. It is a 90s sci, fi, future movie inspired car that you can actually buy. I mean this thing looks like its straight up out of robocop or time cop or the fifth element i dont know name some movies down below, but its crazy. With these little digital cube, led lights everywhere, and the styling is just unlike anything else out there on the market weird. So supposedly this thing will tow 1650 pounds not without some modifications, this rear bumper and cardboard diffuser, just as i suspected this thing is essentially identical to the kia ev6 on the underside, except the one i reviewed recently was only rear wheel, drive where this one is All wheel drive just like the kia ev6, this utilizes, a multi link, rear suspension. The knuckle and lower link control arm is made out of aluminium its got that weird plastic rubber little cup that holds the spring in thats interesting. You can see the upper two links are fully boxed steel and the lower one is just a stamped piece, its kind of hollow and lightweight the rear, anti sway bar on this things, tiny for how heavy of a vehicle this is measures in at 16 millimeters as Much as id love to de panel, this thing im sure hyundai wouldnt be too happy id, probably break half the pop clips, but uh there you can see the integrated drive module attached to that rear electric motor and the subframe on this thing is made out of Steel, you can get a better look at it from over.

Here on the drivers side, you can see theres this big torque damper attached to the rear subframe back there to keep this thing from twisting under all the torque, the psionic 5 limited all wheel. Drive model is the heaviest of the egmp chassis cars weighing in at 4 62 pounds and, as you can see, theres not much to see under here its just a giant flat skateboard with some plastic and hairy cardboard for the vast majority of you watching right now That just went what the hell is the egmp, and why do i even care that is the chassis code for car nerds, its kind of like when you go to the grocery store and buy fruit, and it has a little sticker with a number on it? The plu number well, most people dont, give a that banana is a 4 0 1 1. They just want to chop it up put in their cheerios, but there are some banana aficionados out there that like to peel those stickers off and stick them on their naked body and dance to the bananas and pajama song at night anyway, just like the kia ev6, The whole bottom of the battery is protected with this kind of thick gray, polycarbonate. Shell theres also a ton of hardware all along the pinch, weld that the battery geez thats thick, listen to that attaches to the unibody on thats super rugged. By no means am i a linguist, but i do believe this is warning you not to like ursula, i mean ursula could be highly toxic for your life.

You dont know how crazy she is anyway back on subject. This has a mcpherson, strut style front suspension, a fully boxed steel, lower control arm and, as you can see right there, there is a front axle, because this one does have all wheel, drive dual motor front. Anti sway bar is 22 millimeter. I would expect bigger for something that weighs more, but maybe because electric vehicles have the center of gravity so low. It doesnt require that extra torsional rigidity – im, not an engineer so im just gon na stick to stick to measuring things time for the breaking test. You know im behind me ready, oh geez. Oh those are really good. Quite a bit of pedal feedback vibrated, my foot, a ton, not bad, though surprised how heavy this thing is that breaking was just made possible thanks to a massive single pot front caliper and a set of 345 millimeter or 13.58 inch front rotors the wheels theyre 20 By eight and a half – and i absolutely love these – they have like this nice retro mesh design, the center caps plastic and it hides the lug nuts. I feel, like you, dont see that too often on wheels anymore. The tires theyre a 255 45 20 inch, michelin because i just read the side of it when i was looking at the wheel, thats top notch journalism right there. This is kind of crazy. The wheel arch moldings like that, as far as the rear goes, its still a single pot caliper.

However, its a different caliper than you got up front and the diameter of the rotor, the wheel and the tire all the same high five bud. In the name of science, i am now going to give this thing: the e beans. First, i must conduct a bolstering assessment, yeah its got a little bit of bolstering enough to cup the back of your ribs. The seats are also ventilated, heated. However, there is no button physically in here to control it. You have to go into the menu system. There is, however, a little recliner piece. I dont its not really like a recliner, its just a little piece that comes out and it touches the back of your calves, its so nice. Its comfy drive mode wise. There is a little dial on the side of the steering wheel kind of like you have the amg knob and a mercedes. You can press that in the center and go from eco to normal to sport like gauges change. Also, you can hold it down as well. For a snow mode, since this is all wheel, drive well disable traction control and uh. Let this thing eat ready, go! Oh jeez! It does have a little bit of a launch. Oh thats awesome. It kind of sounds cool like a little jetsons mobile thats good. This things quick, thats, so fun. I want to do it again. That was that 96 battery also pop cheese, hood struts ooh its got blue on the cover interesting.

What does? Okay, its got a little vents under the hood of this ionic. Five is one of two permanent magnet synchronous. Electric motors the emo07 lives up front in the em 170 in the rear. The rear electric motor is larger than the front one. Between the two electric motors, it has a total system, combined output of 320 horsepower and 446 pound feet of torque available at 0 rpm and keep in mind its all wheel drive. So if i open up this little front, storage cubby, just like the kia ev6 had. Oh yeah, its lit up too and its on hinges. I thought for sure you would lose this little storage cubby with the addition of the front electric motor, but i was wrong so this thing opens rather trickily. There we go tada. There is the emo7 the front electric motor has an output of 74 kilowatts, which is equivalent to about 106 metric horsepower. I feel like we need to start really learning kilowatts as an output here in the united states, because horses, arent, electric anymore or ever, where unicorns might have been the rear electric motor you saw earlier, has an output of 165 kilowatts, which is just over 220 horsepower And there is a cabin air filter. I think i love that this thing has two different colors of coolant thats like such a vivid, pink color, its blue right next to the washer reservoir someones, going to screw that up. I guess thats why they have the picture of this.

He just looks kind of sad thats, just not a happy looking technician as far as the ease of maintenance goes. If you just remove this plastic little storage bin assembly, it looks fairly simple to take out. You have tons of access all over the place to get to your driveline components, up front, thats, nice and easy to snap back. In put my little rubber shield thingy back on there, you go. You see just like an internal combustion engine vehicle. You got your brake master cylinder right there. It does have a traditional 12 volt battery for some of the accessories, as well as the fuse box right here and thats interesting. It looks like an old school obd1 diagnostic port. I find this a bit ridiculous, though, that it still requires an emissions control label, even though its electric and it runs on electric fuel legend has it that is the secretion from electric eels whoa, the active arrow shutters opening thats neat. I didnt expect those to open up for me Music. Before i take off, i want to switch my drive mode into eco and im, going to put my regeneration all the way up to eye pedal, which is the one pedal driving mode and see how this feels. I was really heavy heavy to depress the accelerator pedal and it doesnt have it lost the beams. I floored it and it wasnt like a surge of power. Okay, this is definitely an eco mode thats for sure i always like testing the different modes to see if theres actually a noticeable difference, because some cars they have like different drive modes and honestly feels the same in every mode.

So far, this wow yeah, you can actually let off the throttle and have it break its, not super aggressive on the braking. When you let off the accelerator pedal now, when i switch it to normal, oh, i just felt it like surge when i put it into normal, its still an eye pedal im going to switch that down yep. I felt it kind of like release some tension. When i put it to level three theres a noticeable difference, oh and i put it in two and one – it just feels you can feel the resistance like let off when you do that and level zero, and it just coasts like a normal internal combustion engine vehicle. Actually, it costs really nice maintain im picking up speed just on these little hills. Geez, this thing goes super well. I cannot believe how good this car coasts i havent touched the accelerator pedal once i keep picking up speed on all these little hills and give it a little oh yeah. What do you put it in level zero in normal? The beans come back and feel it. My gut oh geez, well thats good to see that theres, actually a difference between the drive modes. Now, im gon na put it into sport. It doesnt do much for anything else other than your power. I dont feel uh brakes. Havent changed the steering feels a little bit heavier steering when i put it in sport. Its very subtle, though yeah.

This is im kind of like lost for words right now. Evs are awesome when it comes to handling because of all that weight being down low. Its super noticeable, oh geez and beans – oh jeez, it broke all four tires loose doing it around a corner as far as charge times and range goes im putting it on the screen here, and i will say i was pleased to find that this did come with A level one charge cable, unlike its sibling over at kia charging started. What else do you say as far as road noise goes im hitting tons of tar snakes right now and those are usually the loudest, especially on poor asphalt, its its fairly quiet in here. I know the microphone really amplifies it, but ill tell you what my butt is freezing right now from that ventilation? Oh wow, its a little visors. This is actually a pretty nice back seat. Its got like this white denim on the back of these and then look at the piping on the headrest. Its got little tiny squares in it, the ambient lighting in the back and then on the speaker and these vents its really nice high quality. Looking little vent back here, it doesnt feel cheap, either two usbs a little storage cubby. Oh, i think it reclines yep it doesnt require much, though still reclines has a little square pattern on the door right there, the infotainment system on here. Well, i love the look of the display, the menu systems a little confusing at times, because you just have to reach to touch everything and it is a bit of a reach theres, no real controls in the center.

You just have the one to turn on your wireless charge pad and then the climate control display down here is nice. Looking i like it and the fact they give you a physical knob for the volume and a little toggle for tuning stations, its lacking a hyundai badge in the center of the steering wheel and im wondering if thats, because eventually ionic is going to become its own Brand, possibly, i thought that was weird, just four little squares there in the center of the steering wheel. Now i personally have never reviewed any tesla models. They dont offer new teslas for review, so i dont really know how to rate it against any of those but other evs. I have driven reviewed on this channel or my other channel. I have to say its a close tie between this that volkswagen id4 and the mustang maki. I think they all bring something different and unique to the table and theyre all great in their own ways, and i would have a tough time choosing between those three vehicles. I think it really comes down to personal style taste and what youre gon na be using the vehicle. For personally me, i would choose this. I this is my favorite of the three, its just a huge hot hatch, love the styling, its fun to drive. I think the id4 kind of edged it out a little bit on the interior in some areas, especially the big charge bar that goes across the bottom of the windshield.

I really like that in that vehicle, but i dont know this. This definitely makes me happy for the future of electric vehicles, especially when they start making performance ones. Okay time, to give this thing some scores, if you guys never seen one of my reviews before i have multiple categories to rate and assess them, starting with the coveted bean score, the assessment on a one to five scale based on feeling you get in your gut When you give it the beans and that 2022 hyundai ioniq 5 limited all wheel, drive is getting a rating of 2.2 e beams. This thing is satisfyingly, quick, absolutely a blast to drive and if they make an end version of one of these dude doesnt be so hard for me to not want to buy one anyway. Next is the cookie scores assessment on a one to five scale, based on what you get for what you spend and this car at about 55 000 is getting a rating of 3.4 cookies, its really tough, to assess value. I feel right now because of inflation. So im just kind of like looking at other vehicles and what they cost, and i do feel this is good value with what youre getting in the mid 50s, its pretty luxurious and the performance is outstanding, so yeah not bad. Next is the mechanic scores assessment on a 105 scale based on how much of an ass pain, something would be to work on one being abysmal, five being excellent and simple, and the psionic five is getting a rating of 3.

4 wrenches. I was surprised that adding the front electric motor on this platform, it didnt seem like it added too much complexity. As far as maintenance goes, you just remove that plastic storage tray. I mean the motor does kind of block access to where your sewing, rack and stuff is at in comparison to the ev6 that was rear, wheel, drive, but all in all electric vehicles in general. I feel if you understand electrical principles and maintaining stuff like this are fairly simple. Lastly, though, is the penguin score assessment on a one to five scale, based on how much i personally like something and this car right here is getting a rating of 4.7 penguins. I really like the ionic 5 a lot, but i didnt give it a perfect 5 rating, because there is the hope that an end version will come out and that would be well. I think you have an idea of where im headed with that anyway.