While we cant drive it, i am going to show you an overview of the exterior, then well hop inside and take a look at the interior. This is kind of a cool full circle moment for me back when i started doing car reviews in 2019, the first vehicle i was given as an official press loan was the chevrolet blazer premiere sprinklers messing up the noise. In the background, the all new 2019 chevrolet premiere ive had this vehicle as a press. Car todays automotive review is the 2019 chevrolet blazer premiere, so its kind of cool three years later to be back here again with the newest iteration, the electric variant of it. This is the ss model, the performance model. You know here on drive 6.5. We like our performance, so this is pretty cool to be checking out this one. This starts at 65, 995 lets go ahead and take a closer look at the front. Blazer ev is offered in four different variants: the 1lt, the 2lt, the rs and the ss, which we have here. The front end of the vehicle changes a bit between the different variants, but between the rs and the ss you get this really cool light bar. That goes all the way across and this eliminated bow tie. Itll do a startup sequence, as you see here when you walk up to the vehicle where the full width of this front vehicle is eliminated and when you charge the vehicle.

Itll also do a little charging sequence for you as well, and the color of the light. As you can see, here has changed to blue now, so its kind of like letting you know the vehicle is starting up and getting ready for you to go and then, when you walk away from the vehicle itll do a walk away, light sequence. So a lot of different sequences, a lot of different animation and character from this vehicle. We take a look up front through here. Youve got a smooth portion on this front. Grille youve got the ss badging here on the drivers side on either side. You got some extractor like vents. This is purely aesthetic theres, no heat to extract or anything like that, but this does pay homage to the chevrolet motorsports legacy, which is just really cool to have that in the vehicle integrated in this is the first ever electric performance model from chevrolet, which is just Great and you guys know, i love my speed and i love you know my vehicle not only drives well but looks well, and this vehicle looks very aesthetically pleasing and it looks like its in motion. Thats kind of what the designers were talking about when this vehicle is even sitting still, it looks like its moving and you know ready to go as we look down through here. Youve got some unique design language on the front. Fascia lets go ahead and take a look at the profile here.

The profile you can see just how athletic and dynamic this blazer is its very sporty and a lot of design. Language and elements are blended in from some of the other models like the gas powered blazer, the corvette the camaro again, this is the performance model. So speaking of lets talk about the performance, real quick, you get 564 horsepower and 684 pound foot of torque and you get wide open watts or the wow mode which allows you to go from zero to 60 in approximately less than four seconds again. The profile of this vehicle is very, very sporty, were sitting on, 22 inch, wheels, front and rear, and they proportionately look really good on this vehicle. This is a midsize suv and 22s might seem like theyre large, but with the dynamics and the way this vehicle was engineered. It looks really good and obviously its going to give you a nice smooth ride were sitting on top of the ultim battery platform. Allows you to move those wheels all the way out lengthen the wheelbase, so this is a longer wheelbase than the gas powered blazer lets go ahead and take a look at the rear. I really love the two tone nature of the vehicle, and i can really be seen back here in the rear. This portion is all blacked out and it kind of ties in the rear of the vehicle, as we work our way down here. Underneath the tail lamps in the e of the blazer is a blue ultim logo identifying that this is an ev.

You got the all wheel drive indication here, because this is the ss model as far as cargo space goes well, magically lift this up here magic and you got a good amount of cargo space to fall down the rear seats in a 60 40 split and then Down through here, you got some unique design language, its almost kind of like a rear, uh, spoiler uh, no exhaust outlets. Of course i talked about that in my ev videos or my non eevee videos. I always talk about the exhaust and do a rev or something, but we are in the ev model, so there wouldnt be anything to uh grab, lets go ahead and take a look at the interior and check out that gorgeous red leather. I feel like if i was gon na get a speck. This would be the exact one to get, and this is a pre production – show vehicle. So im not going to be able to touch too much or play around with too much, but you can see on that startup sequence there that was really cool, so the ev started first and then chevrolet formed itself around, and that was a unique little sequence. There take a look at the detail on these round air vents kind of like turbine, like almost the design language through the door, essentially through this part im just gon na kind of show you guys and let you guys look im not gon na talk about it.

A ton or comment on it too much flat bottom steering wheel there on the ss model, give you a little bit more room to turn kind of racing. Inspired super cruise up there on the steering wheel, paddle shift on the back of this for the region. This will have one pedal driving you can get in the vehicle. Theres no push to start button. Just put your foot on the brake youre good to go. These are gorgeous this. This is awesome. I i like uh, you guys know them in my car. Ive got red seats, but its really unique when youve got five red seats. All throughout got some usbs down through here and again. Look at the design language there inside the vents, not just a normal round vent. I mean youve got really good texture through there and the similar texture through here, and that color. That kind of bronze color is similar to the brakes, which have the ss indication on them there and those are kind of that gold color there are brembo brakes on this vehicle as we take a look inside. Weve got an 11 inch display screen through here and a 17.7 inch diagonal screen through here, and what the coolest thing about it, and my favorite thing so far is that this is physical manual. You can actually touch that dial, but then integrated around it and within it is digital. So its a perfect blend of see there digital on the inside and manual on the outside.

So you do have that hard functionality through here and then digital in certain spots, where you want it as well cup holders charging, through here ss badging on the steering wheel, very, very cool again like i said this is pre production, so i cant play around with It too much its just kind of cycling through some of the different things through there and thats really awesome as well. I cannot wait to get out behind the wheel and drive this thing and, of course, ill bring you guys along with me. As soon as that time comes, i cant wait to experience the wow mode. Take this thing from zero to 60 in approximately less than four seconds its going to be awesome, and just looking at the vehicle im already hyped up sitting inside it walking around it spending the last hour, or so with it has been just a blast and again Super thankful and appreciative of the opportunity, so thanks again to my friends over at chevrolet, if you havent, already subscribed, go ahead and subscribe. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, leave them in the comment section below and well see you guys in the next video all right and heres, just some generic footage of the interior dash. So you guys can just see some of the sequences again. This is pre production, so im just going to kind of.