Well, i was disappointed when i heard the news. The nissan leaf will soon be dead, hello, my friends and welcome to the channel on the electric viking. Great to see you welcome to all the new subscribers. I hope. Youve had an amazing week. This weeks been a big week for me challenging week, ive had a uh tenants moved out of a property i owned and they left everything when i say they left everything. Uh they left everything im talking like the place was a mess, the people who were living there were hoarders and it was the the house of hell the house of well, i dont know where to start, but there was four of us working to remove things from This two bedroom unit right and even after eight hours of work, we still hadnt removed even 80 of the items that were in there its still a mess, but ive gotten most of the stuff out of there and, of course, ive had to pay hundreds and hundreds And hundreds and hundreds of dollars – well probably thousands in total to clean up to get rid of the stuff. Thats been quite an interesting challenge, and sometimes you get that and sometimes things happen in life that we dont like. For me, this is one of them. The nissan leaf, even though the first variations, the first iterations of this car, were you know not as good as they could have been. I mean thermal management in a battery is pretty important when you consider the fact that um, the battery doesnt have very good heating and cooling, it wasnt an lfp battery, so it had pretty significant degradation battery degradation issues.

If you compare the battery degradation, youd see in early model, nissan leafs versus electric cars today in particular lfp batteries, but also many many tertiary batteries in cars today, it was not in that it was like comparing its like, comparing you know, almost like comparing a horse And car to early early, real vehicles made by say, ford or someone else very, very big difference between the battery systems and the old ones, the new ones. Now, unfortunately, nissan they did improve the batteries, but not really all that much and here in australia. The nissan leaf is still a very expensive car. It costs around well nearly 60 000, which is just under 45, 000 us dollars and, frankly, for quite a while there, it was priced very similarly to a tesla model. 3.. It really didnt make any sense to buy one. Unfortunately, here in australia, the nissan leaf was never affordable, really realistically for the kind of market you would think it was going after its sort of a hatchback, its not a particularly big car, but that said, it did help a lot of people here in australia. In america, and in many places around the world learn about electric cars, whether they were possible and that yes, they did work now. Realistically, the nissan leaf was actually the worlds first mainstream electric car model, and it was originally introduced in 2010. But now it looks as though its days are numbered and it will be dead in only a couple of years.

According to an interesting automotive news, article production of the nissan leaf, which is currently happening at three different sites in japan, the us and in the uk, will end before the middle of the decade. Now, as were already in the middle of 2022, that means probably looking at two years max, maybe two and a half years absolute maximum before the nissan leaf will go the way, the dodo, meaning it will be finished, therell be no more leafs. Now youre probably saying well, you know, surely theyll bring out a new version. Well, the answer is no. There is no next generation version of the nissan leaf, but there will be an all new replacement model completely different vehicle. We dont know what thats going to be. What thats going to look like yet so, who knows realistically how that will turn out now in the uk plant that nissan has united kingdom, where they build the nissan leaf, apparently theyre, working on a new model and that new model is based on the cmf ev Platform, but this new model will completely replace the nissan leaf in 2025.. Interestingly, carlos gone also criticized the nissan leaf and he was the one who basically launched the vehicle to the masses hes, the former ceo, of course, of nissan the guy who you know the japanese government wanted to lock up and put him in jail. In fact, they did lock him up and put him in jail. Then he escaped in a suitcase that was like for a musical instruments somehow got out of the country on that case.

That suitcase quite a remarkable documentary. If you havent seen it on amazon prime, you should check that out and then he got to lebanon, where theres no extradition treaty, so he hasnt been extradited to japan. Now he said the nissan leaf was a vehicle that did not live up to peoples expectations. However, youve got to give nissan credit, they started early, they invested heavily in all electric cars, and carlos gone was really the one behind that. I dont think he gets enough credit for the electric vehicle revolution and he should be its only fair because he made the decision. His neck was on the line. In fact, he was responsible for three manufacturing sites in house battery production through a joint venture with nec, and the company had hoped to introduce four models total and achieve mass scale of electric vehicle production, which is really quite an incredible goal. Considering they came up with this, you know 15 years ago i mean this is really hindsight. I mean the benefit of hindsight here you know were seeing for companies like who byd right, theyve done a great job. However, the fact that nissan actually came up with this idea and planned on making this all work 15 years ago is something that i think very few people are aware of and something that they should be commended for. Unfortunately, for various reasons, it didnt work. Sales were far lower than expected. Range of the vehicles were lower than expected and because of battery degradation used vehicle market for these cars was pretty poor.

Resale values were horrendous. The plant in smyrna tennessee was expected to produce 150 000 units and 200 000 battery packs, but even in its best year, which was 2014 nissan sold only 30 000 thats a big difference: 150 000 production versus only 30 000.. That means its an incredibly inefficient factory. Today, in the united states, nissan leaf sales annually are less than half of that total one of key reasons: theres lots of competition now to the leaf, not as much as there is in countries like europe and china, but the competition is increasing, theres, better options available. Nissan scrapped some of its plans and additional models besides the nissan env200, so until nissan starts launching new electric vehicles on the market, the only cars this will have which are electric to sell are the current leaf, which of course, will only exist for two more years And then the scenario which i think is actually a pretty impressive, looking electric car, so what a nissan planning to do to replace this car with well by 2030 nissan wants to expand its lineup to 15, all electric cars 23. However, nissan has some pretty low ambitions in terms of electric car sales in the united states, theyre saying that only 40 percent maximum of their vehicles that theyll sell in 2030 will be electric meaning theyll have lots of cars to sell you in america? Most of them wont be electric and were talking thats in eight years time.

Eight years time from now, they dont think americans really want electric cars thats the truth nissan clearly doesnt think americans want evs thats. What theyre saying by planning for this to happen, and what do you think about that? Would you like to send this in a message i personally would want to send them a message, because i think americans want evs. I know some of you are skeptical. Some of you to watch the channel are like no, no, no americans dont want tomorrow. I dont agree. I think americans want evs that they can get today right that are affordable and once they start getting more of them. What happens right? Critical mass happens. Their neighbors hear about it, their friends hear about it, their friends see it and they realize yeah. Actually, i wont want to while the nissan aria is a different model entirely. Nobody actually knows which car will replace the nissan leaf. Im going to guess ill have some other hatchback like this now, hopefully, itll have more range and be more competitively priced and do some measure of justice to carlos gones original idea for electrifying nissan vehicles.