The weight at a charging station currently delivers charging to your car, your home, the office wherever you want. It download the app and use promo code out of spec and get 30 days of free charging delivery, hello and welcome back to another out of spec reviews. Video its ring week, we have the iways u5 what the heck were taking this chinese electric suv for a hard lap around the ring. Well, no one else would do it, so we have to actually maybe someones been around the ring. We didnt look but its going to be hilarious. Um i was actually put on some spicier tires at first. I was a little bit annoyed im like we would like to test cars on the original tires and they were like putting better tires on to make our review better. I thought it was a little weird. Anyway, we got some michelin cross climate suvs, not like its that much better of a tire than what comes on this thing i was cooper tires, i think, was the oe tire. I just think thats a little bit shady, but it should be good for what were doing today, ripping it around the nurburgring. We have a front motor front wheel, drive only situation, we have a 60 ish kilowatt hour. Battery pack in the middle were at about 40 to 45 state of charge, so not that high up, but it actually does give pretty good power down to at least 20 percent, and then de rating happens so well see how long we get out of it.

Uh in our typical nurburgring lap fashion, theres going to be jordan and tyman joining me in the car with commentary, seeing how this chinese eevee suv does around the track. Our goal is to at least pass a few cars. I hope we can do it yeah. We got the perfect racing specification in this nice blue with the creamed color interior. Well, have a review of this car up on this channel as well its a really nice car actually – and you know this is really the hardcore driving bits of it. So lets see how it holds up in the most extreme challenge out on the nurburgring youre eating some chips. Are you expecting a blinding lap here in the highways im expecting sketchy in the beginning and then its gon na thermal throttle and its gon na be a cruiser lap? After that, i have good news for you. Its got electronic stability control turned off some of the translation, doesnt work because its not actually turned off until you hit confirm uh. Okay. This is pretty tight here. This guy shouldnt go up top yeah its got two wheel, drive ive had four wheel drive. We could have definitely got up top it aint on the nexus gx470 thats right, nothing compared to the parking garage where we parked this thing. Last night we charged it off a regular wall. Outlet were down to 41 state of charge. Lets hope we make it around the track lets hope we make it around the track.

Thats. The big thing here we got a mercedes van in front of us. So what are the specs on this 60 ish kilowatt hour battery pack? Some amount of power not really its, not bad and its actually pulls all the way up to the top speed which its a fairly high top speed for one of these, because its 170 kilometers per hour, but you can go up to 172 – is the max weve. Seen were going to try for 173 today. Thank you for scooching. In a little bit of a squeeze, nice alpena wheels on this three series, probably because it is an alpena and the funny thing is when you go over 170 kilometers per hour. The whole thing lights up, but you hit 171 and theres one light that comes on. If you hit 172, the entire dash becomes a christmas tree yeah, but you just keep it pinned. So theres been a nice bob in the arteon, and so we are now just heading out in the highway. So there they go. You have our card jordan. I do okay weve got some apps programmed looks like were going to go for a laugh with ben and mike in there in the arteon e hybrid, oh man. How about that for timing? So theres the other car youll see a video review of this e hybrid uh, gte, arteon, ben and mike are taking it around for a lap. I hope theyre managing brake temps and leaving us something behind yeah, so well, go over here on the right that guys got the long stick race.

Car thing see if you can keep up with the highways all right here we go. I got traction control off heres that all right so time to uh. This is not set up for performance. This is a chinese electric suv meant for comfort and family motoring and to eat in the passenger seat. Well, youre eating in the passenger seat, which is pretty interesting. I think they may be imported to germany. For this reason, oh god, oh my goodness, a hat has already fallen. I cant get to it. Well, theres something! This has been our filming vehicle. This trip, so its just filled with stuff, which is what you never want on. The track were wide open throttle. Here we go still pinned yeah ben and mike havent, even passed yeah, i think, were just gon na make him stay behind us. Oh, we have uh got a little bit of a sketchy situation. Someone had an off these little yellow lights over here, indicate that something has happened, so were just gon na go highways that ever has and whatever will be on the nurburgring um. I know i think theres gon na be another kyle connor that comes out here in their highway yeah um, oh, my goodness. The steering is so light its uh yeah well yeah, because weve just been driving a whole bunch of different cars. Okay, i can see dust and sand through here in the corner. A little bit of an oil spill were gon na drive offline of this this looks sketchy so someone basically popped their motor or something and left oil all over the track and said goodbye to you.

Yeah – and so here we go, we got the yeah yellow flag, no worries there. Oh look at how they dumped this cool. That is very interesting, also means we should probably go slow through here. I dont see no oil, i dont see no oil, okay well just say i know so coming in under braking the brake pedal is the least uh nice brake pedal ever so. There we go cautions over were good to go for sure were wide open. All right. Regens set to low, oh no, it still does blended breaking regen theres, no regen modulation on the accelerator pedal its either regen and then, as soon as you touch it, it starts to coast, the leaning tower of highways u5 wow, its actually not so bad lets hit. The curb okay lets not do that. Full power esp is still on. Oh wow, the brake went into emergency braking there. This feels so wrong, but its doing it full power baby down the straightaway lets. Do this thing were going to indicate right for the bmw coming up, but theyre not coming so well just stay in it thats a suitcase back. There, jordan were hanging on were taking on over there. A little bit of dab of breaks were on michelin. All season tires that are not meant for this type of work. This car is either yeah, hey its still doing it so 402 amps. It will de rate because weve gotten it to degrade a little bit on the autobahn.

But look at this thing. Still absolutely hauling were going to hit our top speed here of 170 kilometers an hour 171 172.. All the lights came on a little bit of a lift for the hill. You really dont need it. I guess well just carry some amount of speed through here. Oh, it feels a little bit odd with the braking system. It really does so. The problem with the braking system is its a friction, brake and a blended brake. Two different systems operated on one brake pedal. Like most evs theyve, just not calibrated it to middle seat is unbuckled full power down here through the ss lets see how this thing does were just going to keep it pinned over the hump nice. No, oh, my god, the body oscillations are wild floating. My sun is going up and down up and down a little bit of dab of brakes off the brakes through the compression dont, be gentle on it. Yeah. Oh yes, got to be careful through here too sight section come on get in the corner. All right lets go. Things are dinging at me off throttle, go on full power. Come on highways. You got ta really unwind the steering still full power. 418 amps at wide open yeah were almost down 10. Oh, my goodness, are we gon na have enough range for this lap. We should have charged it up. More lets hope the chargers are open, yeah, otherwise, well were not taking the car home, so yeah were just going to leave it here for ben and mike the brakes feel good.

I just hope its not doing too much brake fade compensation, but i kind of say its better than id3 so far its better than the brakes, yeah yeah, i mean, were still getting big braking power under here those patients, big power, traction controls, flashing away, were coming Up on three series in the highways, what the heck theyre taking terrible lines, i dont know what they were doing: yeah youre, going to get gapped in mind. Theyre driving, like you, cant, set a corsa yesterday yeah. Well, then then he would have been off track. Oh right, on the edge on the outside, coming in through a tight section, smell breaks, thats full breaks, oh my god slow down. Are they compensated or are they actually the wheel? Spin? Yes, right up to the edge, and now we just have to take it easy because were in the speed, restricted zone so well, just let it cool down a little bit ill, just give it as much regen as itll take right here. 70 amps. The battery system is doing really well honestly, better than other small evs weve driven yeah and now de restricted. Again, we need all the help we can get up the hill, its either really well done, or its going to catch on fire. That would be a disaster. Maybe theres just no sensor there right, we wouldnt know, were fine with no sensors, 992 gt3 rear. Oh he braked he didnt have to.

You can go flat in that car through here thats. What this car is built for, not this car, not this one coming out wide and lets go come on highways. Im full power, fully unwinding the wheel. We got. This bmw wont go for a pass slow. Here we go my grandmas faster than you yeah. I dont know that guy look were right with an m4 from poland dog water. The highways is almost keeping up with them. He goes yeah, so we have a massive power limit right now. Im keeping it pinned through here lets just do it. Yes, nice jack up ahead. 140 kilometers an hour were down to 264 amps. Is this full throttle? This is wide open and were losing speed. Yeah its its thermal limiting same places, the up same place as the tesla? Actually, the tesla did a little bit better. A little farther yeah is this gag on the jaguar stance. I dont know where lets yeah. We have no power right now. Im floored, oh my thats, embarrassing yeah, i im literally. We cannot pass the slowest jag on the planet. Oh, i can smell his engine, though hes burning oil. Typically, this is a momentum situation right now all right lets. Let it try and recover a little bit through here all right into the carousel wow he braked hard. You dont need to go. This slow brother, like 20 inch wheels yeah. What is the setup of that thing? There we go 400 amps and then its so its were covering quite quickly at least trying to were down to 25, getting a little warm.

No really! Oh hes, taking the carousel carousel in the highways behind the norwegian jag that didnt feel good trying to go for the pass, but hes drag racing us youre gon na have to lift off im wide open, throttle hes literally driving like this hes relaxed. All right. We got him again race, car, coming up behind benji, so well, let him go taking the inside line inside come on race cars lets go were going to hit the best part of the track were going to. Let you cruise whoa dont cut in so hard. Okay, here we go then right with these guys that wasnt it chief that wasnt it. I thought that felt i kind of like hitting curves in this because youre not sure if its good youre not sure, if its going to go up on two wheels, but it leaves rollover stability control i mean whoever did their esp calibration did a pretty good job. I kind of think so actually coming in through youtube corner aggressively in the highways. The only way to do it, thats right full send this will look good on youtube. Little rumble strip for the viewers dab of brakes. Yes, full power come on. Highways is always going to make another pass here. Oh we got the apex. Car were coming up on them. Man, this things, not bad. Oh wait, im an idiot im driving around in eco mode. It makes no difference in this car.

Its just throttle map changing. Can we get air? Yes, okay, hes, braking its soft okay apex car come on brother thanks, dude appreciate it. Embarrassing were passing legit race cars in this thing, momentum foot to the floor lets go. Why is the audi breaking let us buy? Thank you embarrassing. Esp is just not loving it come on the hazard lights came on. Here we go into the mini carousel. Oh it felt like were on two wheels that felt weird. I couldnt get the thing in enough mikes getting video the abs pumps just going. There goes that thing. Oh that looks weird man. The rton looks pretty good going. Gt4 doing, i dont know were still pinned on the inside, and here we go for the pass and the highways we can, i dont know were wide open. Yes, through the finish, we beat the rti just there at the end. That was awesome no region above 140 kilometers an hour there. We go max regen stuffing the heat into the battery pack. 18. Surprisingly, drive train wise, braking wise. That was very impressive. What the heck! Why how are these brakes better than a tesla model? 3 yeah? And how did we not die? This felt soft but stable yeah less soft than the model. Three just need some kw: some michelin pilot sports, yep and yeah kws, first and a different brake pedal, because every time id hit the brake pedal and it was loaded up, it would just go into emergency brakes yep.

That was just incredible: the highways, what a machine weve lost, all air conditioning by the way: okay, well yep windows, down its trying to cool down the battery. Well, there you go thanks for watching another out of spec reviews, video, something you never thought you would see, and i was driving around the ring pretty quickly. We were passing cars passing full race cars in this thing, love it thanks for riding along jordan.