Now this is the second version of the ioniq. This is the upgraded battery upgraded front end and also the upgraded interior were first going to start talking about the front end going to the headlights, as you can see them right here compared to the original car. They are different and these are full leds. On this limited trim, we got daytime running light leds down here, moving over here to the front grille theres no slots for air, because this is the full electric version. We have the hyundai emblem as the radar for the adaptive cruise control and right at the bottom below the license plate. We have a little slot for air, which goes into a little small radiator now going here to the wheels starting with the rims theyre relatively small, but they are designed to be very efficient. Now, at first i thought their hubcaps theyre, solid metal, the front end and the back end has disc brakes. As you can see right here come back here as well. Looking at the rear end, we got a styling. That looks very much like the original honda insight. If you remember that car that two door hybrid, that also oddly enough, came as a manual transmission car, they look very identical. I personally, like it zooming into the emblem here its clearly telling you its electric and the hyundai emblem here, has two things: you got a backup camera right there and also the button for the rear hatch.

Now i put the seats down just to give you a full view of how much space the car can give you, if youre trying to haul some things now since the seats fold down flat. This is a great car to do stealth, camping. If youre, trying to you know, do a road trip and dont want to stay at a hotel. You could just sleep in the back at some walmart or i guess a more common thing would be if you go camping out to a campground, but you dont have any kind of tents. You and your significant other can lay here. Of course, my wifes at home im here by myself, lets see if i at six feet tall can lay flat down here now. I did move the front seat forward. I should have more than enough headroom and overall, you know space to have my whole body lay flat lets first remove this privacy cover its not too bad um. I do have to angle my head and my feet just a little bit, but aside from that, i think, with minor adjustments, um and with, of course, the air conditioning or the heating, depending depending on the season running all the time you can make it a really Nice comfortable little cozy, sleeper and heres the trunk space of the car, with the seats folded up and with the cover back on so lets, go ahead and close. The hatch move over here to the charge port door, which you cant just tap and unlock.

You have to go inside the car and open it up with a button you got factory covers here. Of course i think after some time this will eventually break off, but for now id say, keep them on there. Just so, nothing gets inside weve got the top one well take that off and the bottom one as well well get the j1772, which will let you do the level 1 and level 2 charging and, of course, the ccs which lets you do. I believe upwards of 50 kilowatt kilowatts of power uh its kind of slow for this car, but you know up to 80, its not too bad. So lets put the covers back on, starting with the the first, the bottom one and then well wrap up with the top one okie dokie, so lets have a look inside. This is the limited trim. This is the top tier model you can get so lets, go and start with the driver side, door. Okay, you know basic lock, unlock memory, seats and, of course, speakers here we got our window controls mirrors all the jazz got a bigger speaker down here. The material of this door is hard plastic, so it is a little cheap lightweight but again for a hybrid vehicle. This is nothing new um. You got some soft touch plastics here, theyre pretty comfortable. I dont mind it. We got cup holders and cup holder here and extra space on the sides for other items down here we got the charge port button turn off your charger timing, i believe, got the button for the front trunk.

Illumination controls blind spot monitoring system lane, keep assist and, of course, traction control on or off now. This is a manually adjustable steering wheel, yep, it goes towards you and it goes up and down got basic controls for your calls, your volume for music um. You know just stuff youd see in a regular modern car, followed by controls for your cruise control, adaptive cruise control, your settings right here for seeing your tire pressure, your efficiency, making some adjustments and going back here lets. We got a meter here, letting you know, whenever youre using power or regening down the bottom, you get. The temperature which mode were in which is park, got a basic information, such as trip average and, of course, how long youve ive been on the last trip got the odometer at 6135 miles and right now at just under. I believe ninety percent you actually right at ninety percent were at 160 miles, as you can see right there with the on the right. The full, a nearly full battery gauge got a basic turn signal stock here, windshield wiper stock as well. You can control the power regen here. You can add here or take away right here, unlike with the bolt from what i remember, which you can use the paddles to actually regen and slow down without using the brakes. And i was trying to do that for a long time. And then i taught myself. No, these this just adjusts the regen for the brakes for the car.

So whenever you let go the throttle the accelerator, the car will decelerate at different rates moving over here to the screen. This is the bigger upgraded touchscreen from the original hyundai ioniq, its very nice. Its big its very touch, sensitive and has a very high resolution. Now you got multiple buttons here for controls. You get the home screen, which shows you, the temperature, the weather, you know and, of course you can play in the background. The sounds of nature right now. I got a warm fireplace playing in the background you can. You could change that in settings to just be turned off completely or or just you know, have a different sound. We have time we can swipe this way to have all the other settings. We got the ev map, navigation, menu, phone projection, voicemail, etc. All the goodies. You can tap on this home button to go back down here. You got touch sensitive buttons all around here. We got the map, nav radio media, you know, go with skip tracks forward or back. You can bookmark your favorite buttons with the star button here and click on setup to get into the vehicle settings such as your uh. Your sound system, your connected devices, your display, the actual vehicle itself and uh. You know how you want to tune up your eco, normal sport uh. You know eco plus modes, so yeah im not going to dive deep into the settings here because theres going to be gosh uh at least another another 15 20 minutes.

Just talking about that moving down here we got the air conditioner controls. We got all touch buttons with the exception of these round buttons for the defrosters um, even though its all its all on a glossy black surface, which of course, as you can see here, attracts fingerprints. I actually think it looks pretty good and i dont mind wiping it down every now and then going back down here. Further we got the usb port, for you know: android, auto apple, carplay and other media. We got 12 volt outlets here, 180 watts each a little storage down at the bottom. Weve got a selector for the transmission which is drive park neutral, reverse, pretty straight forward a little area to rest, your palm when youre shifting gears wireless charging, which is not super fast, but it works. But of course, if you have one of those huge phones, you might have trouble uh putting your phone right here going back here. Further, we got seat, warmers drive mode, auto hold if you stopped and you dont want the vehicle to roll forward parking brake cup holders. Two of them, a little storage for change and also down there, like all cars, get more storage with another usb port and finishing up with the uh, the passenger side door. We got basic controls like on my side. You got a manually, adjusted passenger seat and electronically adjusted driver seat and um this car being the limited trim. It has a sunroof with the controls up here, as well as your dome lights for the front space for your sunglasses and youve got yourself a vanity mirror with a manually on or off light.

Okay, we are now in the back seats. We got a good amount of space between drivers, seat and my knees. I did adjust the seat more towards the front earlier was way in the back and i couldnt get in, but now im pretty good. Our basic buttons here for the passenger doors, lock, unlock latch window up and down a little space for small items and, of course, maybe even a drink down. Here we got two vents for air conditioning and the same is for the other side. Lets go ahead and put this down right here and now have access to two cup holders. If you dont use those cup holders, you can also just put your your elbow down and be a lot more comfortable now that we got the exterior and interior out of the way lets go ahead and take it for a drive now driving this car through the City um, the ride is very, very comfortable. The car absorbs bumps potholes uneven surfaces really really well in terms of visibility, at least on the windshield here and the side windows, its actually really really good, um kind of going towards the back and the rear hatch. The visibility there is gets gets hindered just a little bit, especially with the rear seats up, but otherwise its pretty good um, no real blind spots that i could notice now. Moving down to efficiency between 25 and 35 ive been getting at least 4.

5 miles per kilowatt hour, so getting on the highway is actually pretty seamless. The car definitely has the power to put down uh to pass people, and once you get up to about 75 miles per hour, you can expect to get between three and a half and four miles per kilowatt hour. Um thats, of course, with the ac on with a lot of hills. You know along the highway uh its, not florida, im assuming if youre in florida, you get much better efficiency but heck. Even here, the three and a half and four is actually quite impressive and that wraps up this 2021 hyundai ioniq electric review. Now this is a limited trim car it aint cheap youre, looking up at upwards of 38 ‘ 000 um used, if not more and in this market. These prices arent going down anytime soon. But if price is no issue for you, its a great family car, perfect for city driving and heck even on the highway, if you drive no more than 120 miles one way, then this is a perfect car. It has all the bells and whistles you can think of the cruise control. The lane keep assist the great sound system, navigation, android, auto soft and smooth searing uh. What else soft ride everything you could want? Definitely check it out guys if you like this video, give it a thumbs up. I would really appreciate it that lets me know that my video is pretty decent if you dont, like it hit the thumbs down.

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