In the original motors we are on our way to pick up a kia kona, its kind of like that, only its electric okay update. This is supercharged number two. Three six five were not getting a kona. There was a mix up uh a big mess with the rental and were getting another pole. Star too, is what were gon na get while this this car goes back in the shop for the towing hitch noise, the creaking that wasnt fixed in the collision center. The first time, okay, so heres the car, i got its very similar to the one i had last time pole, star ii. It already needs a software update and the interior is just a little bit different. As you can see. If you saw my last video different color stuff im, remembering i already like the one pedal driving just let off and it breaks, this got a problem with the hvac i got to manually, adjust the fan, speed its not kicking it on fast enough for some reason And it says its a software update, so maybe thats related ill find out. I can see the graphics display has already changed theres a big power graph in front of me. It used to be very small in previous software iterations also. I want to mention its very hard to get electric car right now. 2022.. Apparently i had the kia and someone threw a fit she pitched a fit. She had shed been on the reservations list, a lot less that time than i had and uh.

She got that kia and the k uh. It would have been nice to review another car, but its definitely not as nice as a pole star. Definitely not so. It worked out uh. I thought we were gon na drive all down here for nothing because its a drive, but it worked out and also its also hard to get electric car period because theyre so damn expensive. The rental cars know that they are in demand and they price them very high. So you got a really picture fit uh. I couldnt get my insurance company to jack up their rate that theyre willing to pay, but these guys at enterprise here in glen allen are really nice doing a really good job and they agreed to match what the rental company is willing to pay, which i know Is probably less than anybody else is willing to pay thats the reason why i probably got bumped its just tough right now, thats. All you see, this is a lot more mileage in my last car and the biggest flaw the jerkiness when letting off the accelerator is still there. It feels a little better than it used to feel, but its still there. I also just noticed that in the menu the heater was on, in addition to the air conditioning that could have been why it was a problem. I feel like the backup camera lines up better and straighter than on previous versions of the software.

I think i still see the camera off center, but i s it it. Actually. I can park straight now its crazy. I almost forgot. I need my backrest bad backrest, see the red it never used to have that in the mirror. I guess the capability was always there, maybe it wasnt on my last pole star or maybe this is the same polestar just with upgraded software watches something someone appears its red. It lets. You know, someones in your blind spot. I wish tesla had that. Why doesnt tesla have that well at least im so glad pole, star 2 has it at least they do now, and you know, maybe this is a different car, maybe its not. I dont remember but im going to check some other features out to see if theyre also the same, because a lot of the pulse r2s are missing the trunk release with your foot, see if this one has it all right. So we can charge this car here which we have to, but we cannot charge the pole star here. So its sitting around well have to charge it somewhere else sooner or later, youll be able to charge it at the tesla chargers: heres denise, getting her tesla drivers. Lessons, hopefully she can put it in there in the middle. Hopefully, okay denise is trying to plug it. I think you got it. Did it work its not green? Yet, oh, if its blue, itll itll turn green.

This is supercharged number 2366 on the original battery pack and original motors on this car. Something i never realized on this car before is that it does have a 360 camera. I dont know if i guess you have to activate it like that. You see – and maybe this makes backing up just that much better. I dont know lets see you see dont, i got ta make sure im, not gon na scrape the rims, so thats pretty cool. I wish i knew this when i was driving it before. Maybe this is a new feature, also all right its telling me to stop, but that is pretty cool. Also, let me see if i can do the waving thing. I got the key in my hand. So if i wave my foot, does it no im guessing yeah im guessing i just dont have that one. Maybe this is the same car. I had all right. I looked up on the rental agreement. This is a different car, its not the same exact one. I had last time, although its pretty much equipped almost identically, its just better in a lot of ways. Denise is going to drive it now, so she can compare from her memory how it was and well get her opinion. Do you like how it unlocked for? You? Are the cup holders theres actually theres one in the center console and if you flip that thing up and back you get a second one, flip it up and back thats mike and tesla ahead of us im, just marveling at this lovely bright cloudy day and how Well, his car hugs, the turns look at that he doesnt even break for the turns all right so were dropping my car off the charge and the electrify america is just right down there, which is nice, so were going behind the walmart mike likes to do the Dumpster all right there, it is theres nobody there.

You can drive in and theres a big hose too. We can get some fresh water and get a shower or whatever right all right. So we did number three on the app. This is number three number two wasnt working im, not sure the ccs up to 350. I dont know if it matters which one it is used. I dont even know oops im gon na put that down. I forgot this. Has this thing to take off its an extra thing? Tesla doesnt have okay. That should be it so its all done with the app, and i should be able to monitor the charge rate also with the app so its lonely here also ive mentioned before thats, like old tesla, a lot of these places as long as they work. What isnt like old tesla is that a lot of times they dont work like we already know that that ones broken, which is nice to know that so we didnt plug in all. We drove right up to its hard to tell because the numbers are way up at the top. You can barely read them all right, so we are up to what is that 89 90 amps? This is the most charge rate were gon na get by. I think the maximum is like 120, something like that. So we i dont, know what we are all right: im wrong: im: sorry, its only 35 kilowatt charge rate thats, a major problem. We have to switch chargers, we got ta, find another charger uh.

One of these other two um lets yeah were gon na unplug and plug it to another charger. So this is a pain yeah. This is so its a ridiculously low charging speed, so lets unplug. This thing lets finish up and lets move denise will move the car to the other one and well start this thing up again finish: 93 cents worth of electricity all right. So this one is number one: okay, trying this again all right, ready pricing plug in first. I got number one i put it on the app well see what kind of a charge rate we can get with this one. Is it going on? I dont even know i feel like its not turning on all right, so were initiating charging on this one and the app is locked up. It wont even turn on ive. Never even had a problem like this with tesla before so that one doesnt work this one isnt working when we plugged in at least that tell this doesnt work on the screen that one didnt only a 35 kilowatt rate. This one is not working at all. I think we have to try the other one. I dont know how, because my app is not oh, please plug in all right. I think this is totally just right. Initiating charging uh well see its doing something lets see what the charge rate is, but its going to go on very slow, very slow, its like a old dos computer or something in there doesnt.

It seem like that. Oh it sounds awful. Yeah sounds painful whatever. That is Music, no wonder nobodys here. Is it whats, like whats the charge, its ramping up its only at four kilowatts, six: kilowatts, seven, eight, okay, its going up all right: 25. 27. It says 10, 23 pm its gon na finish, all right. Its going above 35 thats what we had 35 of the last one right. We were stuck there, so its already an improvement if it continues to work 53.50, all right its going up very slow, but this is improvement right. Yes, all right im glad we switched, even though this is a big pain in the ass. I would say this is definitely the achilles heel of drive not driving a tesla is long distance travel with these chargers and imagine, if theres other people here, we already know of two chargers that didnt work out of these four and this ones barely working. It sounds like, although were getting over 100 kilowatts thats good, look at that the charge rate is final, its getting up thats a good charge rate, so im satisfied with that at least all right. Two things im noticing is that its not showing me on my app whats going on its not showing my name on here, like it did on the other one over there i have my name had the account number, but its actually putting electricity in our vehicle and Im not paying for it.

I i its set on the app and the app locked up, and what else also we have maximum of one hour based on what what we know from the tesla app and so when the test is going to be done so well see how this one goes. This is weird all right were getting lots of electricity flow in there now 142 kilowatts. You know if i cant track it on the app at least we can go to the walmart. I guess, do some shopping and come back and see where we are Music yeah. Having been around electrify america chargers, these are not the most recent versions. These are. These are the older versions you know like. I know how tesla has different versions of their chargers too. So this is not the most recent thats, probably one of the things thats actually happening here, im guessing okay. It finally showed up on the app that its actually charging and um thats good, just very, very slow computers on electrify americas end. We are back to check on the progress, okay screens working thats good. Ah, this is welcome its not showing any progress on here. Hopefully, the car is yeah session fee says a zero, but we know thats not true, because the app even told me as we when we left uh. Oh the cars, not online okay. Well, this thing has been working while were gone, even though the screen still says zero dollars on there, which i know isnt true, because the app was telling me already giving me a number weve gone way up so and were still at over 80 kilowatt charge rate.

All right, we have a visitor theyre using the one thats, not not working the absent number, two wasnt working, much charge, yeah thats, the other one that people are plugging into uh. This is making terrible noises in the car on the y. Okay, their lights are on. I think theyre leaving, i dont, think i think theyre realizing that that thing doesnt work, which we knew because i checked the app their headlights – are back on all right now, even if they got theirs to work. Maybe they had a second thing. This pole, star, i dont, think, is well unless they know which one ours is 35 kilowatts on the one that theyre pulling into right now see if it happens, its a hyundai thats, a pollster, hyundai ionic, five just drove away. I dont know if they got a good charge or not. We have no idea. All right, we are getting rained on so were just gon na wait, hopefully wont get electrocuted its now 9 27. It says we have till 10 27 finished charging and its at how much 94, so six percent is going to take an hour. I dont, i dont, think thats accurate, seven kilowatt charge rate. All right, denises center screen got very dim and it just shut off and and shes trying to go up and down on the seat and put the sensor and its still not coming back on im sure come on. You think so.

Try that pass the break there. We go yeah the computer screen. Finally, caught up, you see its telling us that were at lets say: 63 kilowatts and yeah 94 battery is accurate, almost 21 dollars all right. Ending the session lets see what it costs all right off to pick up. The tesla now, which is almost done too okay for my car. This is supercharged number 2367 on the original battery pack and motors settings. Okay, uh try the upper right hand corner circle. You got ta find the software again. Where is the software all right? We dont know how to do this, so were unlocking and locking, locking unlocking the car and hopefully itll appear. It looks like it didnt no down there screw down software update, i think thats it were checking for updates there. We go ready to install start it up. One hour 30 minutes install time. So by the time we get back, itll be okay type, install there. We go all right, all right, thats, it were installing. It now lets check it out. When we come back tomorrow, all right, we got the software update and theres absolutely no indication. Well, it says, update complete, but it doesnt tell us what was updated. So we have no idea so thats. My video, i hope you enjoy in it. Can you turn the car on so we can quit dying. This looks new. This clean zone trademark thing ive, never seen that before in the car, its a rainy day, and unfortunately there is no summon feature here for the pole star.

None at all, so it will not pick us up.