But now, with a multitude of zero emissions, vehicles ranging from city cars to super saloons on the market were nearly spoiled for choice and the selection is always expanding. Welcome to united taxon lets get started, but make sure you have subscribed to this channel and turn the notifications bell icon on due to silent, powertrains and astounding levels of performance on tap. Electric cars are also more relaxing and easier to drive than their petrol and diesel powered counterparts, while zero tailpipe emissions and rock bottom running costs make electric vehicles particularly desirable to company car drivers. So if youre, looking for a new electric vehicle, youve arrived at the correct location, weve compiled a list of the top 10 electric vehicles to buy in 2022 number one and gzs the mg zs electric vehicle, which won our 2022 car of the year and best value Electric car categories is one of the cheapest electric vehicles on the road with prices, starting at about 28 000 pounds. It can travel up to 273 miles on a single charge and comes with a fair level of standard equipment. The appearance and infotainment of the zs electric vehicle have both been improved for its latest facelift with the latter now, including a digital drivers display and a 10.1 inch central infotainment touchscreen, with apple carplay and android, auto inside theres, plenty of room and the 472 liter boot. Should make the zs electric vehicle excellent for most families number two hyundai ionic 5.

. The hyundai ionic 5 is part of the korean automakers next generation of electric vehicles, and it proves that the future is bright in terms of design. The inec 5 is absolutely futuristic with styling that rivals that of certain supercars, the ionic fives cabin and ride are wonderfully pleasant, plus its well priced and boasts roughly 300 miles of range in its most efficient configuration, so theres plenty of substance behind its space age, appearance. The most striking feature is its 220 kilowatt ultra rapid charging capability, which means topping up from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes. If you find a fast enough charging point to learn more read our entire review and compare the hyundai ioniq 5 to the bmw ix3 and the volvo xc40 recharge in our triple test number three iniak iv from skoda, skodas first dedicated electric car, the iniak iv, is Certainly one of the best on the market right now, the zero emission suv is a fantastic family car with plenty of practicality, a large modern and tech field, cabin excellent refinement and a decent real world driving range of between 255 and 336 miles, depending on the model. Its also reasonably priced – and it comes with the brands signature – simply clever – features like hidden umbrellas in the doors. The fact that rapid charging is now included with every model is just icing on the cake number four vf500, with the new fiat 500 city car via, has replaced the gas pump of the plug the winner of our best urban electric car award for 2022 and car Of the year award for 2021 boasts a beautiful and tech filled, cabin that is pleasingly neither unduly complex nor unnecessarily austere on the road.

The fiat is more enjoyable to drive with a more comfortable seating position and a smoother ride than its predecessors, sometimes uncomfortable petrol engine. The cherry on top of this superb cake is the low cost entry level. The action gets attention and will be great for people who can live with its 115 mile range, but the passion which adds more gear, more power and a larger battery for a 199 mile range is the real value buy number five. Bmw ix is number five. The ix winner of our best luxury electric car award is at the very top of bmw, fast, expanding range of electrify cars. The style of the german mark, slideship suv, like that of most of its machines, sets it apart from rivals like the audi e tron and tesla model x, but so does the way it drives. The i x is quiet, comfortable and trimmed in some of the highest quality materials in this sector, but its also fun to drive with the range topping x, drive 50 models, 105 kilowatt hour battery capable of reaching up to 381 miles on a single charge. Number 6.. The kia ev6 with the budget friendly and practical e, nero and sole electric vehicle suv kia has been in the electric vehicle game longer than other car makers. The ev6 marks the start of the brands new generation of zero emission vehicles when it comes to utility technology. Comfort and handling this stylish coupe suv is more than a match for upmarket electric vehicle rivals like the ford mustang machi and vw id.

5, the ev6 isnt only speed and fun to drive all vehicles offered in the uk have a 77 kilowatt hour battery that allows it To travel up to 328 miles on a single charge when you need to recharge the ev6 can do so at a rate of up to 233 kilowatt, which is faster than the hyundai ioniq 5. number. Seven porsche taken. The porsche taken demonstrated that electric cars can be just as thrilling and interesting to drive as enthusiast oriented petrol powered ones since its debut the taken lineup has grown dramatically with the first zero emissions porsche now available in two estate body types cross, turismo and sport turismo. As well as a conventional saloon, there are various models to choose from ranging from the entry level rear drive taken to the top of the line turbo s with 751 brake horsepower porsche launched a more driver, focused gts model in 2021, which appears to be the sweet Spot of the range with nearly 600 brake horsepower from a dual motor arrangement and a range of over 300 miles number eight bmw, i4. The bmw i4 is a zero emissions version of the german brands, winning four door saloon formula which has come to define what we expect from the class and the i 4 delivers. The only other electric car that handles or engages as well as the bmw i4 is the significantly more expensive porsche taken thanks to exceptional refinement and build quality, an excellent infotainment, sound and rapid charging capability.

The i4 is more than a match for the tesla model. Pre. It directly competes with the i4e drive40 has a 365 mile range, while the i4m50 bmw first ever, electric m sports vehicle, no less has all wheel, drive and 537 brake horsepower number nine tesla model 3.. This list wouldnt be complete without mentioning teslas best selling vehicle. To date, a car that everyone wants because of its rapid charging technology refinement and performance. The model 3 comes in three different versions: standard range, plus long range and performance, all of which have a minimalist, yet elegant interior. The model 3 can go up to 305 miles on a single charge and accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in under 6 seconds, then theres, the long range which has a range of 360 miles and a 0 62 miles per hour time of 4.2 seconds. The performance is the most astounding of the bunch. Its range is reduced to 340 miles, but it makes up for it with blistering acceleration. Zero to 62 miles per hour takes just 3.2 seconds and top speed is 162 miles per hour. Number 10 mustang maki ford, mustang maki, the ford mustang machi is a family suv that looks nothing like the muscle vehicle with which it shares a name but its highly snappy power delivery and pleasurable handling indicate otherwise its one of the best electric vehicles to drive. Aside from the bmw, i4 and porsche taken, both of which are higher on our list, the base rear wheel, drive model has a range of 279 miles but upgraded to the extended range variant and the mach e can travel 380 miles on a single charge with charging Speeds of 150 kilowatt that implies youll be able to top up to 80 percent in roughly 40 minutes, although it is not as comfy as some rivals.

The fort is practical, quiet inside and boasts a genuinely remarkable cabin crammed with technology and a big tesla style touchscreen. It was all from our side thanks for watching this video, please make sure to hit like and subscribe to this channel for more interesting information.