I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I cover the background, feel and drive the current selling price and the specs and engineering that go into making each car. If you have an electric car that youd like me to cover, let me know in the comments below in todays video im, reviewing suv, tesla model y ill, be covering the most important features to see whether it crushes the competition or not. Oh and one more thing about me before i start i like to race electric cars in my free time, im an eraser okay, now back to the video, the tesla model y is a 100 electric premium, compact suv produced by the american automaker tesla inc, its the Fifth model in the history of this manufacturer in 2013, tesla registered the name model y for its future model. The model y is a new model and looks like a model 3 extrapolated to make it a wagon version somewhere between station wagon and crossover, as elon musk likes to remind with the arrival of the model y, the tesla model line will become sexy, s3xy get it During its production phase, elon musk announced that many technical changes would intervene on the model y. He announces in particular the elimination of the 12 watt battery still present in the other models of the manufacturer or the use of a new technology of wiring, allowing the cable length to be reduced from 1500 m in the model 3 to 100 m in a model Y, however, the model y needed to hit the market quickly.

This therefore pushed teslas teams to rely much more on the model 3 base and to postpone these complex technical changes that take a long time to put into production. The model y shares nearly 70 of parts with the model 3. model y has finally shown in los angeles california. On march 14, 2019 production begins in january 2020 at the furmont california plant. The model y then went into production in giga shanghai in november 2020. Production was scheduled to start in giga, berlin and giga texas. At the end of 2021., in march 2020, tesla announced the production of the million tesla since the brands launch. This is a model y in red deliveries began on march 13, 2020. in the book power play. Tesla elon musk and the bed of the century tim higgins, an american reporter for the wall street journal, claims that elon musk originally planned not to install a steering wheel in the model y. Considering the arrival of a fully autonomous driving system that would have made the steering wheel unnecessary. Finally, the model y does have a steering wheel, the latter being absent only with level 5 autonomous driving, which the model y does not offer design and engineering aesthetically very close to the model 3 with which it shares the platform. The tesla model y is distinguished by its larger size. It displays 4.78 meters in length 1.85 meters in width and 1.60 meters in height model y, like every other tesla car is intended to be the safest vehicle in its class.

Extremely high levels of protection are provided by the low center of gravity, stiff body construction and extensive crumpled zones equipped with a hatchback. It offers a cargo volume of over 2 000 litters with the rear seat folded down. It also is capable of towing up to 1 600 kilograms interior. The interior of the model y is essentially identical to that of the model. 3. very refined. The dashboard incorporates a large touch screen placed in a horizontal position. It gives access to all the functions and various settings of the car. It also integrates the instrumentation. On the left side. The driver can enjoy a commanding view of the road ahead. Thanks to the high sitting position and low dash model. Wise interior is simple and sleek. With a 15 inch touchscreen an immersive, sound system and a large all glass roof that allows greater headroom and seamless view of the sky as standard the model y comes with black upholstery. Optional white upholstery is charged at about 1 200.. The company commercializes the model y offers the greatest amount of adaptability since it can accommodate up to seven passengers and their luggage. Each second row seat may be folded flat individually, allowing for versatile storage of items such as skis, furniture baggage and other belongings. The liftgate opens to reveal a low trunk floor which makes loading and unloading the vehicle simple and efficient. In july 2021, the model y received a hepa filter, as well as a mode of defense against biological weapons, like the one found in model s and model x.

The filter removes at least 99.97 percent of fine particles, pollutants and other viruses or bacteria. As for the defense mode, when its activated and the vehicle doors are closed, it ensures the safety of the occupants by filtering the outside air and purifying the air in the passengers. Compartment after the copies are produced in china, it will now make it standard in fremont that will receive the series system. Almost every function of the model y is controlled through the huge sleek infotainment touchscreen in the center of the dashboard. This panel shows everything from climate control to the speedometer which takes some getting accustomed to the model y has the same entertainment feature as the model 3, including built in netflix hulu and youtube applications as well as video games. For while you wait for your battery to charge at a public charging station, dont worry drivers are prohibited from utilizing these distractions while driving the model. Why is teslas first automobile to employ a heat pump for interior cabin heating, rather than electric resistance? Heat pumps were previously installed in certain electric vehicles from other manufacturers, including the nissan leaf: bmw, i3 ev jaguar. I pace audi e tron and kia nairo. The model y heat pump is up to 300 percent more efficient than other tesla cars. Electric resistance, heating in cold conditions. As a result, the model y should be more energy efficient in cold conditions than previous tesla vehicles in cold weather, at minus seven degrees celsius or lower.

Electric cars can lose up to forty percent of their range when heating, the inside cabin sandy monroe, an auto analyst discovered an octo valve component during his deconstruction of the model y, which looks to be the next generation of the super bottle component used in the model. 3., the new heat pump system, octo valve together with the revised rear underbody casting, is one of the two most important upgrades in the model y over the model 3.. As part of the cars thermal management system. The octo valve supports the model y heat pump performance. Tesla declares that, in addition to having two ultra responsive, independent electric motors, that digitally direct torque to the front and rear wheels, tesla all wheel, drive provides significantly improved, handling traction and stability. Control model y is capable in all weather conditions, including rain, snow dirt and off road. Unlike the model 3, the model y is no longer with its base trim level called standard range, long range and performance trims off the model y are already more appealing than the standard range trim. All wheel drive long range tanks, clocks in at 4.4 seconds from 0 to 60 mph just 0.4 seconds slower than the model 3 sedan. The performance variant reaches 60 mph in only 3.6 seconds. The model y has great acceleration, but it doesnt provide the same degree of driving pleasure as the model 3.. The suv body raises the center of gravity dulling, the sharp edge of the model 3s handling and the wise ride must be much harsher over road irregularities.

Battery life, while they will be able to choose from different types of packs, users will not be able to see the energy capacity of the battery on the internet. A capacity of 75 kwh is mentioned, of which 72.5 are useful, preferring to communicate on range values. Tesla announced a range of up to 376 miles for the long range version of model y and 358 miles for the performance version in the standard configuration less generous in batteries. The range drops to 274 miles, which is already more than enough to cover most journeys. Unsurprisingly, the model y inherits the same charging characteristics as the tesla model: 3 compatible with v3 superchargers. The california suv accepts up to 250 kw of charging power for home charging. The model y has an 11 kw charger on board. Elon musk, the ceo of tesla, said on july 25, 2021 that the model y will be modified before the end of the year. Tesla also intends to use their new structural battery pack to boost range. The two new tesla production plants in austin, texas and berlin. Germany would produce these new cars if tesla does not have the 4680 battery cells available by the end of 2021, they will utilize regular battery cells until the 4680s are ready prices and model range. The long range edition of the 2021 tesla model y is priced at 52, 490 plus a 1 200 destination fee for a total of fifty three thousand six hundred and ninety dollars.

The performance model costs fifty six thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars. As with the model. Three, the options tesla offers for the model y are limited. The main ones concern autopilot with two possible choices: improved autopilot that costs 4 ‘2 dollars which integrates autopilot navigation, auto lane change, auto parking, auto exit and intelligent, auto exit, fully autonomous driving capability for 8 69, which incorporates all the functionality of the basic autopilot by adding Recognition and reaction to traffic lights and stop signs eventually, automated driving in the city will be offered. The range is essentially what it comes to when buying an electric car and the long range and performance variants have 326 and 303 miles of driving range respectively. The long range which increases driving range while providing plenty of performance is our pick. There are only five exterior colors to choose from three of which cost an extra one thousand dollars, or two thousand dollars for an extra three thousand dollars. Buyers who want the optional third row of seats will be able to have them. This wraps up my review of the tesla model y. Let me know what you think of it. Thank you for sticking it out through the very end of this video. Nothing helps out my channel more than yall watching the entire video these videos take a long time to make and are a labor of love.