It actually looks pretty cool lets roll. I love the cone and trash can detection on the tesla. Apparently, the event is in this massive design center. Here we go inside the green building. Next, to me, is the 2024 chevy blazer ev and its set to compete against the likes of the mustang mock e and the tesla model y, with a 320 mile range and incredibly aggressive gorgeous, looks this thing is set to make waves in the midsize suv market. The new blazer ev is built on gms ultium platform, which has a flexible architecture in terms of its batteries and can be used for a ton of different vehicles. They actually use this platform on the hummer ev, as well as the cadillac lyric and now theyre, using it on the chevy blazer and soon the silverado, as well as the equinox. Now it comes in a variety of different trim levels, but the one that you and i care about is this: the top of the line ss, its pretty cool its actually the first time the chevy has ever used the super sport designation on an electric vehicle and For good reason, it packs some serious power, horsepower 648 pound feet of torque, and it even has this mode called wow mode or wide open watts that allows it to sprint from zero to 60 in under four seconds standard with all wheel drive and the ss will Cost you 66 000. The good news is, there are lower level trims like the one lt thatll start at just 45.

Grand design wise. The new blazer ev is epic, its aggressive its gorgeous, but it doesnt scream im a green friendly ev now in standard form. The car is monochromatic, it comes with 19 inch wheels, but in ss form its got. This unique two tone: grille standard 22 inch wheels and in rs and ss form we have these really cool, unique lighting features. So when you walk up to the car with the key, it welcomes you with a unique little lighting sequence. When you walk away from the car when youre done with it, it has a goodbye sequence and even illuminates this bow tie and when youre charging it. How cool is this? You can tell how much the car has been charged from outside the vehicle by seeing the intensity and the speed at which the leds illuminate on the front of the car? How crazy is that the moment i stepped inside of the blazer ev? I literally said: oh my god. I am unbelievably impressed with the interior of this car check out. The gorgeous displays weve got a 17.7 inch display for the multimedia system. I love the fact that its not squared off its got this cool curved architecture to it and the screen itself doesnt just end its actually morphed in with that curve, so weve got pixels going out to the edge of the screen, which i think is super awesome. I also love the fact that theyve maintained some hard controls, its not fully digital, like in the tesla.

The volume controls are on the screen. The climate controls are on the screen. It can be a bit complicated. Weve got this gorgeous volume knob right here on the screen itself, pretty awesome and then weve got some hard controls for the air conditioning vents as well. Speaking of the vents. If we go over to the passenger side, vent kind of styled after airplane turbines, look how cool this is, and i love that unique material and design used on the vent itself. Now the vents actually house, ambient lighting weve got ambient lighting as standard on the car, and if you go to the ss or rs trims, you actually get more customizable features in the ambient lighting. Moving on to the center display for the instrument, cluster weve got an 11 inch unit that looks gorgeous. I like the shape of it as well. Now, if we look at this part right here on the steering wheel, this actually illuminates in different colors when you activate chevys supercruise, so chevy supercruise, its kind of like teslas autopilot, its got essentially a level of full self driving. Where you can take your hands off the wheel, the car will steer itself in the lane, speed itself up and slow itself down now. Youll notice theres, actually a little paddle on the steering wheel behind here that changes the level of brake regeneration from you can turn it all the way off so that it slows down kind of like a normal car to really intense.

So you can basically drive with one pedal: take your foot off the accelerator and itll slow itself down. I love the contrast. Color seats in the ss trim. You can even get microfiber suede in the ss, as well as some contrasted stitching options in the other models. As well now lets go into the rear seats because of this architecture, its got so much space in the back. In the back of the blazer, now look at the amount of legroom. I have im five foot eleven sitting behind how i would be in the front and i have endless leg room. Apparently there was another journalist here earlier who was six foot five and could comfortably sit behind somebody who was six foot five, which is really really impressive. Love the design on the seats, these little kind of z patterns are really cool. Weve got these nice turbine air vents right here. Usbc charging as well, but really whats so impressive about this car is its width, its 78 inches wide. So you could sit three full size, adults, no problem and because its an electric car we dont have that hump in the middle. So youve got plenty of room for your feet even in the second row. Weve also got this beautiful, panoramic sunroof up here. All right guys, im here with justin salmon senior designer for chevy yeah. What can you tell me about this beautiful car? Well, we really had fantastic proportions to work with with ultium really that longer wheelbase and wider vehicle stance are a designers dream.

So you know up front: we have this. Full width led lighting signature that is highly functional as you walk up to the vehicle. It kind of greets you with a bit of choreography yeah that was so cool yeah same as when youre kind of leaving the vehicle kind of gives you a sense of when the vehicle is powering down. So it really starts to be a communication point between the vehicle and the ev owner. Also, it can display charging status and that animation can be a really helpful, functional cue as well, so that sequence will kind of become more intense and move a little bit quicker. As your charging status changes, and so all that is going to make it really seamless kind of walking up to the vehicle and understanding whats going on, i think this is going to become an industry standard. Having some sort of exterior lighting representing charging looks nice, the team really killed it yeah. No, they absolutely did so what about interior related design? So i think all that width that we got out of ultim thats super apparent when you get into the inside of the vehicle as you open it up. First, greeted by that sense of spaciousness. You know kind of front and center as youre. Looking on one of the first things, youll notice is our expansive virtual cockpit system, yeah and thats. That kind of 17.7 inch diagonal display in the center kind of working with our 11 inch cluster.

So that really sets the tone. Having that center display a little bit more tilted toward the driver creates what we call a kind of driver, centric flavor to the interior, so really drawing on our performance heritage and was that inspired at all by the c8 corvette its kind of a little bit. Similar of screen layout, yeah glad youre picking up on that definitely had a lot of those vehicles in mind and some of the ergonomic learnings there, but really tuning that and finding the right balance for this segment. I think where we landed was something super dramatic that has a sense of presence that really catches your eye as you open up to the interior. Can you tell me about what kind of design or materials this is? I mean both of these are really unique and cool. Looking ive never seen any honestly, never seen anything like that. Well were really excited about using a two shot. Execution really allows us to play with the way material interacts and we strategically place it in places. We wanted to highlight so the round vents, which are kind of a key heritage element for design for chevrolet is something we really wanted to highlight with this refined detail and really celebrating those materials. So we find it to be a really authentic approach, really leveraging the translucency in the material instead of covering up with something insincere. Yeah yeah were super proud of that approach and it really keys into that performance, focus kind of flavor, absolutely yeah for sure.

I think, right now in the ss youre, seeing our adrenaline red combination with the black – and you know well be catering to our wide range of tastes, kind of from the elt all the way up to the ss. So, in addition to these really bold combinations, you can look for more sophisticated understated. Pairings of you know things on the grayscale spectrum and playing up those accent stitches. So theres gon na be a lot of choice for the customer and i think people are really gon na love. The variety were here with doug houlihan executive chief engineer for the chevy blazer ev. Well, parker were really proud of the 2024 chevy blazer ev. It starts with the altium platform, a propulsion system designed from the ground up modular in its capability across gms entire portfolio and on the blazer ev. If we can go around here, basically, we have three different battery sizes and we took the largest battery size and set the wheelbase. So we got the wheels further front to back, gave us a very low center of gravity, integrated the underbody across that have a really really stiff uh body structure and a flat load floor, as you saw earlier when were inside the vehicle and then this vehicle. This is the blazer evss, which has this outstanding capability, with 557 horsepower and 684 foot pounds of torque, and we got the wow feature that wide open watts that just takes a little bit extra uh current from the inverter, injects it into the system.

And now you get zero to sixty miles an hour in under four seconds and also standard on the ss the super cruise, the industry first hands free driving experience, thats compatible here on the us and in canada, roads very cool. Now we were talking a little bit. This car has a two tone paint scheme. You can get the 1lt base model. If you wanted to, you could get a black roof sure very cool, so we got the ability with the paint shop to be able to make it monochromatic or be able to 1lt 2lt to have a two tone roof and we can pick different colors as well. Very cool – and you know, talk a little bit about drivetrain yeah, so weve got front drive on the 1lt and we have front drive and all wheel drive on the 2lt and then when we get to the rs model. We step up with the rear wheel drive and then we also have on this ss a performance all wheel, drive system with that we get 290 miles of range on our wheel, drive we get 320 and even on our entry level, one lt 247 miles of range And that starts at 45, 46, 000. wow and then also some other things that i think are noteworthy. Are the 11 kilowatt on board charging module that gives you know level 2 charging capability at home and public use, and then we have the dc fast charge capability.

As well with 190 kilowatts 78 miles in just under 10 minutes of charge, so i think our customers are really yeah thats, pretty impressive. Now whats the charging infrastructure like when you buy a car like this. Where do you go and charge it? How many chargers are available? You know theres, seven or eight that were affiliated with that. We can help our customers reach through our infotainment system and then also we have a system through general motors, where you can purchase a home charging system and we really help you through that whole process and then theres like route planning, apps and – and you can basically, If youre wanting to go to a certain destination, far away, you can go either on their website, as you were saying, or on the app or in the car, and actually plan your route, making sure youre stopping at the appropriate charge stations to make it all the Way – and you were saying 78 miles of charge in in 10 minutes or less thats, pretty impressive, very, very cool – and you know some other technology here we have regen braking. We have one pedal driving. We have this presence based, lift gate which is pretty cool. You just walk up to it with the key fob in here in your proximity and the liftgate will automatically open and you can put the groceries in or your cargo can we check that feature out sure. So tell me more about the proximity feature im used to cars where you walk up, and maybe you can kick your foot underneath here and half the time it doesnt work.

Youve got a new, innovative solution to that we call it the present space liftgate system. So, basically, with the key fob in your in your possession, you walk up to the vehicle lets say you have groceries in your hand or luggage and the vehicle that is cool. You dont have to take anything out. You can go ahead and put your luggage in and then the gate will close and then some extra storage down here and folding seats as well: yep, 60 40 seats and uh really good packaging on the inside that ultim battery packaging. I was talking about earlier. You know we could take a look at when you talk to justin here about that flat load, floor and 78 inches of cross vehicle width is, i think, going to be extremely well appreciated by our customers. We got three people across and you know just earlier today. We had a uh another journalist that was taking a look at at the packaging six foot, five like an offensive, lineman wow sitting in the back seat. He he just couldnt believe on just how much room there was and then he went in the front seat and same thing, and we actually have the panoramic sunroof in here as well. So plenty of headroom and just a good overall package. I got to say, with the width too, it just looks mean and aggressive that wider track and then its got a low center of gravity because of the batteries.

Pretty impressive had a great structural feel just at the proving grounds a couple weeks ago, and you know it hit a bun a couple of bumps, and it just feels like uh is that all you got very cool, its independent suspension, front and rear front rear and Track tune, chassis for our ss model. We have summer tires and all season tires. So if you want to go track, we offer the summer tire package. We got the front brembo brakes and just uh 22 inch wheels and ready to roll very cool. Well, thank you. So much i really appreciate it. Thanks im excited for this thing, thanks so much to chevy for inviting me to check out the new blazer ev. I hope you guys enjoyed todays video. Like always, please browse the channel and subscribe.