Today i will introduce you the zika one, the zika one is the first car built by zika exercise. It will launch five more premium electric car in the next five years. The first time we see this car. The impression is that it is very large. Its lungs reaches 4970 millimeters and its wise is 1999 millimeters. Just one millimeter away from two meters, its height is 15 16 millimeters and its wheelbase is 30 50 millimeters. This entire body size, including the faster back shape of an entire car, makes it look a lot like a shooting, brake vehicle and occupied wasnt as weak as ship is very similar to those of wagons that we know like the porsche parameter, cosmo and all the rs6. The shape of the stick one make it a perfect combination of beauty, design and usability speaker. One adopts gds groups latest ica. Electric vehicle platform, like the smart one, ebay, drone line built by the mercedes, benz and gt, is also based on this platform secret. One is produced the injectors, intelligent factory. The design of this factory fully considers the ability of intelligence. At the beginning, the factoriously integrated advanced manufacturing technology such as 5g, ai and industrial big data to create an intelligent, echo and transparent eternity. The intelligent manufacturing system relies digital, intelligent, growing environmental protection and sustainable production. Unilan motors is a china ev exporting expert. We got the latest ev models. The best price sufficiency is dog, fast delivery and stable supply chains.

Uniline your best choice of ev exporting. We can do the front phase and see that the front face is very similar to the link and the course family design. Laundry is highlighted. Our intelligent, matrix led projection using multi modal led light sources which achieve intelligent partition. The lighting and the creator doesnt affect its tail light, is also looks very cyberpunk. It made of more than 400 led light elements with the led logo and the finished loop wire from sci fi lets open its trunk. This challenge is very large, especially this huge opening. Very common for us to travel and loading some housings. We can see that these colors of chunk are also be separated and removed, and we can flexibly arrange the space according to our own need, with its real sit down its maximum space coverage. 2144 liters. At the same time, the zero one is equipped with air suspension when i am lifting some heavier things here is a button, and the height of the chunk can be lower with a single torch uh. When we come to the front chunk, because there are two two keys here – we can find Music quality of these two packets is so delicate. Race shows that they has a pursuit of details and quality Music coming to its side. This wheel looks very exaggerated. It uses 21 inch view and the tile from continental the size is 255.45. Second, one adopts firmly installed design with the sensing office type of windings and wireless bluetooth.

Sensing function when we press this handle the door just bounces off and open automatically. If a stakeholder is protected, it will automatically stop it. When sitting in the car just hit the brake, the door from the drivers side will automatically close. All the dials can also be opened and closed through the car system, so there is no need to manually, open and close the door. Next lets talk about the power system it has from the rear two motors. This motor has a power of 200 kilowatts, so the power is trim. Motor is totally 400 kilowatts. The motors on zig1 adopts a new generation of high performance, pmi sim, which has a further of higher power, lower loss and lower noise. Each motor can reach a maximum power of 200 kilowatt. The maximum motor speed can reach 16 and 500, and the output efficiency can even reach 97.86 percent with the train models. The acceleration is 3.8 seconds from zero to 100 kilometer hour. Honestly, the acceleration is already a sports car level. Jingle also offset the thicker one with a very high performance sizes. This size system is pro functional: 2 vibrated sports car team and the china euro vehicle technology av, giving this society a high performance and extremely handling experience and the lead distribution is pretty spotty as well. The weight distribution is from 50 and real 50.. The weight distribution determines how to enter the corner and how to come out of it.

All these factors work together to make the handling of the one very well. Strategies is also equipped with fully automatic air suspension, as well as a wearable steering ratio system, Music with the exciting sizes and the powerful twin motors working together, we can choose silent, different driving modes to match different elements and the road conditions we can easily switch between The comfort economy, sports snow starts off road and other modes in order to ensure the performance and comfort. This car has a long range battery package. This latest battery type has very good safety with the technology of no heat spray and nothing 360 degree protection battery safety is improved comprehensively. It also has a long cruising range. You can choose a battery package up to 100 kilowatt hour and adc range can be up to 7 12 kilometers. When were sitting in the car. We can see the executive one use mining, alcantara materials and these encounter materials look very sporty and technology. The selling touch is delicate because this cell is made of microfiber. It is an environmentally friendly material. There are full display in this car. The front readout is the 8.8 inch high resolution display. It is a very narrow design with rings like shapes on both sides. This design shows important informations in a orderly manner. You can quickly obtain clean information and makes driving easier. The central control is a 15.4 inch floating touch screen. The center screen is tailed four degree to the driver.

It cannot only reduce the screen reflection but also make the drivers operation easier. The information can be read either a glass making your travel, safer memories also have a 14.7 inch high level discipline system. It can display information. Clearly, we can adjust the brightness position and go making it safer to draw in different low condition. It is also equipped with a 5.5 inch multifunction touchscreen for the rear passenger. You can adjust temperature seats and roof reading light and music control. The real space is very large. The drivers seat is not adjusted to my position. I can easily close my leg at this place. The place is really huge. Look up. This panoramic sunroof its different from the ordinary sunroof glass, and this is an easy light. Scientific glass with easy, solid, electrochromic, glass technology, the gloss can be addressed from transparent color to dark color, effectively blocking heat, making a comfortable environment well. Uv blocking rate is more than 99 percent. The zika one is an electric car that extract a good balance between the space performance and usability, while at the same time having very sporty and elegant body shape. Thank you for watching our video.