The zero emissions hatch was the most popular mini of all minis last year and accounted for one in three three doors built at the factory in oxford, but thats. The thing its only ever been available as a three door, despite the petrol version being offered as a five door and more pertinently for todays. Video, as a convertible mini, has already told us that the convertible will live on as an ev. Well have to wait until 2025 and the next generation car for the pleasure, but to give us a taster and to prove how tempting an electric drop top could be. Minnie invited us to lisbon to sample a very special one off, and this is it on. First glance looks can be deceptive, though, to most people this just looks like a normal mini convertible, but underneath its a little bit different underneath has the hardware from a mini electric hatchback, so the same motor, the same 28.9 kilowatt hour battery the same 180, odd horsepower And were told that in theory, while this car is a one of a kind, if interest was strong enough, it could be realized as a limited run, production model pretty quickly for as long as the existing electric hatch lives on, we can but hope mini says this Thing is around 140 kilos more than the equivalent petrol powered cooper s but, as we know, the mini electric in the first place, isnt one of those evs thats plagued by a lardy kerb weight.

In fact, over the years, the mini convertible convertibles won countless awards from driving electric sister sites, auto express and car buyers. So in theory it should be a really interesting thing. Mini says, the electric convertible combines open top driving fun with clever functionality, hyperbole sure, but just like the standard convertible, the fully electric roof lowers in 18 seconds and at speeds up to 19 miles an hour again like the petrol car. It can be open, closed or part way back just like a summer, so weve got the roof off its 25 degrees lets run through some numbers, but you can take all of these numbers that im about to say with a large pinch of salt, because as minnie Has said this thing, isnt quite ready for production, but that it is feasible. So, as mentioned, it gets pretty much the same power output 135 kilowatts, so that is roughly 180 horsepower its a little bit heavier than the hatchback. So naught 62 takes 7.7 about half a second slower, but top speed remains the same at 93 miles an hour. Efficiency mini says, is down slightly, but they still reckon it will do around four miles per kilowatt hour and the engineers continue to quote a range of around 140 odd miles on a charge, its all pie in the sky for the moment remember: minis not making it Yet the next generation mini electric is already touted to have a 250 mile range. So really, when that car goes on sale, you can expect a little bit more of everything but lets just park.

Those numbers for a moment and look at this thing in isolation is mini nut for not bringing this thing to market sooner well, in a word yes, power and torque are instantaneous. This thing, doesnt feel any slower than a hatch, at least to my memory, and you still get that darty real kind of go kart handling that you do in a normal mini as well its perhaps a little bit more shake from the from the body, but thats. What you get when you take the roof off weve, been chasing a john cooper work, the petrol power john cooper worked through the hills this morning, and the one thing you do notice is that it doesnt have any sound, of course, its not any sound, but do You miss it in a car like this, not when youve got this much power and performance, and this handling is just its almost inconsequential. Long and short of it, though, is that this car feels exactly as a mini shirt. It doesnt feel like theres, really that many compromises im sure it could have a longer range. But if you think about what this car is going to be used for what it could be used for people leaving at holiday homes or running around on spanish islands, this things perfect, the steering is sharp its tactile. The brakes well theyre carried over from the hatch. So the regen is fantastic, really does genuinely allow for one pedal driving, so anyone whos driven a mini electric.

This thing feels just so familiar and thats. Definitely a good thing. I can see plenty of people running to their mini dealers and asking how to put a deposit down and one final thing as well. You get to genuinely enjoy the fresh air. No exhaust fumes so should melee consider bringing this car to market. Should they look at putting this car into production even in small numbers, absolutely they should roof down. Zero emissions is the perfect combination. It feels familiar yet different, perhaps even better, with the roof off ive not had this much fun in a convertible. In a very long time head to for all the latest electric and hybrid car advice, news and reviews and check us out on twitter, facebook and instagram.