Actually, i got four likes on youtube and there were there were moments last month, but id even have four people watching it. So um yeah, i think ill. Do one more episode and this time im gon na do the ev sector so were gon na? Do a few auto manufacturers and a couple um other related things, not not necessarily cars but still in the world? So look if were gon na do ev. You got to start with the king right, so lets take a look at tesla im doing a bit of a zoomed in view again were looking on the top with our moving averages and then well get to the lower ones. Later they dont look bad though, but again well, look at those in a second. So what do we see with tesla look weve? Where is the eight? Actually, i got theres the eight okay, sorry, i didnt see it there. So where are we sitting at right now? Weve actually been kind of riding the 20, which is pretty cool, so we broke the eight right here. It made its first attempt at the 50. It clearly failed, the 50. it looked like it was going to lose the 8 and 20. But you know the nasdaqs been doing well and obviously this is going to ride the nasdaq pretty hard right. So this day it looks like it got over the eight we had a second day, which is great and look we always say, get two day confirmation right.

So i would call this a two day: confirmation breaking the eight weve now held it look its its a red day, but i kind of dont care actually were still over the eight and its the first day. Weve broken the 50.. Then we get another one. Two days over the 50 over the eight and over the 20, which is fantastic, youre, going to see this moving, live on a couple charts again: theres some post market activity happening right now, so its obviously tracking live pro live process. Progress. Sorry, one more thing to really look at. We can almost draw a really good channel here. So let me use my drawing tools: where are they one sec im actually gon na keep them here, because i got a comment that some people really wanted to see. The line so im gon na put one at this peak right here that guy again were not looking for exact but give or take that looks good. So, actually – and honestly – i really didnt know before i drew it, it looks like we actually tested this line at one point, so i clearly did not get it but hey not too bad right. So if we can break 773, you can almost even round it to 70 75 right. I like a good round number. If we can break that, there is almost no reason we shouldnt run to this 100 moving average line or even as high as 860 or even a solid break of 850.

We can again use some round numbers right. So if we open nicely tomorrow, if we break 773 or hey, if we for whatever reason see a nice gap, you know um, you can really ride that for what looks like at least um, not quite ten percent, its, not really seven. Is it seventy bucks, its close, eight forty would be seventy, but hey um, a little more than five percent um right there. If we can break this line so not too bad and then again just we. We talked about this on other um on other videos, but look there was a clear downtrend. It hasnt quite broken id love more of an upward, but look we are were not continuing down anymore, were now kind of doing what looks like you know its still very tight right, but hey. Hopefully it does this and go up right, so im going to keep the white horizontal line just in case you want to reference this later, but yeah. If we break this, i think i will also put a line here just to have it again. I would i would go with the 850 number, you know what i mean just keep it simple, stupid, dont dont, push it or if you want to even play it a little safer. What is this 100 moving, average 828, so 830, so um just again, whatever your tolerances is. Some people are different and actually it looks like this lower end: wick 848 yeah um, im liking.

What im seeing here lets just look at the other indicators, real quick. I did get to that a little late last time. Nice macd green is over red, which is perfect and it looks like its actually sloping up just a little bit. Let me get a nice little zoom and then nice rsi same thing again. I think if we can get over this peak, that could be nice again. Remember the rsi lives within 80 and 20 give or take so its a little higher um, but hey the tesla is a big boy. It big boy or big girl. Whatever you want to call it, but it can definitely move um move pretty well, so this was tesla lets go to the next one, so this is mullen ill. Tell you. I did really well with mullen. I want to back it up because just i actually live this so um. Where was it hey? I actually think it was here. Let me just show you what what things can look like when the moving averages break hard right. So clearly, this just disgusting drop weve. One attempt at breaking the the eight and down here this was, you know you can call it. The first break of the eight clearly fell again once this line broke right, theres a couple ways you can do it. You can even come in right here because this was a good but yeah. You just want to like ride the ride.

The eight right you know youll come down youll catch, it youll come down a little bit, but still over the eight you know and then, as you start to lose it right here, once you really lose the 8 and the 20 dont dont touch. This thing right were nowhere in the eight dont come back dont come back. You get your first break of the eight. You know you can see that this 20 is going to hold you down, so you can play it a couple different ways and also the movement of the market has a lot to do with it. So if youre watching my market videos, you should pair how the the nasdaqs doing with a nasdaq related stock right. So this was in that really ugly month of or a couple months of, the nasdaq as well so um. But lets come to immediate right. This actually does not have the same good look as the other one. So if you see here, weve actually been trading below the eighth for a number of days. It looks like there were a few attempts to break it, but i mean were clearly below the eight. There was a nice try up, but it got hammered down. Um were well below the 50 and the 20.. I personally, i would really stay away from this thing until we at least get over the 8. mullen is a potential meme stock. I actually im not the biggest fan of meme stocks unless we start to break my lines right, but mullen at the immediate we we havent been above the eight.

I need at least two days over the eighth right. We want to break it and then get confirmation and then from there maybe well consider mullen, but um mullen, not looking beautiful, mullens just kind of mulling around right here um. We do see that the red is over the green, hey, the green might be trying to take it over well see what maybe a nice day or two in a row could do but yeah right now. Nothing actually the rsi is starting to climb. So hey, maybe theres a chance. It gets a little bit but again, look the one nice day. Doesnt mean lets, throw our money in here right. So this things seen a couple nice days and then come down nicely. So overall big picture. Let me just kind of i mean theres, actually a couple happening here right so lets. Let me go back to the trend lines and then maybe well draw some horizontal. So this was clearly the first major downtrend. Okay, we can roughly call it that it tried to break it, but really it ended up making almost a second downtrend. The one good thing is look, this is a hard slope were now starting to ease the slope out. Realistically, i could see something like that happening next. Obviously, we need some more time to happen before hey. Hopefully, we get something like that, so mullen im still a little hesitant on. I think we need more than a few signals before this is even a potential buy.

Um, if, if, if you were itching for a line i mean maybe this one, what does this look like? No thats, not even a really good one, honestly thats, probably let me see what does that look like. Let me lower it to that one then i mean i probably wouldnt touch this thing again using round numbers until a buck 25.. I think if we can crack 125 and hold it thatd be great clearly if we can break this last line, this hundred moving average wherever it may be, thats, when you know we might, we might fly back to a pretty high up line, so mullen definitely needs A little more confirmation, so i have a few more tickers to do and im spending too much time on the first two so were now. Moves were now moving away from a car and were actually going to a technology. So this is lidar. Interesting ill, be honest. I did not look at the chart before i came into this review, so whats happening with lidar. Actually, what im seeing is a pretty good thing? So look again: this is the power of of these lines. Right were were clearly trading under this 200. were nicely going up. The eight we drop, the 20 saves us. We drop again. We can kind of say this thing saves us, we fail, but hey end up coming up. We make what looks like a break, but then boom. We clearly lose it and aside from this little test here in this little test, here, weve clearly been under the eight for a while.

Let me zoom in because i do want to make sure so yeah. This was the first day over the eight. This was the second day over the eight the first day over the 20 and now were actually over the 20 for two days. So there are only a few lines that i actually see in play here. So im gon na make one right there im gon na make one i think right there and im going to make one right there. So this looks like a very realistic climb for 250 to 275 to 3 to really what probably is 350 so um watch lidar. Actually this this could have a nice healthy, climb, thats, a beautiful macd thats, a beautiful rsi ill be honest. I didnt look at lighter before i made this video, but um lidar looks pretty good. I actually might take a view on this on my better set of indicators, but believe me, what were looking at is not a bad one at all, so yeah lighter looking good and again nothing better than small lines to break versus. You know these like giant gaps that are, you know, monumental, so thats that looks like a good healthy climb right there. If it happens, right signs are kind of pointing to yes ill be honest, but if it happens tomorrow we definitely want to at least open once you can break 236. I think that could be a nice confirmation get over to get 237 and um yeah, hopefully uh.

Hopefully, that bad boy climbs lidar this next ones, also a technology. I believe this is a charging station. Um evie go nice! Look at this bad boy, so um. This is what you want to see right. You get a break of the eight look. I realize that looks horrible and that really could have scared off a lot of people to instantly sell, but youre still over the eight youre holding your confirmation one more day, youre holding your confirmation one more day and then boom. We start to make a run for the 20 and then nothing but confirmations and runs to the next lines right so um at this point, weve broken that which looks good weve broken that which looks good and really ill put it here. I think i think 9. 18 looks next: if not even just this blue 100 line right here, um look ill. Tell you theres been a lot of people making a lot of money here right, so you can see a potential dump, but yeah i mean look at that. Macd right as the days go, it keeps going away from the red line in an upward slope. Thats thats, beautiful right there right. If i, if i was a painter id paint that real quick, again same thing with the rsi thats thats, just sexy so um. Obviously i wish we looked at this a little sooner. Dont get me wrong, but um you can see what it looks like when you get a nice momentum, get nice distance away from the eight and just kind of keep riding the eight as it goes.

So evie go evie, go keep on going. I think this next one. Yes, like the lidar ticker we looked at this is another tech. Hey beautiful rsi were kind of going backwards, hey beautiful, macd and again look at what were looking at. We have one two three four day break of the eight and now it looks like a two day break of the twenty. So these are some easy lines to draw here. Lets break this lets break that and then really, i think ill. Do this one yeah. It looks like it almost hits that okay cool, i would. I would call these the the next tranches if it keeps going but um again, we did look at the the lower indicators but yeah really, except for mullen. The ev sector is looking good and again nasdaqs doing well. So look at some tech stocks right, thats, a hopefully an easy connection for you guys to make the last one i wanted to look at were going to end with a car is solo. So solo is a canadian car manufacturer so um. What are we looking at here again kind of the same story, just not as loud so im going to actually zoom out a little bit to give a full picture. We havent been anywhere near the 50 since early since early april from there nowhere near the 50, maybe a little bit, but nowhere near the 50 right. The first test comes here.

Clearly we fail it. The 20 catches us and look. We are now over the 50, and this is the first time we had two days over the 50 and weve talked about this little shape right here right before so, if youve seen some past videos, hopefully these are starting to connect the dots and youre learning as Im making these right but um a lot of positivity happening here and again that looks great. That looks great lets make some lines for solo, so what i do want to happen is were gon na need to break. Let i think this is a good little cluster here uh. I think this is a all right. This is the first one im gon na go with that im. Okay with this, i think this is a good line. Break 156. You can call it 155 if you want to look at the next round number and then hopefully, what is this line at thats there and then what are you at thats there? Okay, i think these are some healthy tranches here and it does look like the 170 lines up with that 100 moving, so im good with that um. These look like the lines for solo. So again, it does look like the stock talks are taking closer to 15 minutes than that eight 10 minute mark with the other videos, but i hope youre learning, i hope, youre being safe with your money again. These arent daily.

I did oil yesterday so make sure you watch these when im not making these videos. If you put any money in this, not any sort of recommendation to make a buy but hey ill. Tell you what i see and if i like it or not, hey. I really hope youre enjoying these videos again. I cant believe how many likes i got on the last one and it was only four but trust me that made me really excited, but um yeah subscribe, like whatever you want to do, but come back.