Given a choice, would you prefer to hit a car thats more like a large moving cardboard box or a swinging wrecking ball? Its a no brainer most people would pick the lighter vehicle thats because it has less mass, so youll suffer less impact and injury, but heres the thing no driver ever wants to be in a car crash. So what will happen in the years to come? As we see more, electric cars on the road evs are significantly heavier than traditional combustion engine cars. This means car crashes can get deadlier, but no one is talking about this, so i will today ill expose the real risks of heavy evs and what happens when a massive four ton electric truck hits your combustion engine car, its not just about weight. Evs can accelerate faster than traditional cars because they have more torque. If you combine these two aspects alone, you can see why evs can be deadlier on the road. Electric trucks. Are the big rage now exactly how much more dangerous are they when compared to combustion engine trucks, heres something most people dont know ev trucks arent just heavier than combustion engine trucks, but in fact the average ev truck can be anywhere from 20, 30 or even 50 Percent heavier take the 2022 ford, f, 150 lightning. For example, it weighs 6 500 pounds to be clear: its 35 heavier than the gas powered model, or look at the 2022 gmc hummer ev that beast weighs 9063 pounds thats one four and a half tons.

The battery alone is almost 3 000 pounds, which is a third of its total weight. Needless to say, this is gms heaviest vehicle to date. Compare that to the last hummer 3, which weighed a 10 over 5 000 pounds being in a car crash is bad enough. As it is, but now imagine getting hit by a truck thats four and a half tons, basically its like getting hit by an elephant. The thing is: americans love trucks. As the combustion engine ban approaches, we can only expect to see more electric trucks on the roads and thats the very problem. If you havent already been in a car crash chances, are you know somebody who has did you know? There are five main types of car collisions so which ones are the most fatal. Well, most people are familiar with rear end collisions injuries are usually more serious for passengers in a car that gets rear ended as opposed to passengers in the car behind. Then there are side impact collisions. This is also called a t bone collision, because when a car directly hits your side from a right angle, it forms the shape of a tee. Then we got side swipes. This collision happens when the adjacent side of two vehicles touch or swipe each other, while one or both cars are moving, the damage is usually just cosmetic and not as fatal. Then theres head on collisions when two cars ram into each other head on, usually at high speed.

This can be extremely fatal and, of course, theres the multiple vehicle pileup. This collision involves many vehicles and usually happens on a highway. Imagine your car getting hit multiple times from multiple directions. Cars can even spin during this type of collision, causing even more injury to the passengers on board and passengers who decide to leave their cars can still be hit by oncoming vehicles of all the various types of collisions. The side impact is the deadliest. In contrast, head on collisions can be very serious, but its usually less fatal than side impact collisions thats. Why side impact collisions make up a whopping, 21 percent of all automobile related fatalities, thats almost a quarter intersections parking lots and on highways or other high traffic roads are where side impact crashes most often occur. Other injuries that can occur in this collision are whiplashing. Concussions. More severe injuries include spinal cord injuries and broken bones that disrupt blood flow, to crucial organs like lungs, testings, kidneys and the spleen. Because of the severity of this type of collision. Consumer groups have been applying pressure on car manufacturers for better solutions, in fact, thats. Why? We see more and more car and truck manufacturers installing side airbags now more than ever before, but not all do it so ill. Take my advice on this always consider the safety features offered by any car model. Before you purchase a vehicle, it literally could save your life. One of the most leaning causes of car crashes is when a driver is using his phone when not every four car accidents in the us is caused by texting while driving.

Did you know that texting while driving is six times more likely to get you an accident than driving drunk thats, literally how serious it is? The next time youre on the road just watch the drivers around you its incredibly sad how many still text, despite these statistics, if youre one of these drivers who texts please put the phone down. Believe me, the text message can wait its not worth risking your life for the lives of others. Every year, smartphone users, while driving, lead to 1.6 million crashes, ‘0 000 injuries on average. Answering a test takes your attention away from the road for about five seconds. If youre traveling to 55 miles an hour thats enough time for your car to travel the length of a football field and now lets look at another factor that impacts the severity of a crash and thats the weight of a vehicle. The less mass a car has to move the better it handles heres the physics behind it. A vehicles, kinetic energy is equal to half its mass multiplied by the square of its speed. Basically, kinetic energy relates to how fast your cars traveling when its in motion the heavier car, the higher its kinetic energy and the harder it is to get it to slow down powerful engines and smart dampers are useful for starting and swerving. But you cant ignore a cars mass when its time to slow down or stop heavy cars, need bigger brakes and longer braking distances forever.

450 kilograms that gets added to a car becomes 40 percent more likely to turn into an otherwise survivable crash into a fatal collision. In 2020 alone, more than 4 000 people died in large truck crashes. 15 of these deaths were passengers inside the trucks, but get this 68 were passengers inside other passenger vehicles and 16 were pedestrians, motorcyclists or bicyclists. We all know that the 2035 combustion engine ban is fast approaching. So what will happen is more ev trucks at our roads. Will we see more fatal crashes? My personal guess is sadly, yes for all the reasons i just mentioned. Because of this, car manufacturers need to continue working on ev safety features to prevent the number of fatalities from rising as more evs hit the road one such major feature that need an update is the crumple zone also known as the crush zone. Crumple zones are areas of a vehicle that are designed to deform and crumple in the event of a collision. Its purpose is to absorb some of the energy of the impact and protect the passengers, but remember heavy evs have a lot of kinetic energy. More advanced designs require careful engineering of these zones to absorb as much kinetic energy as possible. This can be done by using a variety of metals and other materials in their construction. This would address the impact of the passengers inside the ev truck, but heres, something. No one talks about what about your average combustion engine sedan on the road.

What happens when the heavy ev truck hits that are car makers of combustion engine cars, adapting to crumple zones to account for heavier evs? So far? I havent heard anything about this, but i sure hope someone addresses it soon. In my opinion, its likely that crash test ratings will also have to be recalibrated to account for evs when it comes to crash test ratings, more stars mean safer cars. The 5 star safety ratings program basically evaluates how vehicles perform and crash tests. They are conducted by the national highway traffic safety administration and the insurance institute for safety highway. They conduct these tests with frontal side and rollover crashes. These test ratings are regularly recalibrated and when it happens, the auto industry as a whole gets affected, for example, in 2016. They added automatic emergency braking systems to the list of recommended technologies, prevention, high high speed and rear end crashes by 2022. Automakers had committed to making this a standard in all vehicles, but now lets talk about automated driving systems, also known as automated vehicles. Did you know that there are six levels of autonomous driving right now? No car is rated higher than level two, so lets break down these levels. Level zeroes for manually, controlled vehicles. Basically, im talking about technology like emergency braking systems criteria is only that the humans operate. The system level one is the lowest level of automation. Think of things like cruise control, while cruise control does keep your car at a constant speed, you still need a human driver to monitor the steering and braking, for example, level two is for partial driving automation.

This means advanced driving systems control both the steering, accelerating and decelerating. For example, tesla autopilot gms cadillac supercrew systems both qualify as level 2. level 3, is for conditional driving automation. These vehicles have environmental detection capabilities, but they still require a human driver to remain alert and ready if they ever need to take control of the vehicle level. Four is for high driving automation in most circumstances. These cars would not require human interaction, but drivers would have the option to manually override level four vehicles can operate in self driving mode and are geared toward ride shares like lift or uber, except taking up a few notches and finally, level. Five is for vehicles for full driving automation. These vehicles will not require human attention thats why these vehicles wont even need steering wheels, accelerators or braking pedals. Most people have heard about teslas autopilot feature, but actually this feature is not as wonderful as you might think. Automated driving systems arent a cure. All several weeks ago in may, a u.s federal agency started investigating a crash involving the 2022 tesla model; s that ended up killing three people. The thing is, this: tesla may have been operating in autopilot at the time of collision. The accident occurred in newport beach, california, one minute the tesla was driving on autopilot, but then out of nowhere, the tesla hit a curb and slammed into construction equipment. The car was completely totaled crazily enough. This is one of over 30 crashes being investigated by nitsam, and all of these crashes, potentially in autopilot autopilot, has been ruled out in only three of the 35 special crash investigations in the tesla since 2016.

. In all these investigations, a total of 14 crash deaths were reported, youre, probably thinking that autopilot is sounding less and less safe by the minute. So what started all these nits of special crash investigations of systems like autopilot? Well, it all began back in 2016.. That was after a fatal accident in florida. This accident involved another tesla model s that also had autopilot activated. Teslas official website says the current autopilot features require active driver supervision and that autopilot doesnt make the vehicle autonomous, but the companys branding has been accused of misleading drivers when it comes to their vehicles, capabilities just think about the name autopilot itself or how they branded as Full self driving software teslas technology is nowhere near level 6 in full autonomy or full self driving. Yet its naming marketing and branding conveys that and thats whats giving drivers a false sense of security, but is it possible for drivers? Assistance features to help reduce crashes? Here? Are three specific safety features in 2022 vehicles that claim to do just that lane departure keep the vehicle centered in a marked lane. This is generally on highways. If your hands are off the wheel, the system will warn and disengage adaptive cruise control accelerates and breaks to maintain a good distance from the car ahead. It can even break down to a complete, stop and finally theres automatic emergency braking systems which, as the name suggests, automatically breaks your car in the event of an imminent collision.

More than 12 major automakers equip nearly all their 2021 vehicles with these systems, but only 58 of gm vehicles sold in 2021 had automatic braking.