We are going to discuss about the new 2022 fisker ocean in depth from interior to exterior and every minute detail of every feature, so without any further ado lets just dive into it. The tide is turning for electric vehicles as an influx of new models. Flood the market and fisker automotive looks to capitalize on that sentiment with its aptly named ocean suv. The most attainable model starts under forty thousand dollars and boasts an estimated range of 250 miles. All other oceans have an all wheel, drive dual motor setup that generates at least 540 horsepower and accelerates to 60 miles per hour in less than 4.0 seconds. The runtiest version is expected to surpass 350 miles on a single charge. Not only is the 2023 fiskar ocean, a handsome suv in the vein of the range rover revoke, but it also boasts some unique available. Features of note is a 17.1 inch center touchscreen that rotates vertically and horizontally in a mode that opens the roof panel. All the side, windows and the rear glass to give the cabin the windswept feel of a convertible. Only time will tell if the oceans range ratings, performance claims and parlor tricks will impress. The tesla obsessed public fisker has announced preliminary pricing for the entire ocean lineup. However, the company hasnt said how much the destination fee will be, so we can only estimate each trims starting price. Initially, we think the ocean ultra with its all wheel, drive, powertrain and more desirable standard equipment, looks to be the best value.

What is the ocean? A great expanse of water that covers roughly two thirds of the earths surface. Ah sorry, we thought you meant the ocean. The 2022 fiskar ocean is an upcoming all electric five passenger, small suv from famed automotive designer henrik fisker fisker is known for his sensational sports car creations, including the bmw z8 aston, martin db9 and his own short lived, fisker karma plug in hybrid luxury sedan, the fiskar Ocean is the first of his vehicles aimed at the mass market, with a promised starting price tag of thirty seven thousand four hundred and ninety dollars. However, thats for the base ocean sport, which fisker says wont be available until after the vehicles debut in late 2022 or early 2023. Instead, fisker will lead off with the loaded up ocean, one which checks in at sixty eight thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars. While most evs at this price are really closer to hatchbacks than crossovers, the oceans dimensions suggest a true suv profile, its roughly the same size as a tesla model y, though slightly wider and lower, combined with an estimated 25 cubic feet of storage behind the rear seat. The ocean looks to be a fairly typical small suv from a size perspective, whats powering the ocean motor specifications and battery pack capacity have not yet been finalized and fisker says. Details will be made available at a later date, but we do know that there will be three different power and range ratings varying by trim according to fisker.

The base sport model will have 275 horsepower 250 miles of range on a full charge and a 0 to 60 miles per hour time of 6.9 seconds. A single motor front, wheel, drive setup will be standard, the ultra will be equipped with dual motors and all wheel drive to develop 540 horsepower. Fisker says the ultra will have an estimated range of 340 miles at the top of the range. The launch edition 1 trim level, which will later get renamed as the xtreme trim, will use the same dual motor awd setup, but it will produce 550 horsepower and have a range of 350 plus miles on the battery side. The oceans pack will have more than 80 kilowatt hours of capacity while you can always charge at home. The ocean is also equipped with a dc fast charging plug for filling up the pack on road trips. Fisker is working with electrifying america to simplify payments for fisker vehicles at eas charging stations. The company says the ocean can accept the full 150 kilowatts charging rate that many of the as stations deliver fiscal estimates. Charging from 15 charge to 80 percent adds 200 miles of range and takes 30 minutes at 150. Kilowatts fisker also says every ocean will come with a bundle of free miles on the electrify america network, but no packages have been announced yet hows the oceans interior. Our first glimpses at the oceans interior reveal a modern, high tech. Cabin front and center is a 17.

1 inch portrait oriented touchscreen, flanked by a 9.8 inch screen that serves as the instrument panel. In contrast to the cabin of the tesla model y, which can be minimalist to a fault, the oceans, touchscreen features a row of buttons underneath for accessing high level interface functions. The steering wheel also has a traditional set of controls to interact with the numerous systems in play, knowing that some ev buyers prefer eco friendly materials. Fisker says the oceans, cabin uses, no animal products, several surfaces are made from renewable sources, including carpets made of recycled fishing nets and upholstery made from polyester, fiber and recycled materials. A solar roof is also available, which has the capability to add a few extra miles of range each day. The so called california mode is also pretty cool. It opens all of the oceans windows, including lowering the glass on the rear hatch at the touch of a button hows the oceans, tech. During our time with the ocean, we were unable to test or even view much of the tech thats listed on the spec sheets. Early prototype models are experiencing lots of changes in the production process and it seems like a few of fiskers. Lofty goals have been abandoned when we first saw prototype versions of the ocean, we were skeptical of the promised head up, display directly integrated into the windshield. It was a neat concept, but its much more complex than current huds, which are projected onto the screen, not to mention likely much more expensive to replace and sure enough it wasnt on the prototype model.

We saw in person whats more, neither of the interior screens were available for use or testing so well just have to wait and see how they perform in due time. Early fisker spec sheets detail lots of driver aids that could be available, but with the release date of the ocean so far out, things may change significantly over time. We expect to see at the very least, aids such as traffic, adaptive, cruise control and other systems that can help keep you from drifting out of your lane unintentionally, or warn you about an imminent front collision. Other aids, including a 360 degree parking camera forward collision mitigation. A system that breaks when it senses an impending collision and an automatic parking system are all on the menu pricing. The 2022 fisker ocean starts at thirty seven thousand four hundred and ninety nine dollars, which gets you the single motor front. Wheel, drive sport model. The mid range ultra starts at forty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars and comes equipped with a dual motor. All wheel drive powertrain the range topping extreme, which also features two motors and awd starts at and ninety 68 dollars. The first five thousand ocean crossovers produced will be launch edition models called the ocean one. They will carry the same, sixty eight thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollar starting price. As the extreme trim, the ocean will be eligible for the full, seven thousand five hundred dollar uas federal ev tax credit, which will bring its starting price down to just twenty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars.

However, many people cant take advantage of the credit due to their individual tax situation, so be sure to check with a tax professional for details. Fisker will offer a special flexi lease program for the ocean, which is more like a subscription with and ninety nine dollar down. The monthly payment is three hundred and seventy nine dollars the lease has no specified term, so you can keep the car for a few months or many years. It does have a limit of thirty thousand miles per year and theres currently no option to buy out the lease. No matter how long you keep the electric crossover, fisker will honor its warranty. If you plan to lease or purchase a fisker ocean in the future, a 250 refundable deposit will hold your spot in line range. Fisker will offer the ocean with two different battery configurations which will be supplied by contemporary amperex technology company. The base sport model will get the touring range battery pack, while the epa hasnt yet provided estimated range figures for the ocean. Fisker expects the base model to have an epa estimated range of 250 miles, the ocean ultra extreme and one will all be fitted with the hyper range battery pack. According to fisker, the ultra will have an epa estimated range of 340 miles and the xtreme and one trims will offer over 350 miles of range. Other notable features. Limo mode allows rear seat passengers to take control of their own environment via a digital touch screen occupants can adjust the temperature, the fan, speed and the sound system volume with their own separate controls, theres also a control to automatically recline the rear seats.

The automaker has also announced that the ocean will offer a bi directional on board charger to support a feature called powerhouse which allows for vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to home. Charging is standard. Fisker says you could potentially provide emergency power to your home for a week. Using the oceans battery pack – and this was all about the 2022 frisker ocean – thank you so much for watching this video dont forget to subscribe to latest luxury cars channel.