that if someones coming up quickly behind me theres a lot of blind spots in this vehicle im, not crazy about it. I would just get the xc40 recharge if i was firm about buying a volvo moving and saving a whole lot of money. Yeah. Moving on to the hump in the second row, why all evs come with a flat floor? This does not have it, so anybody sitting in the middle seat is not going to be very comfortable. Yes, there is a hump in the middle, but volvo does give you a frunk in the front theres an extra cargo area.

You lift up the clam shell underneath the hood and then theres another sub floor, underneath that is the tire repair cat its just not going to help the passengers in the rear the front trunk. I would put anybody in the front: thats not recommended, so you want to know how long does this thing take to charge? How far can you go? Whats the warranty its all in our vital stats lets start with pricing. The c40 recharge starts at just under 73. 000, canadian and just over 58 and a half thousand dollars in the us. The c40 has an 11 kilowatt on board charger and with a dc fast charger, you can charge from 10 to 80 percent in about 33 minutes with a level two charger about eight hours. This volvo can tow four thousand pounds. Volvo offers a warranty of four years, eighty thousand kilometers or fifty thousand miles. In addition, in canada, the c40 comes with complementary scheduled maintenance for four years or 80 000 kilometers in the us. The complementary service is just three years and 36 000 miles. You know what its a very competitive market, but theyre all expensive in this category, lets get into what else you can buy for your consideration. Four vehicles for you to consider up. First is the audi q4 e tron, with 295 horsepower and 388 kilometers 241 miles of range. It has a starting price of just under sixty thousand dollars. The tesla model y long range with 384 horsepower, 531 kilometers or 318 miles of range.

It has a starting price of 84 000., the cadillac lyric with 340 horsepower, more than 480 kilometers 298 miles of range and a starting price under 68 000.. The genesis gv60 with 314 horsepower, ‘9 kilometers or 248 miles of range and a starting price of just over 71 000. So there are four electric vehicles for you to consider lightning round two things. We like two things we like to see improved. I think volvo nailed it with the handling. I think it looks really good id like to see ventilated front seats in here for 72 thousand dollars, canadian. I want a complimentary night at the howard johnsons. Unfortunately, for me, the negatives outweigh the positives on this one. If you like, a volvo electric, buy the xc40 way better deal. This video is brought to you by carcass canada. Get the dealers cost list of rebates, plus discounted interest rates, use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches.