Music. The blazer hits a really interesting category right because so many of us, especially parents, love suvs, but gas prices suck and we kind of want to save the planet. So an all electric eevee is very appealing, but is this the one its got some good stuff? Let me show you so: the blazer ev is going to come in three different base: trims, so theres the lt, the rs and the ss, which is the performance model. Each of these will have different variants in terms of single motor. Dual motor front wheel, drive, rear wheel, drive all wheel drive as well as the battery packs themselves, but theres no reason to get baffled. It gives you a lot of flexibility and will give you what you want so in the rs, which is the one that im sitting in now, uh that has up to 320 miles of range uh and the ss and the lt have around 2 uh 70 to 90 respectively uh, which is right around that 300 range mile, which most people are really happy with: okay, so youre thinking to yourself an suv, thats, all electric that sounds cool, but wait. What does chevy know about evs? So let me remind you, these are the guys that brought us the bolt one of the most successful evs in the country, and it has a total cult following you know: people love that car theyre also the company that brought us the hummer ev, which has made A big splash, as well as the cadillac lyric and the blazer ev, shares a lot of qualities with all of those vehicles and well get into that in a few minutes.

The cockpit in the blazer is surprisingly driver friendly, im really happy with that. Actually, its got an 11 inch screen here and then a 17 inch screen here and then a nice balance of buttons on the steering wheel, as well as buttons for the climate control and the all important volume button. Hallelujah really nice. So on your display here, its obviously going to show you, your charging amounts your charging levels, your recharge levels, all that stuff, its also got wireless apple, carplay and android auto, which is great um. The other thing to think about with the blazer ev is it gives you access to super crews. Let me get into that. So super cruise is the proprietary system by general motors, which essentially has um self driving on uh certain roads between in the u.s and canada. There is a total of 200 000 miles of these roads that allow you to drive with your hands off the steering wheel, um theres a sensor right here. So if your hands need to be on the steering wheel, it will let you know um, but super cruise is fantastic and um. The blazer ev gives you access to that im here in the back seat of the chevy blazer. This is the rs trim and its actually quite comfortable um for a full size adult. In fact, you could put three. You know normal sized adults back here, comfortably um. It has uh chargers and, as well as climate vents, the really big panoramic um moon roof is making a difference.

Making this feel a lot lighter so before you think that this is just the blazer thats been electrified, its actually quite different, and you can see it in the way that it looks this one is lower. It is wider. It is a little bit longer, plus its got bigger, wheels and fatter tires, and you know what that means more rubber on the road means its going to handle better, not to mention the fact that, because of the battery is going to make the center of gravity A little bit lower due to that skateboard architecture running down the middle um, so this may even be a performance car ill. Let you know once i get behind the wheel like any good suv, its got an enormous trunk, its got the 60 40 split with um seat backs that lay flat fantastic in terms of safety. We dont have all the numbers yet, but it does have all the air bags it has forward and reverse automatic braking and whole safety. Suite courtesy of chevy blazer ev has a regular charging point as well as dc fast charging. That will get you 80 miles in less than 10 minutes. So with the bolt ev chevy did a program where they would pay for the installation of your home charging unit. Um the details, arent really clear yet on whether or not theyre going to do that. With the blazer but im sure theyll pull it off because for so many of us this is our first ev.

So we want a home charger um. So if you think that this is the ev suv for you, you can reserve a blazer right now online for just 100 bucks and you can buy one in spring of 2023.