These are the last few days of our trip in the champagne region before we made our way back up through paris back up to eurotunnel and back up to the midlands. So we finished off the last video where we were dropping the lads off at john v station. They were on route to paris. We were going to pick them up at the stout de france on friday before making our way back to euro tunnel. Well, first things: first, that day was to make our way up to nuff chateau, to go into my favorite hyundai dealership and get ourselves charged back up again. So we had plenty of juice for helen knight to spend our last few days driving around champagne hanging around here. Waiting to do me charge at a hyundai in north chateau and theres this ionic five here. Just to give you an indication of what prices are in in france, um ive, no idea whether you know how old it is, its got a registration number on it, so it could well be second hand and theres. Probably some details here in the windscreen well have a little look. The main thing you can see. There, though, is its 48 46 800 euros. Um price above is forty. Three thousand six hundred and freed model expose 47 450., so it could well be new. It could be a demo one from the dealership, but um yeah, its one, nice car and thats the sort of price that an ioniq five would be in france and having a little walk around with the dog.

We got here on 25 and its saying that we will be about an hour to fill it back up again, so there we have it up to 95 charge from 25. Um cost me about 17 euros. I believe on that drive co, hyundai charger here at the hyundai dealership in the chateau now time to go and eat my lunch. The last evening, tomorrow, we head back for first of all, paris were going to pick the guys up in santa knee then were going to make our way from there up to calais. Can i into central london drop on the lads off then back up to buster? So in the morning, weve got our run again, which will probably take us ill, be shalon on champagne, ill, probably use the little charger again up there, and then we will head into sandy im hoping to get the sand in a wood about 50 or 60 percent, And then we will head for cali and ill do a bit a little bit of a better route planner charge map, whichever have some checks. Good news is ive realized since ive been here that i can now use ionity through bonnet on it. So hopefully that will save some money, because i only was rather expensive through charge map on the way here and then lets see if it makes a difference ill have a look at the invoice costs when we get back but its not all about costs its about Enjoying the whole days final day, its around about 9 35 now were going to be heading off in a few minutes, im going to get in the road up to shalom and, first up of the day and ill.

Let you know whats probably going to take us about an hour and a half its 100k or so and get charged up there. Giving the site now were on journey so far, ive switched it back to miles so as i could get miles per kilometer our kilowatt hour, um 992 miles done so far with the roof box, the kids, everything not bad, were around 3.5 miles per kilowatt hour. We arrived here with 35 and were currently getting about one kilowatt a minute, so its its charging away nicely um plugged. In again, you didnt need to use the barcode or the qr code and yeah were gon na fill up here before we head on to paris. These are, these are the little machines we went on those yesterday and theyre the slow ones, and we only got a couple of kilowatts, but we we had to use the qr code to activate it minimum charge of three euros and then 25 cents a kilowatt after That this big machine here is saying the same, however um for some reason its still unfree, then so yeah its a bonus catch you when we get to sundane, send a knee and saint dennis on the outskirts of paris thats. Our next stop bye, now safe journey that chap there has unhitched as caravan put as high hyundai ioniq into the charging station. Next to us were off now to paris. Well, there you have it it didnt rain all week and as we arrived into san diego, the heavens, opened also to enter misery.

There was a game on at the stat de france, so there were various road closures. The gendarmes were out in force charger. We stopped at on the motorway didnt work um, we managed to get into san dina didnt realize theres a french game on at the start of france tonight, so that didnt help and weve. Now heading back for calais weve pulled into an ionity charger. Ive used the bonnet app for today and what are we charging at its currently gone in at 92. Kilowatts came here on 17 a couple of minutes ago and im on 21 already so uh lets put in two kilowatts and three kilowatts in two minutes. So its going to be a nice quick on this one, so there you have. This was the price using charge map for 47.8 kilowatts. It came in at 38 euros 32 cents, and this is what it was using bonner 45 kilowatts charged into us at 15. Pounds. 79., i do understand bonnet, have had a price increase, since we were away at the end of may early june. However, its definitely worthwhile make sure you get bonnet loaded when you go to france, so this one was good fun park on the corner and look at the length of those leads. This one said it was bp, but i ended up using my charge map card. To start it maybe peoples but started here 12 minutes and went from 52 63. back at eurotunnel its about 25 past eight.

I think our train should be about 8 36, so were pushing it a bit, but there are cues in the pet reception. So we just have to wait and see, see how long it takes see which train they put us on um. I dont have a lot of charge. Left ive probably got about 50k, but if we get a charge here that can i well and good, if not um ill have to go somewhere near on the other side, when we get out the other side of the tunnel, so then itll be up to central London and drop off on the lads and then back up to the midlands, hoping to get home tonight around about midnight Music, so its back at reading services westbound its now 115 and weve done about 460 miles so far, today, um im back up to 31. In looking at that machine out the window and hoping to just get enough in to get me back home to worcester here so probably stay here for another 10 15 minutes and then call her today and get ourselves that last hundred miles up the road there. We go, i hope you enjoyed those three videos. Um im, barry mack if youve enjoyed watching it. Please do give me a thumbs up. Give us one of those likes. One of those comments. Comments are always welcome. I love a comment and indeed subscribe to our channel im, hoping to do some more videos as we move forward and who knows, i might even get better at some of this editing.

Hope you enjoyed our trip to france. We had a ball.