That weve seen under the silverado and the gmc hummer ev, but it is also a couple years late to market when you consider that the ford mustang maki has been around for at least a couple years now. Nevertheless, chevrolet is keen to make a splash with the new blazer ev, with a range of up to 320 miles and up to 557 horsepower in the ss model. In addition to those impressive performance specs, the blazer ss also cuts a very impressive visual stance. Youve got a huge gloss black front fascia up front, which is actually different from the one that you find on the rs and the rest of the blazer lineup, and it kind of helps set the ss apart. And it also makes it look wider and lower. And just kind of a little bit more planted the daytime running lights also provide you with some useful information, theres a welcome animation, a departure animation and a charging animation that help you know kind of what your vehicle is doing when its been locked and unlocked and That kind of a thing when its ready to drive and all of that now moving around the side, the blazer, ss and all blazer products have a very long and planted wheelbase and very little overhang. That kind of highlights how athletic this vehicle is intended to be. The blazer ss also has 22 inch wheels standard and a nice thick sidewall. So, in addition to that beautiful design, you also probably are going to have a pretty comfortable ride and it really just kind of adds to the vehicles, athletic purpose and stance and everything like that.

The side profile is gorgeous. I think its really attractive with some of these flowing lines that come all the way through and my favorite feature on the entire car. Is this really slick c element design right here? That kind of, in my mind, if you squint, recalls a little bit the first generation chevrolet corvette it kind of has that cool 50s verve. If, if they did this in white, i would absolutely love it. Itd be really cool. Every blazer, ss and rs comes standard with a two tone roof, but you can get that on the base 1lt and the mid level 2lt products as well. If thats your design, its, not necessarily my favorite feature, but it does look really good with this beautiful red. On the ss moving around to the back, the tail lights kind of recall, the headlights just a little bit with their design, and they also include an led animation and then youve got the bright red ss badge to let you know that you are driving the most Impressive blazer available and then moving over here. The gloss black blazer batch standard on the ss also comes with an ultim logo in the middle, to kind of remind you that this is an electric car and that you have bought the latest and greatest in general motors ev technology. The blazer ev is kind of a unique offering in the space because it offers three different batteries and three different drive trains theres going to be a front wheel, drive variant as well as all wheel, drive and rear wheel, drive chevrolet says that theyve done this because They want to give customers the choice, thats right for them, ranging from the 1lt model, which is front wheel, drive only with the small battery that can go up to 245 miles, which is not bad for a vehicle.

Thats expected to start at 45 000 at the other end of the spectrum is that vehicle, the blazer rs rear wheel, drive large battery, which should be able to go 320 miles between charges. The blazer ev is capable of up to 190 kilowatts of charge rate at a dc fast charger, but that number may improve over time thanks to chevrolets software based electrical architecture. So if 190, kilowatts isnt enough for you just wait a couple years and that number will probably improve charging happens by way of this power operated door right here. It is really cool and – and they said that theyve done this because as much as youre going to interact with it, they want it to be as convenient and easy to use as possible and bear in mind that chevrolet is a company thats based in michigan. So you shouldnt expect frost to pose any challenge with this power operated door. The blazer ev also has a lot of interesting design inside as well as you can see, theyve drawn a lot of performance inspiration from this vehicle with the round dash vents that look like theyre, ripped straight out of the camaro. It also has a very bold two tone color scheme. In this ss version. You can get any number of different color combinations, but they really wanted to make a bold statement with this one. So youve got just bright, bright red seats and lots of cool red accents throughout now.

Heres. The cool thing about this vehicle is the phrase poverty package does not apply. Every single blazer ev, including the base 1lt model, is going to come standard with a 17.7 inch. Touchscreen display and an 11 inch digital instrument cluster, the ss that im sitting in right now also has a head up display to kind of make sure that youve got all the information you need at your fingertips. One note is this: vehicle is in demonstration mode. So i cant actually interact with any of the features here, but there is going to be a lot of cool stuff that you can do with this car, including the wide open watts driving mode which kind of just amps up the voltage and make sure that you Have maximum performance, the blazer ss will also come standard with the companys enhanced super cruise, which means its going to have everything from hands off driving on the freeway to automatic lane changes. When youre approaching slower moving traffic up front, it will actually make sure that theres room in the left lane make that change and then come back over to the right lane without you, interacting with it at all. Weve experienced it before, and it is so amazing how well it works. It really just kind of takes a lot of the pressure off of a long freeway trip now in terms of space theres. A lot of room in this thing up front because of the flat ultim platform, however, unfortunately, its got kind of a low roof and so theres not a ton of room in the rear, im six feet tall so im.

Definitely not the tallest person in the world. Isnt and as you can see, im scraping the headliner, so you know thats kind of a bummer and it probably has something to do with this cars panoramic sunroof. Then again, this isnt a production vehicle. This is still technically a prototype, so that might improve a little bit in the future. Now another slight bummer about the blazer ev is that there wont actually be a frunk due to some packaging restraints, with the large wheels and the big front electric motor. They werent able to make space under the hood for any cargo, but thats not a huge deal because lets be honest: most people throw their stuff in the trunk anyway. There is a lot of room back there. Thanks to that ultim platform, if a frunks important to you, though, you might be better off with a maki or an ionic 5., the 2024 chevrolet blazer ev launches next year.