By the end of this decade. And weve, seen some of those products, already. Weve, seen the new Chevrolet Silverado EV, the GMC Hummer EV weve, seen the new Cadillac Lyriq crossover SUV as well. And now weve seen the next step in this plan. Its this. This is the new 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV, a five passenger family crossover SUV., Now its a little different than your normal crossover SUV., Its extremely sporty.. Now that sounds a little bit like what were seeing over at a crosstown rival in the Ford Mustang Mach. E.. Well, is this thing as good or as cool or as capable as the Mach E Well come along with us? Well, take you through the new 24 Blazer EV, and show you exactly what Chevrolet has created.. The first thing to know about the new 24 Blazer EV. Is that its going to come in a number of different flavors.? You can get it in 1LT, 2LT, RS or SS versions.. This one is the top of the line SS and its easier to differentiate because of its two tone: paint scheme. Its got a black roof and some black trim as well.. In addition to some really special colors. Now the front end is really what stands out between some of the various trim. Levels. Everything gets LED headlights, but the RS and the SS get a special light bar in the middle that actually has some animation to it.. When you plug it in when you walk away when you approach it its all going to do different light dances.

, This is something that were starting to see a lot from General Motors. Weve seen this in the Cadillac Lyriq as well.. It adds kind of a neat special dynamic to it. And it looks really cool.. One area where the Blazer EV may have something of an advantage over its competitors is in the amount of choice that its going to give its customers.. You can get a new Blazer EV with one of three different size, battery packs, front rear or all wheel drive and a variety of different ranges to suit your tastes as well.. This is the high performance SS version.. It has 557 horsepower and up to 648 pounds feet of torque., And yet its advertised range is still 290 miles.. It has a dedicated all wheel, drive system, Brembo, front breaks and especially sport tuned chassis as well.. The inside of the Blazer EV, I have to say, is stunning. The materials in here. The design everything looks absolutely fantastic.. Now the centerpiece is, of course, this big electronic display 17.7 inches diagonal, but its free form., Its not a box like youd, see in the Chevrolet Silverado and the colors and displays are extremely vibrant. This model. The SS has, of course, all the bells and whistles, including the new super cruise system, which is the semi autonomous hands free driving system that enables you to just basically sit back and relax as long as youre still paying attention. And the car will drive you on Highways of over 200000 miles of mapped roads all over the United States and Canada.

, The SS interior is obviously the fancier one, but theres actually an interior that will pretty much suits just about anybodys taste., If youre not hip to the bright adrenaline red accented interior. There are some more muted colors as well in grays and blacks. Front and center is an 11 inch. Digital display.. These two digital displays will be standard across the board on all of the Blazer EVs.. The SS also has a smaller heads up display as well.. There is a good mix of both hard buttons and touchscreen controls in here.. You have climate control, which is actual hard buttons, but you have a number of controls in the flat panel screen as well.. Thankfully, there is still a volume, knob here. Thats, an actual rotary knob.. The overall design in here is far and away more entertaining than youd, find in say a Mustang Mach E or a Tesla Model, Y. Theres. Actually, some effort at styling in here, as opposed to a number of its rivals., Its not just a blank empty slate, where the supposed lack of features is whats supposed to convey luxury.. This is absolutely fantastic. Looking. Youve got these turbine like vents for your climate, controls. Theres ambient lighting throughout that also illuminates the centers of a lot of these controls as well.. Overall, this is a dynamite design.. It immediately elevates it., Look pretty high in terms of its competitors, just on style alone.. One button you wont find in here is a startstop onoff power button, much like a lot of Tesla products.

. As long as you have the key in your pocket or a smartphone, enabled that triggers the vehicle. As soon as you sit down and you push the brake pedal everything powers up.. In order to turn it off just get out close the door lock, it walk away.. The Blazer EV is built on GMs new Ultium platform., Its a big scalable kind of battery platform., So it can underpin things as big as a GMC, Hummer EV or as small as this Blazer EV.. The cool thing about it, though, is that it enables them to have a completely flat passenger floor, which allows this five passenger Blazer EV to actually have more room inside than the gas powered five passenger Blazer.. There will be distinct visual differences between trim levels for the Blazer EV, even more so than Ford delivers for the Mustang Mach E. The influence of Chevys Camaro and existing Blazer are clear in the overall shape and front end design, but with a healthy dose of Corvette Influence as well. The LT trims have a monochromatic paint scheme with standard 19 inch wheels.. All those wishing for a sportier appearance can go for the RS trim, with its black grill and accents and 21 inch wheels., But for the most aggressive, sporty appearance. The SS brings a unique front end blacked out roof and windshield pillars and 22 inch wheels to the party.. Interiors will also differ between trim levels with RS and SS trims.

Getting a flat bottom steering wheel, blue and red contrast, stitching on the RS and sueded microfiber seating on the SS, with available adrenaline red seats in argon orange accents.. Those front seats are heated and ventilated on the RS and SS, with heated rear seats standard on the SS and optional on the RS.. Ambient lighting is standard throughout the Blazer EV range, but its personalizable on the RS and SS trims. The charge port door is power, operated and can be set to automatically open when the vehicle detects its near a charger.. The navigation system uses the My Chevy app to help, locate and plot a course to an available nearby charging station. That proximity detection also works at the back door, where the Blazer EV can tell if someone with a fob or approved smartphone device is standing there and Open the hatchback., The 24 Blazer EV is available for ordering right now. The 2LT and the RS are gon na, be the first ones available for ordering, but delivery isnt going to happen until summer of 2023.. The SS will come after that in late 2023. And then youll see the 1LT coming in the early part of 2024. Pricing has also been announced., Its going to start at about 45000 for a 1LT and range up to about 66000 for a loaded SS.. Now that pricing matches up pretty well with its crosstown rival the Ford Mustang Mach E.. In fact, a lot about this vehicle matches up really well with the Mach E.

. Although I have to say Im kind of giving the nod to this one in terms of its style.