But what is genesis you might ask it is to hyundai what lexus is to toyota. It is a premium brand thats, a little bit more upmarket, although this does share the similar underpinnings to the ionic 5 and also the kia ev6 ii, really excellent electric cars. When you see the gv60 in isolation, it doesnt look especially big, but when youre actually, next to it, its quite a big car, its a little bit deceptive in the same way, the hyundai ioniq 5 is at the back. You get this sloping roofline the charge port is on the drivers side here, its an electrically operated thats quite neat. The way it does that its also got vehicle to load, so you can plug in obviously charge with the battery, but you can also have power. Come out of the battery to an external source, if you need to power something like youre on a picnic, and you want to have a coffee machine, for example, you can do all those features quite neat to have the roof line yeah its a little bit sloping Here, but actually, when youre sitting inside theres, not that much of an impact in the amount of space you have, the one thing that is missing is that there is actually no rear glass window. Here. You just get the main window, the rest of the car, where you get these flush fitting door handles. So when the car is locked, these are flush with the door, but once you unlock it, they pop open its very easy to open and close the door.

One thing you might notice about this: is it doesnt have conventional door mirrors, it has a camera based system. That is an option, so you dont have to have these. These are an extra and they work pretty well weve. Seen these kind of systems on cars like the eddy, tron, lexus es and honda e, not everyone likes them. These are one of the better versions of how that technology used and ill talk a little bit more about that. Once we get out on the drive the front end well, youve got this kind of clam shell bonnet, and the split headlight design makes it quite distinctive. This is on 19 inch wheels, which they dont look especially small on a car this size, thankfully its also a nice bit of sidewall, so theres a bit of cushioning when youre out on the road one of the party pieces. As soon as you get into the gv60 is its gear selector, not the sort of thing you might expect. It has this very interesting kind of crystal ball look, but when you turn on the ignition it swivels around – and you have this knurled gear selector, it looks very snazzy – looks pretty impressive. Every time somebody gets into car with you, they will be wowed by it. Hey its a bit different to the usual gear, selector right, the interior of the gv60 is where you start to see where your money is going, because the look and feel of it very much lives up to that premium.

Building, okay, the light colors, probably arent, the most practical thing, but they do look impressive and it also contrasts quite nicely against the metallic look of all the switch gear and switchgear is an important thing in this car, because, although there is this very impressive dual screen Display in front of you for the dashboard, theres still a lot of physical controls, so buttons like your heated or cooled seats, or your heated steering wheel and even navigating the infotainment system, its all done with physical buttons, which is really good because it just makes it Much easier to adjust or to change something while youre driving and youre on the move, youre not fiddling around with a touch screen trying to find where the temperature setting is its right here, you can just look down and adjust it up or down without having to Cast your gaze away from the road the dual screen display is very nice. It looks impressive. The graphics are nice, clear crisp, as you would expect in a car like this, and the infotainment system has all the usual features. Youd want for a lot of people, obviously connecting their phone is whats going to be the priority, and this does have apple carplay and android auto, so you can have that up on the screen there. So if you do want to use your waze, your google maps or your spotify or any other apps, you can very easily do that as well as obviously making all your calls and actually charging your device on the move is a lot easier.

Too. Youve got two usbc ports down there, a 12 volt socket and a wireless charging pad here as well. So theres, no reason you cant keep all those devices topped up when youre on the move. Finding a comfortable seating position is pretty easy. The electric seats have a ton of adjustment in this car more than youll get in any usual electric car, so you can adjust the seat any way you want, and the steering wheel is also electrically adjustable as well for reach or rake so theres plenty of adjustability. There to find a ceiling position, regardless of your height, the one thing that gets a lot of attention as soon as you see this car are the optional camera mirrors you dont have to have them, they are an option. They are impressive, they definitely fit in with the high tech look of the gv60 and having used a number of camera systems and other cars like the audi e tron. This is one of the better versions better way of doing things, its not perfect. It does take a little bit of getting used to, but the position of the screens here are much closer to where your natural eye line would fall its much easier to use its much easier to glance down, especially when youre looking at the other side and passenger Side now genesis backs that up as well with a very clever secondary camera system. When you turn on the indicators, regardless of which side you get a fish eye view of your blind spot.

So as soon as you turn that on you can then see exactly whats in your blind spot when youre driving along. So, even if you dont have the fancy camera version, you still do get a very good system, thats great for keeping you that little bit safer on the move. Other practical features. Well, the thing is: youve got this floating console here. So underneath you have all that extra space, great for trolling in a bag or a rucksack youve, got further little cubby hole here in front thats useful. If you dont want things rolling around on the floor, there is a little bit more space underneath the armrest as well and theres. This very convenient pull out glove box. Navigating the infotainment system is made easier by two ways of doing it. Obviously youve got the touchscreen, so you can just use that and its very easy. The screen reacts very quickly to it or you can use this rotary controller on the center console its very easy to use and navigate your way around has a nice feel to it. Its flexible so its very easy to go up or down or back through different menus, its like what you get in bmws. I drive system, which is still one of the very best ones around. So genesis has done the right thing by adding this as well. Getting in is a little bit easier because it does sit up a little bit higher off the ground once youre in either the outer seats.

There is a lot of room back here: okay, its not maybe quite as easy to get your foot in underneath the seat. In front when its down a little bit lower but theres a lot of knee room here and a reasonably good amount of headroom as well, this driving position is set settled from my usual driving position and im about five foot, eight just for reference, so you can Get an idea of how much room there is, but even if youre a taller driver in there youre still gon na have plenty of room. The armrest is kind of nice and comfortably low. Your window controls are there, interestingly, theres. Also, a lock and unlock function on the back doors, which is something you dont always see its one of the kind of quirks of this car, as is the cup holder, thats mounted in front its, not the usual place for a cup holder, but it works quite Well, having it there and youve also, then got air vents on the b pillar here, so just behind the drivers seat youve got an air vent right there very easy to direct it, its actually more effective having it there than having it in this back of the Center console, speaking of which there are two more usbc charge: ports there and quite interestingly, there is another storage area that goes right. The way in here with a little bit of a netting there so its very easy to put bigger items in there out of the way you still have a little bit of room here in the back of these pockets.

So if you want to put in a book magazine or a tablet – computer, for example, very easy to do that as well the middle seat. Well, this is usually the short straw in the box and its the same in this car granted. There is a fully flat floor in the back, so youre not losing it too much in terms of legroom, but this is much narrower and a lot firmer, so youre really going to be kind of not want to be in the middle to seat for too long. If you dont want to use that you can still pull this down, youve got two more cupholders in here as well, so you can have an armrest in the back, but the outer seats theyre very, very comfortable. The seat bases are nice and long. So you do get a little bit more support and although they dont move forward or back, you can recline the seats as well. So there is a little recline on the seat, so you can have it up or you can have it a little bit further back as well, so you can do a little bit of manual adjustment with those as well. Also, both of the two outer rear seats have ice fix points as well. So its quite easy you do need to put in a child or booster seat. One other neat feature as well is, if youre sitting behind the front passenger seat nobodys in it on the side.

Here there are physical controls for adjusting the seat, so you can move it forward and even slide it forward out of the way a bit like a chauffeur mode as it were, and thats really useful for either the person in the back or even the driver to Easily adjust the seat to have a little bit more room for whoevers sitting in the back now around the back of the gv60, you get a pretty large electrically operated tailgate that lifts to reveal 432 liters of boot. Space also includes a little bit of handy underfloor, storage for your charging, cables and other odds and ends the rear seats can be folded down in a 60 40 split. You also get an additional 53 liters of boot space underneath the front bonus again, maybe its a useful place for keeping some valuables out of sight or your charging cables. The driving position will immediately hit it off with some people, because you sit that a little bit higher up as you do in a regular crossover or suv, and the fact that theres so much adjustment available in that driving position as well is another big bonus. What might surprise some people is that the suspension is on the firm side. This is particularly noticeable when youre driving on slightly more back rows like this, its fine on a motorway or around town, but it is just on the firmer side, its not super luxurious, as you might expect its definitely genesis trying to be a little bit sportier in How it has set up the gv60 now the numbers on paper might not seem all that spectacular by ev standards, its got 229 horsepower and 350 newton meters, but its quick enough.

It easily gets up to speed if you need to do a quick overtake, for example, theres more than enough power there on reserve. Most of the time, youre gon na drive this car around youre only going to be using 10 15 of what its actually capable of, and it does cruise along quite well. But i guess some people will like to have that little bit of power on top and when you put your foot down, it has no issue with getting up to speed pretty quickly. You can also choose from a number of different driving sounds, including quite a futuristic. Electric motor sound but theres, even something that vaguely resembles a v8 engine and those sounds also adjust depending on the driving mode. So when you go into a sport mode, for example, not only does it increase the sound of the volume and sharpen the reaction from the accelerator pedal, but these seats also come in a little bit more on the side bolsters to give you a little bit more Support as well in the corners thats, pretty neat dont worry, though it can take off that speed every bit as quickly theres, a pretty good brake pedal feel, and it will haul up to a stop in quite a short distance when youre not having to stop in A hurry – and you just want to cruise along there is a sail mode. So when you lift your foot off the accelerator, the car will just sail along, or you can also then choose from a number of different energy recuperation levels in its strongest setting, which is done by adjusting the paddles on the back of the steering wheel.

It does effectively become a one pedal, driving and its great for when youre driving around town, because you effectively once you lift off the accelerated pedal, the car will come almost to a dead, stop its great you get used to it very quickly and it just makes Driving that a little bit more enjoyable and a little bit more relaxing Music, so thats our review of the genesis gv60, its a pretty interesting alternative to some of the mainstream and premium electric suvs that are out there. The interior is superb. The quality is second to none its every bit as good as what youll find in some of the really established premium brands, but also its got a decent battery, good driving range and lots of tech. If you want to know more about this car head over to the websites, dcev.i.