Kona preferred trim uh. This is the first one that weve received um the kona ev preferred we havent had any kona ev ultimates come in yet um, so were going to start with this one and go from there. So theyre not a lot of changes. So, im not going to make a very long video about all of the features and and stuff like that on this vehicle, like i normally do, because the 2022 is almost exactly the same, so check out the video up here or maybe its over here or down Here i dont know somewhere on the screen and, if not on the screen, if i havent figured out how to do that yet then check the description below for the link to the 2022 kona ev video in any case lets get started and ill show. You whats different about this one and ill cover it in detail so that you understand exactly how it all works and first off before i get too far into this guys, im in canada. So if youre watching this video from down in the states, things are going to be pretty similar, but a little bit different, keep in mind, we say hyundai a little bit differently, and so i dont want to hear a million different comments or see it really different Comments about how im saying hyundai, wrong uh, but anyway lets uh lets talk about the differences on this vehicle, so first off first difference is on the back, so the preferred trim loses the led tail lights.

Okay, so we just have incandescent bulbs here: uh, so no led tail lights and then inside the back. The other thing it loses is the cargo net. Okay. So ordinarily, you would find a little baggie in here with the cargo net, and that is gone. So two features removed from the preferred trim for 2023. However, one major feature added and that is inside the vehicle. That would be the 10 inch navigation screen. So we have the 10 inch infotainment screen full built in navigation, which is really really nice. So keep in mind, though dont mind that flash in there guys thats normal its just the refresh rate of the camera and the refresh rate of the screen not being compatible, so it doesnt actually do that in real life anyway. So keep in mind what that does mean, though, is like other hyundai vehicles with the built in navigation. Is you do lose out on the wireless apple car playing android auto? So while you have built in navigation – and you do still have wired phone projection, you dont have the wireless airplane and android auto all right now, if youve seen other videos of mine that have uh or on vehicles that have the built in navigation screen, then nothing Here is really new um. This is the same type of navigation system as all of the other hyundai vehicles. Currently, there really isnt a lot of differences between this and other models of hyundai other than the fact, of course, of this being an ev theres, some uh, some eevee stuff in the nav system, so lets uh lets cover what we have on this 10 inch navigation System so, first off full screen navigation, which is really really nice.

Now this is a pretty easy system to use. You can use it in 2d. You can use it in 3d. A little button up here. You can kind of kind of change. The view theres the 3d view this will actually darken at night as well. It kind of goes into a night mode, and you get little stars up here which is kind of cool. As far as putting in roots, you can use the voice recognition. So if i press the voice recognition button on the steering wheel, you can see one slight change for 2023. I got this little thing on the right hand, side here. That shows you that it is listening um, so lets just cancel that all right so well. Try the voice, recognition, real quick to locate an address, find an address in british columbia. Please say the address in british columbia, 31977, keystone, avenue mission results found. Please say the line number line one. Would you like it? Yes, the guidance will start now all right. So, just as easy as that, you can actually set up the navigation. You notice its coming up with a blue link request here. So when blu links enabled you you can actually get traffic information on the nav system, which is pretty cool right now. It can pull some traffic through hd data, but the blue link system is going to work a little bit better for that um, so it has the option doing it that way as well.

Now, if i want to cancel the route, i can just hit the cancel button on the bottom left or i can choose, use the voice, recognition to say, cancel root. Also, if i go to the nav button here, i can actually set destinations that way. Find dealerships points of interest that sort of thing so pretty cool, uh now youll notice, i hit the home button. It took me to this screen. If i hit the home button again, takes me to sort of the main home screen and from here. So you notice, on the left hand, side there ive got the clock if i tap that it actually opens up the clock settings. So this home screen is functional, you can actually tap different parts of it. So you can see there the left, tapping the right sort of area here takes me into the map. If i tap the the song thats playing, it takes me to the radio. Speaking of the radio. Of course you have this cool cool vacuum tube design. Here all of your presets can show up on the same screen. You can see fm am and sirius xm satellite presets all in the same row. We have hd radio data here, which is kind of nice, so its a little bit better quality signal, but also information about the song playing and, of course, traffic and weather can come through that hd radio data as well. So if i jump over to the next home screen, ive got my ev screen here and this.

This shows us basically the same information as the old 8 inch screen, with the exception that, of course, this one has the built in navigation. So it can show you sort of a visual representation of how far the car can go. We have energy information. What the current level of the battery is, how much power the the vehicle is currently drawing. So this again is all the same as on the eight inch screen of the 2022, so check out that video dont forget uh how long its going to take to charge in the various different charging levels um. We can actually do the charge management thing here, so we can actually set up when our next departure is so. The car is pre, warmed or pre cooled, not only the the battery but also the interior uh at those times so thats kind of nice. We go to ev settings here and we can set up utility mode, which is a lot allows you to use all the accessories without actually having the vehicle run, and it uses the main big battery to keep the accessory battery charged. This is also where we can enable disable winter mode, where its actually able to maintain the battery, even when the vehicle is off to kind of prevent um the battery deterioration at lower temperatures, uh so yeah, all that cool stuff, so thats thats, all in the ev Screen there um also in here youll notice. We have access to the climate screen so from here youll notice.

We cant actually do anything because the climate controls are all done down here, but it just shows us sort of a visual representation of whats going on with the climate control. We can enable and disable some of the climate features on the right hand, side here, including one of my favorite, activate upon when uh actually accu the activate recirculate upon uh windshield washer fluid use, thats kind of nice. So that way you dont have to smell the washer fluid. With this larger screen. You also get quiet mode, so thatll shut off the front speakers and limit the rear speakers to level seven uh. So we got kids sleeping in the back and whatnot theres the hd radio data, so you can see weve got traffic events and doppler radar, its beautiful weather right now so thats part of the hd radio data, so thats. Another thing that you would not have gotten. Last year, on the 22 preferred we have phone projection, which is the apple carplay, 100, auto and then the voice memo is where you can actually just record your own voice to remind yourself to do something later and of course we got the blue link, settings notifications And user manual, if you want to scan a user manual qr code to get a digital version of it, so thats all part of the 10 inch screen some things that you wouldnt get in the eight inch screen on the 2022 and thats.

Basically it so theres. Really not a lot of changes for the preferred trim as soon as we have the ultimate trim. I will do a quick review of changes. Video on that uh, but, to be honest, i dont think theres any changes on the ultimate at all. If youre wondering why this hasnt been redesigned yet or anything like that, youve probably read some articles about the redesigned: 2023 kona well thats, going to be the 2023 kona for the rest of the world um for the gas model. The redesign on the ev will probably come in 2024 for the rest of the world and, i think, were going to see the redesign for the kona gas and ev for 2024, so um yeah so were kind of a little bit behind here. Unfortunately, but uh either way, theyre still great cars, so uh, thank you for watching. I know its a shorter video and i didnt cover everything. But again, if you havent already watched my previous video, the 2022 kona preferred. Please check it out and dont forget to comment. Like and subscribe, if you have any questions im, always there uh looking through my comments to see if i can answer questions. So if i cant answer your question, i apologize, but i always try.