This doesnt look like any blazer youve seen before, because chevy has actually given us something that takes in some of the design language from the camaro and the corvette. I was able to fly down to detroit uh, thanks to the guys at chevy to check this vehicle out for the very first time, wasnt able to drive it, but this is what youre looking at here. Now it comes in four variants. There is the 1lt. There is a 2lt, there is rs and the ss the vehicle youre looking at is the ss variant of the chevy blazer ev and its got like, i said, just really: nice unique style. All around youve got led headlights here. Youve got a massive uh. Of course. Moon roof or sunroof, whatever you want to call it uh there and half of that roof kind of opens up. The other half does not now the led lights are really interesting in front because they do a lot of information for you, so so youre walking away from the car tells you that it dims down and tells you the car is locked. It also shows you, when your car is charging and changes color into blue as well, which is very nice now. This vehicle is built off the gm ultimum platform, so theres a lot of flexibility to that and the ss model comes with some very nice specific specs. Its all wheel, drive youve, got 557 horsepower as well as also 648 pounds of torque and the zero to 60 in four seconds.

Its a really fast vehicle, cant wait to actually test drive it to see how it is uh. In that regard. Now we open it up, you can see the style and weve got this red and black interior thats, something that comes on the assets package. I do kind of like it, though um, but when you sit down you know. The first thing you see, of course, is your: you know your main display uh, which is your direct display for the driver, and you also have a heads up display, thats about about seven inches or so, and the entertainment display, or the big display is 17.7 inches. Massive display, i actually love that thing because of one new key feature now we all know that a lot of these displays uh. If you want to change the volume you got ta kind of tap through there is a volume dial theres, a physical dial on there, and i think that is fantastic. The other thing you notice with the interior is, as you look around youre gon na see. Also, the different types of the vents, the vents – are something that are very chevy unique. Also the styling with that youve got wireless charging pad and then the center console itself doesnt have um. You know storage underneath, but there is storage which we just couldnt access at that time, where you can actually put your stuff into there, now theres a lot of seat there and seat room for you know the driving the passenger.

Here i felt very comfortable and with the amount of space there plus youve got heated and vented seats as well, and when you move to the rear, theres also enough space. I am six feet two, so it gets enough space as a passenger. At the back of the car and youve also got two usbc charging ports. I kinda, like all thats coming in there, its a nice head room again for passengers in the back seat. Now, when it comes to the trunk theres a lot of space in the trunk um, not as big as i would like, but of course you can drop the seats down as well and in terms of a frunk. There is no fronk, so werent able to open that up to check that out with this vehicle now, some other things youll find is, of course, when it comes to charging. Now. This supports 11.5 kilowatts level, 2 ac charging and also 190 kilowatts dc charging. So all those dc fast chargers – yes, you can actually access them uh and it can give you 78 miles of range with just 10 minutes of charging. So, if youre running really low find a dc fast charger, 10 minutes youre up and running with this car, fully automated fast charging port, which is on the left side in front of the driver side of the car. So that gives you full access to all your charging capabilities. Now there also will be the my chevy app, which will give you all the different charging ports access to those.

You also have regen braking in the car and, of course, the available presence liftgate. So basically, you dont have to put your foot or press a button. Once you come into the back of the car, it actually opens up. Supercruise is available in the car, so you can actually do some of that self driving, especially when youre on the highway. Now chevy does say that owners will also have access to the ultima charge 360 network, as well as also 10 000 public charges uh available within u.s and canada. Now you guys are wondering whats the pricing and availability, so the 2024 chevy trailblazer, ev2, lt and rs will go on sale in the summer of 2023. Now that the 2lt starts at 47 495, while the rs goes on sale at 51 995, then the ss which youre seeing in this video will go on sale for 65 995 and then in 2024. The 1lt, which is the base model, will come in at uh q1 at 44 995. So it starts off at forty four thousand hundred ninety five and goes all the way up to uh sixty five thousand nine hundred ninety five for the ss model.