Yes, an SS EV.. This is Chevys answer to the Mustang Mach E and the Tesla Model Y, and it goes on sale next year, priced from around 50000 to 70000.. Now before we get into it proper theres, something important to call out.. This is a ground up, EV, based on entirely new hardware, shared in part with the forthcoming Silverado EV truck., Its not just a traditional SUV with an electric motor.. In other words, this Blazer has nothing in common with the gas powered SUV of the same name and thats no bad thing.. The current Blazer is certainly not one of our favorite SUVs., Honestly, its more of a flicker than a blaze.. So what of this brave new dawn Theres? Certainly lots of choice from an entry level 1LT to the flagship SS thatll do battle with the Model Y Performance and the Mach E GT.. This is also offered with a choice of front rear or all wheel. Drive. Seriously, you can choose whether you want to be pushed or pulled.. So what do you think of the exterior? Well, the first thing to note is this: is a big vehicle., Its a full 6 inches longer than a Mach E and 4 inches wider and theres a lot of extra room in the wheelbase as well, which pays dividends, inside. And well. Take a look at that. In a minute. Theres also going to be a lot of differentiation between the different trims.. As you can see, the RS is a lot less aggressive, as you might expect than the SS and the LT models will be more sober.

Too. Now Chevys tried to draw on some of their heritage, but they havent gone too far with that. And overall. I think this is a really handsome car.. It doesnt look too EV.. This could easily be a gas car and Im sure thats about helping people into the EV market, not scaring them off.. There are a few little niceties though. Theres, a little welcome sequence that you get using the LED lights on both the RS and the SS trims, and I also like some of the detailing. For me. This two tone paint treatment, really does work and is very much a Chevy signature.. It also has very big wheel, rims 22 inches on the SS 21 inches on the RS, slightly smaller still on the LT models.. Above all else, though, it feels coherent. This car, isnt overdesigned, and I think it will age well, particularly up against the opposition.. Now, before we take a look inside be sure to subscribe to the Edmunds, YouTube, channel. Dont forget the bell., And if you want to sell your car head to edmunds.comsellmycar and well, make you a cash offer. Right to the inside.. Welcome inside the SS and lets start with a public health warning not just about the slightly garish leather trim, but also about this car itself.. This is actually a multimillion dollar show car, not a production example. So not everything is functioning.. These screens, for example, are very much in display mode. And if you can hear some fans, whirring theyre actually designed to cool these screens, which are permanently on.

. Lets talk about these screens, which are obviously the big talking point of the interior.. This one here measures 17.7 inches and that combines with another digital dash in front of you, thats 11 inches. Rumor has it that one of these is actually 8K but were not sure which., Probably that one to be honest.. This technology is shared with the forthcoming Silverado EV and we expect it to feature on all of GMs EV products., And we really like some of the tech here., The graphics look, great., Everythings, pin sharp and you can have Android, Auto and Apple CarPlay wirelessly, which is Something of course, that you dont get in the Tesla. As youd expect. There will also be over the air updates, so expect these graphics and technology to evolve over time.. What about the traditional bits? Well, it certainly feels very wide in here.. You really recognize that the extra width that GMs talking about. – I also like the fact that theyve kept quite a lot of what you might call conventional controls., This isnt a Tesla., Not everything is controlled by the screen.. There is a volume knob here, for example, and youve got pretty traditional, looking controls for all the heating and ventilation system, the mirrors, the windows and a few of the bits and pieces as well. GM is listening to customers. Its also plenty of storage space bin. Here, bin here, additional bins in the doors, decent, glovebox. And theres plenty of room for people of different shapes and sizes.

And on production versions. Of course, this wheel will move up and down and fore and aft. Quality wise, its kind of difficult to say too much, because this is a show car., But at least on the surface. It doesnt feel quite a match for luxury rivals like the Genesis, GV 60, which, to be honest, has a fantastic interior.. It does, though, feel a bit more homely and cozy than the kind of fairly Spartan aesthetics of both the Mach E and particularly the Tesla Model. Y., Overall, though, this is a huge step forward over the gas powered Blazer, which of course is a much cheaper vehicle and will continue alongside the EV. One feature that is shared, though, is this sort of turbine style, air vents, which are actually little LEDs and theyre Mounted quite low in the dashboard., They look cool, but they do tend to blow cold air straight up your nose.. This is a big vehicle.. You can really feel that length in the super long wheelbase here in the rear.. This is set up for me., Im 6 foot 4 and, as you can see, theres plenty of leg room here and I can also slide my feet under the seat.. Now GM hasnt tried to do anything clever, like scoop a hole in the battery part like Porsche. Does with the Taycan or even Lucid does with the Air but its not too bad. Your knees feel a little bit higher than they would in a gas powered car, but overall, its pretty comfortable back here.

. So the legroom is great, and so is the elbow room.. But the headroom Not so much. That sloping roofline, coupled with a glass roof in this SS version, really does compromise the old bonnet. So I can feel not just my hair, but actually the top of my scalp rubbing against the roof. Thats a big surprise in a brand new vehicle.. The Blazer is very much a two row SUV. So all thats behind me is a pretty decent sized trunk, but there is no front the front trunk thats, a key characteristic of both the Model Y and the Mach E and maybe thats a surprise. Lets talk about EV range, otherwise known as how far you can Go on a single charge., The range varies according to trim., The entry level front wheel, drive 1LT has an estimated range of 247 miles.. But if you regularly travel long distances, you might want the RS. Itll do 320 miles.. These are all GM estimates, of course, and its not until we submit them to our world famous Edmunds. Ev range test that well know the full reality. Charging well youll want to charge from home.. But if you are on a road trio to see Aunt Annie, you can recharge the Blazer at a fast charger up to 190 kilowatts. Now thats good, but by no means class leading.. If you like the look of those shiny new 350 kilowatt chargers. Well, you cant use them, or at least not yet not unless GM does some updates.

Now weve said this before and well, no doubt say it again: Teslas own supercharging system is still far better than anything else on the market.. Will that change with time? Probably, but not just yet., Chevy isnt, saying too much about the performance of the lesser variants of the Blazer, but they are playing a game of top trumps with the flagship SS.. This will have 557 horsepower and 648 pounds feet of torque, which is a big dollop. More than the rival Mach E GT., It will also have a wide open watts or WOW mode that it will share with the Hummer EV, and that should help it from 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds enough to scare the dog., The Blazer will have a Staggered introduction., The 2LT and RS models hit showrooms first next summer as a 2024 model year, followed by SS, then the 1LT in early 2024. GMs even building a cop car version of the Blazer, but surprisingly they wont reveal the range on that.. Joking aside, though, GM is getting very serious about its EV strategy.. The Blazer will be joined by a smaller Equinox, EV and, of course, the Silverado truck.. Then there are the Cadillacs, the Hummers and everything else., And there is genuine interest.. The Mustang Mach E is currently one of the most researched vehicles on Edmunds, with the Tesla Model Y, not too far. Behind. Ford cant build the Mustang Mach E, fast enough. And thats, not just a function of the chip shortage, its also about consumer demand.

. The Blazer enters a tough market against some tough, talented competition., But from what weve seen it does bring, some firepower. Well be driving. It early next year when well find out whether it really does blaze a new trail or it just sort of fizzles, a bit. Thats it for now.. Thanks for watching.