I am switching to third mode, which is dash mode. Sonic mode will be one of the most favorite mode for every youngster, so guys now we are going to start. The test rides, as i already told you, it is not having any keyless entry. It is having only physical key, so i am switching on this, so it looks like this after starting it will take one second to start this vehicle. So after switching on this, it will show you like this motor is on off state. Now we have to on this motor, then we have to ignite this now it will move. So if you see here now, we are in dash mode. So, first let me go in echo mode and i will test this speed. As i already told you, it is having four modes echo ct, dash and sonic mode. Sonic mode will be one of the most favorite mode for every youngster. So now we are in echo mode its having a great breaks. It is having a great break system. So if you see here as it is having two disc brakes, it breaks performance is great, so we are taking a round turn now im switching to ride mode. They told me that in ride mode, it is having a maximum speed capacity of 60 kmph suspension is also good, but here we are not having any country road to test the suspension coming to the gradability uh. They are saying that it is having a great ability of 13 degrees.

Now we are in right mode. The scooter is going very smooth, okay, so now im switching to third mode, which is dash mode. So in dash mode only uh, it is having a high speed. They are saying that it is having a high speed of almost to 90 kmph. Now, let me take it turn here for this weekly uh. It is having turn on indicators and also sound for that also, but they have disabled. For this version i mean for final product; they will enable it now. Let me switch to final mode. That is sonic mode. I am feeding that much speed in this mode and the performance of the brakes is good. As i already told you, while riding this vehicle will get a feeling that we are riding a petrol engine vehicle here, we are unable to test the speed maximum speed, as here we are having a track. So when the time comes, i will definitely do a video on maximum speed of this vehicle and also how many kilometers it will travel like rain stays. Also, we will do that. Definitely now we are in sony mode. Almost we have touched 71 kilometers as its maximum speed is 1.5 kmph. The one more concern i have to raise here that it is not having much leg space. So if you see here im almost 5.6 feet but for the people who is having the height of six feet, they may not comfortable to sit here.

So that is one concern well coming to the ground clearance. Also, it is having much ground clearance as it is. Having a 185 mm ground clearance well coming to the price of this vehicle, it is having a price of one lakh, ten thousand rupees, which is a extra room price. And if you want to opt another battery, it will be cost more. Like 20 to 20, 000 rupees will be more and also if you want to have 1.4 kilowatt charger to charge this vehicle in two hours, it will be additionally charged. Almost. It is 15 499 rupees for that charger. So, by considering all the features and specifications of this vehicle, we could say that for 1 lakh 10 000 rupees, which is extraordinary price for 1 lakh, 10 000 rupees. We can yes, we can agree. This is how this is a good one. So guys we have tested some features and some specifications of this vehicle only and we have not uh tested uphill test and also uh kind of food gradable. So if you have not tested in other videos, well definitely do that. So for more such videos, please subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to get instant notifications.